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Urgent from Sybase: Studio Installer fails to load Sybase products on Pentium IV Windows machines

Summary: You cannot use Studio Installer to install Sybase products on PC Pentium IV Windows machines unless a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) patch is applied or the JIT compiler disabled. 

Problem Description

Studio Installer does not work on a Pentium IV machine running Windows NT Service Pack 5. An error occurs in java.exe when Studio Installer attempts to install Sybase products on a Pentium IV machine. The error message may be similar to one of the following: 

Dr. Watson for Windows NT 

An application error has occurred 
and an application error log is being generated. 
Exception: access violation90xc0000005), Address: 0x500bf974 

MS-DOS error message

Error: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError


at java.util.TimeZone.getDefault<>
at Logfile.printIn<>
at Installer.main<Compiled Code>


This problem is documented in Sybase CR 242410. It is caused by a bug in Sun Microsystem's Java Development Kit's Java Runtime Environment (JRE). According to Sun, Pentium IV Windows users must upgrade to:
  • JDK/JRE 1.1.8_007 for 1.1.x-based Java applets or applications
  • JDK/JRE for 1.2-based Java applets or applications
For more information, see

Which JRE version?

This problem affects both versions of Studio Installer; Studio Installer cannot run on a Pentium IV Windows machine without the fix described in the next section, "Workaround."

Examine the lists below. You can also determine which JRE version by examining the installation files for the directories "jre-1_1nt386" or "shared-1_0". 

The following Sybase products contain the jre-1_1nt386 installation directory. These products use JRE 1.1 with Studio Installer: 

  • Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0
  • Open Client 12.0
  • Open Server 12.0
The following Sybase products contain the shared-1_0 installation directory. These products use JRE 1.2 with Studio Installer: 
  • ASE 12.5
  • ASE 12.5 Eval
  • BMTO 2.0
  • Data Movement 12.1 (not localized)
  • eMarketLink 1.0
  • eMarketLink 2.0
  • EP 1.0
  • EP 1.0 ESDs
  • EP 2.0
  • EP 2.0 ESDs
  • EP Express
  • EP Portal Translation Manager
  • OpenServerSDK 12.5
  • Replication Server 12.1
  • SDK (Open Client) 12.5
  • Sybase Enterprise Adapter Workbench 1.0
  • Sybase Enterprise Adapter Workbench 2.0
  • Sybase Enterprise Event Broker 2.0
  • XJS390 1.0 Workaround
If you need help determining which JRE is used for your Sybase product, contact Sybase Technical Support. In the United States and Canada, the telephone number is 1-800-8SYBASE and select 3 for Technical Support.


Workaround for jre-1_1nt386 (JRE 1.1)

Sybase has provided a ZIP file, attached to this document, containing the JRE files you will need to use Studio Installer on a Pentium IV with Windows. These files also may be used by non-Sybase products requiring the Java runtime environment. The compressed file is 8.75 MB. Follow the steps below. 
  1. Create a new installation directory on your PC's hard drive, for example, "installsy."

  2. NOTE: This directory must be different from the directory where you intend to install your Sybase product.

  3.  Copy the contents of the Sybase CD-ROM to the installsy directory. You can do this with a command similar to:

      xcopy Z:\*.* /s/e/v C:\installsy\
    where "Z" is your CD-ROM drive.
  5. Download to the same installation directory you created in Step 1, for example, installsy. Use the WinZip utility to extract the appropriate files into your new directory. 

  6. The following files will be installed by the file:


  7. Run Studio Installer from your hard drive and follow the installation instructions in the installation guide for your product. Installation guides also are available on the web at

Workaround for shared-1_0 (JRE 1.2) 

Follow this procedure:
  1. Disable the JIT (Just In Time) Compiler, jit, by adding this system environment variable in the Systems control panel as follows:
  1. Run Studio Installer and follow the instructions in the installation guide for your product. Installation guides also are available on the web at
  2. Enable jit by removing the JAVA_COMPILER system environment variable from the Systems control panel.
Note: Sybase recommends you download an updated JDK from the Sun website, for future installations. 


Last Revised: Apr 04, 2003
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