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Sybase a Leader in the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse DBMS

The data warehouse DBMS market is undergoing a transformation with the introduction of "big data" and the logical data warehouse demand for new techniques in practices and technology. The Leaders quadrant, as described in the Gartner report, contains the vendors that demonstrate the greatest support for:

  • data warehouses of all sizes
  • with large numbers of concurrent users
  • management of mixed data warehousing workloads

These vendors lead in data warehousing by consistently demonstrating customer satisfaction and strong support, as well as longevity in the data warehouse DBMS market, with strong hardware alliances. Leaders also represent the lowest risk for data warehouse implementations, in relation to:

  • performance as mixed workloads
  • database sizes
  • complexity increase

Additionally, the market's maturity demands that Leaders maintain a strong vision for the key trends of the past year: mixed-workload management for end-user service-level satisfaction and data volume management.

"Sybase continues to hold a strong leadership position and serves some of the most loyal and happy customers in the data warehousing market. The releases of Sybase IQ 15.3 and 15.4 revolutionize “Big Data Analytics” to centralize analysis of all enterprise data in a single DBMS platform," said Brian Vink, Vice President, Data Management Products, Sybase, Inc. "Our position in this report confirms Sybase continued adoption as the data warehousing backbone for many enterprises. Moving forward, the combination of Sybase and SAP products, including Sybase IQ and HANA, provides next generation data warehousing solutions that address the growing demand for Big Data analytics."

Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems

Gartner's 2012 Data Warehouse Database Management Systems Magic Quadrant Report

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"We are confident about our ability to handle large volumes of data. Sybase IQ is simple to manage and operate and it's enabling us to easily build really big systems in a way that is cost-effective, manageable and sustainable...It doesn't matter what we throw at it, it seems to take it in stride and give us a great response...We feel like it's a solution that will carry us forward into uncharted territory. We see no limit to how far we can go with it."

Steve Rider
Product Architect, SunGard's Protegent Business

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