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PowerBuilder Migration

Don't rewrite the wheel: Transform and Maximize What You Already Have

Migrate with PowerBuilder

  • Modernize to .NET, Web, JEE, and Mobile platforms/frameworks easily
  • Minimize development costs
  • Leverage and unleash existing code

PowerBuilder’s core strengths are lauded by analysts and customers. Why? Because it’s proven technology that gets the job done and meets your challenges. You can deploy to the Web, Mobile, JEE, and .NET. You can support XP and Vista. You get native RDBMS support. You can develop Rich Internet Applications. And you can do all that with the unmatched productivity PowerBuilder is known for.

You don’t have to rewrite the wheel. You can modernize your code and applications with PowerBuilder 11.5. Click the wheel on the right to see why migrating to PowerBuilder 11.5 makes business and technology sense.

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