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Using Solaris many-to-many threading model may result in EAServer hang or crash on a highly stressed server. Read about using the 1-1 threading model instead.
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EAServer on Solaris - -Troubleshooting Tip for Crashes or Hangs

Sun Solaris versions prior to 2.9 provide several threading models for Java server applications. These are described in detail at In Solaris 2.8 and earlier, the default model uses a many-to-many mapping
between application threads and kernel threads. Sybase has found that when running highly stressed servers using the default
many-to-many threading model, the EAServer server may hang or crash due to issues in the threading implementation.

These issues due not occur when using the 1-1 threading model on Solaris 2.8 or 2.9. Therefore, for highly stressed servers, Sybase suggests trying the 1-1 threading model if you encounter hangs or crashes.

EAServer on Solaris 2.9

Solaris 2.9 supports only the the 1-1 threading model, therefore these issues are inapplicable / do not occur on that version.

EAServer on Solaris 2.8

On Solaris 2.8, you can run EAServer with 1-1 threading by adding /usr/lib/lwp to the front of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting.
For example: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/lwp:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

This setting causes the server to run with an alternate version of the threading libraries that default to the 1-1 model.

EAServer on Earlier Solaris Versions

On earlier Solaris versions, you can append the following to the server property
property: ,-XX:+UseBoundThreads This setting causes the JVM to run with application threads bound to kernel threads. However, in Sun testing detailed
at, this setting significantly reduced performance.


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Last Revised: Sep 25, 2003
Product: EAServer
Hardware Platform: Sun Solaris SPARC
Technical Topics: Java, Troubleshooting, Application Servers, Application Deployment
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