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Replication Server® 12.5 Performance EBF
A Sybase® White Paper

Symmetric Multi-Processing, or SMP, describes a technique in which multi-processor machines and their operating systems run the different threads of a multi-threaded application, such as Replication Server, in parallel. In other words, the multiple threads of a single process are allowed time on different processors in parallel to each other. In tests comparing Replication Server 12.5 to Replication Server 12.5 with the SMP EBF installed, latency has been reduced by as much as 59% while throughput has increased by as much as 117%. For example, if latency before EBF installation was observed to be 1 minute, after EBF installation it reduced to about 25 seconds. And if throughput was observed to be 2MB/min before EBF installation, it increased to 4.34MB/min after.

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