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Maximum Addressable Shared Memory in ASE 12.0.x and 12.5.x

This TechNote lists the maximum addressable shared memory for ASE 12.0.x and 12.5.x.
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Addressable Memory Limits

The following table lists, by platform, the maximum size of shared memory for Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.0.x and 12.5.x:
Platform32-bit ASE64-bit ASEComments
HP-UX 11.x (PA-RISC processor) 2.75 GB  16 EB  
HP-UX 11.x (Itanium2 processor) N/A 16 EB Available Q4 2003
HP Tru64 5.x N/A 16 EB  
IBM AIX 5.x 2.75 GB  16 EB  
SGI IRIX 6.x 4 GB 16 EB  
Sun Solaris 8 (sparc processor)  3.78 GB 16 EB  
Sun Solaris 8 (Intel x86 processor) 3.75 GB  N/A  
Windows 2000, 2003 and XP ~1.75 GB *  N/A See note below
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
(Intel x86 processor) 
2.7 GB N/A  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
(Itanium2 processor)
N/A 16 EB Available Q4 2003
Mac OSX  2 GB  N/A  


  • One Exabyte equals 2^60, or 1024 PetaByte. 16 EB is a theoretical limit; in practice, the actual value is limited by the total memory available on the system. ASE has been tested with a maximum of 256 GB of shared memory.


  •  * The maximum size of shared memory for 32-bit windows is approximately 1.75GB. This value can vary depending on the size of the ASE code and associated dlls, which also occupies the 2GB application space. You may need to reduce the max memory value in order to start ASE.

  • On some Windows 32-bit OS, you can use the /3GB option to boot the operating system; this allows ASE to use upto 3 GB shared memory. Check your specific OS version to see if it allows the /3GB option.

  • Each operating system has a default maximum shared-memory segment (for example, shm-max on HP Tru64). Check that the operating system is configured to allow the allocation of a shared-memory segment at least as large as ASE's total memory (12.0.x) or max memory (12.5.x) configuration parameter. See your platform's Installation Guide for Adaptive Server Enterprise for details.
  • ASE 12.5 changes how memory is allocated, resulting in changes to memory-related configuration parameters and introduction of new parameters. Be sure you understand the new memory configurations in ASE 12.5 when modifying server and/or operating system memory parameters. See What's New in Adaptive Server Enterprise? and the System Administration Guide for details.

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See TechNote 20101 at for details of maximum addressable shared memory in ASE 11.5.x and 11.9.2.


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Last Revised: Oct 30, 2003
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