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International Resources Deployment Kit (32-bit) for ASA 7.0.1

Files to deploy Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0.1 in another language.
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The International Resources Deployment Kit (IRDK) is a collection of files for the ten other languages supported by Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0.1 in a run-time environment on Win32 (NT/95/98/2000) or Win 3.X and can be used by anyone deploying in any of the languages. The "run-time" environment includes the engine and server, client libraries (DBLIB and ODBC), dbtools library and the stand-alone tools, including SQL Remote for ASA and ASE.

The languages supported are
  • DE - German
  • EN - English
  • ES - Spanish
  • FR - French
  • IT - Italian
  • JA - Japanese
  • KO - Korean
  • PL - Polish
  • PT - Brazilian Portuguese
  • TW - Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
  • ZH - Simplified Chinese (People's Republic of China)

Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0.1 International Resources Deployment Kit (32-bit)

The ASA 7.0.1 International Resources Deployment Kit (IRDK) is provided free of charge to all licensees of Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, and the use of this kit is bound by the terms of the Sybase license agreement.

Download the IRDK


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