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ASE 15.7 Techcast Series

You missed the live five-part technical webcast series but don’t worry, all of the sessions were recorded and are now available for on-demand viewing. To watch a recording, please click on the webcast’s title below.

What's new in ASE 15.7 webcast
Powerful new features continue ASE’s dominance in high-performance, mission critical environments. Learn about advanced data compression and storage optimization; handling of extremely large datasets; management of complex unstructured data types; support for changing application development paradigms; as well as new capabilities for higher performance and advanced security.

Speaker: Raj Rathee, Sybase ASE Product Manager

Language and Productivity Advances for Application Development
ASE 15.7 delivers new application tools and advances for developers facing changing paradigms in data-driven application development. This session explores these enhancements, including greatly simplified programmatic interfaces, structured and unstructured data capabilities, enhanced SQL for improved execution and concurrency, and support for new scripting languages.

Speaker: Rob Verschoor, Sybase Director Technical Engineering

Maximizing Your Storage Investment with Compression
ASE 15.7 delivers new support for compression in data, indexes, and LOB's (i.e., text/image). These provide greater capabilities for managing the explosion of data while achieving maximum storage ROI. Largely transparent to the application, they can be easily deployed within existing installations. This session will discuss the technical details of these compression technologies and include: use cases and interfaces to deploy compression; strategies to migrate existing data to use compression; and performance characteristics versus the storage space savings of compressed data.

Speaker: Chris Brown, Sybase Technical Evangelist

Enhancements in Operational Scalability
ASE 15.7 introduces significant innovations designed to increase high availability and operational scalability within the realities of shrinking maintenance windows. This session will discuss online "reorg rebuild", deferred table materialization, fully recoverable DDLs, and changes to "alter table" capabilities that optimize the storage and time required to perform traditionally intensive maintenance activities.

Speaker: Jeff Tallman, Sybase Director Technical Engineering

Introducing ASE 15.7's New Threaded Kernel
ASE 15.7 introduces a new thread-based kernel that significantly streamlines I/O handling and improves application partitioning capabilities. This session will cover: an overview of the new kernel architecture with a focus on "what's different" vs. the previous model; which workloads will show the largest improvements; using thread pools for workload partitioning; new tunable parameters; new and modified MDA tables; and, changes to sp_sysmon. This session will place a strong emphasis on performance monitoring and tuning.

Speaker: Peter Thawley, Senior Director and Architect in Sybase’s CTO Group

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