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Industry Warehouse Studio for Customer Relationship Analytics (CRA)
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The Industry Warehouse Studio provides a focal point for the integration and analysis of customer data from the multiple collection points within your organization. The IWS will allow you to see your customers in new ways that will help you to increase revenues and profits with information you already have in your databases. You can also gain a better working knowledge of how, when, where, and what your best customers respond to and with this knowledge you can develop improved prospecting strategies. Ultimately, the IWS is designed to support a closed-loop business intelligence environment that allows you to explore your interactions with your customers and prospects and becomes the hub of your corporate information systems. The IWS gives you the means to convert knowledge obtained from your sales, marketing, and operational systems into strategies that yield significant competitive advantages.

IWS Diagram

At the core of the IWS is an integrated customer-centric data structure that enables CRA focused business intelligence applications.

The Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio for CRA provides the enterprise with a unified, consolidated view of the organization's relationship to its customers across such application domains as:

  • Customer Profiling (segmentation, risk, propensity)
  • Campaign Analysis (analysis of campaign effectiveness)
  • Customer Care Analysis (analysis of customer contacts and service)
  • Customer Loyalty Analysis (persistency, retention, churn)
  • Sales Analysis (sales by product, category, store, channel; customer acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell)
The IWS also incorporates a vertical industry orientation in that its design combines the value of the analyzing the inter-relationship of industry-specific events with the cross industry customer touchpoints to provide unsurpassed capabilities in analyzing customer relationship information in the following industries: Retail Banking, Healthcare Analytics, Property & Casualty Insurance, Telco, and Credit Card. A generic cross industry IWS for CRA is also available.

In addition, the IWS provides the following extensions to the core models that incorporate a vertical industry focus:
  • IWS for Media
  • IWS for Retail Banking
  • IWS for Telco
  • IWS for Life Insurance
  • IWS for Property & Casualty Insurance
  • IWS for Healthcare Analytics
  • IWS for Credit Card
  • IWS for Capital Markets
The Industry Warehouse Studio architecture also takes advantage of Sybase's industry-leading tools for data warehouse design and meta data analysis. The data models, metadata and tools are all open, supporting Oracle, Microsoft, Informix and IBM RDBMSs in addition to Sybase of course. The combination of our applications, data models, and tools provides our customers with a complete solution for their business intelligence needs.

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