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Targeted CR list for ASE 12.5.2 IR

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug ID Description
351545 When the statment cache is configured and a query includes a system table update, the first excution of the query works correctly. If the user changes the "allow updates" state, the new state is ignored when the exact same query is subsequently executed.
351168 Due to a bug in RH AS 2.1 [Issue #351168 shmat() not returning EINVAL when already mapped address is passed as start address], ASE may use one block of memory as two separete memory blocks. This can result in unpredictable results and data corruption.
351005 User can't unselect the Enhanced Full-Text Search configuration option in the installer.
350895 Internal only: This is a build problem.
350856 Memory allocated to java virtual machine may be insufficient, causing the server to hang on MacOS X. The solution is to configure more shared class heap space. For ASE on Mac OS X, the default "size of shared class heap" is 1536 memory pages (2048 bytes each). This can be increased by: sp_configure "size of shared class heap", 3072 Which will double the amount of memory available to the shared class heap, assuming there is sufficient shared memory available. Symptoms of this problem include a message similar to the following written to the ASE errorlog: 00:00000:00018:2004/03/29 16:16:55.18 server Java VM Host: Memory allocation request failed because of insufficient memory in Jvm Shared Class. 00:00000:00015:2004/03/29 16:26:48.06 kernel timeslice -501, current process infected
350754 When executing the Silicon Graphics IRIX installer, error message "./setup.internal[2]: clear: not found" is displayed.
350392 This CR disables change made by 319389 (A sub-optimal query plan may be generated for queries using MAX() or MIN() together with WHERE clauses that involve OR clauses.). Use trace flag 4110 to enable fix for 319389.
350109 This fixes a straggle problem not caught by CR 348687-1. For the user: In 12.5.1, the job timeout property was labelled to be in seconds. This value was actually treated as minutes. This fix changes the labels for the timeout property to say minutes in 12.5.2.
349434 A spinlock order violation and ASE panic occurs upon first kerberos login and recovery or other highly concurrent activity is also running. Invalid spinlock sanity checks are avoided with this fix.
349420 The sybatch.exe sample resource file "sybatch_sample.res" has incorrect values in "msrv.network_hostname_list" and "bsrv.network_hostname_list" attributes.
349337 Makefile for sample xp_echo on the windows platform does not have include paths set.
349286 Conversions from other datatypes (notably varbinary) to unichar/univarchar will cause a process to terminate with a stack trace if the source data is not aligned on a data page.
349215 ASE hangs during shutdown on linux AS 2.1.
349194 DBXray needs to provide support for Linux
348686 ASE 12.5.1 on Red Hat Linux AS 2.1 core dumps when 'max memory' is set to greater than 2.75GB.
348347 The charset program prompts for confirmation of a update to a character set or sort order definition if such a definition is already installed in the server. The program loops until a valid yes/no response is received from its standard input. EOF is not considered a valid response, and will trigger an indefinite loop.
348346 missing makefiles on some platforms for MCL sample programs
348240 A stacktrace including the modules open_fail_error, getuidfromsuid() and prot_srch_and_check_for_dbcc() may be printed in the errorlog, if a non-sa user tries to execute a database level dbcc command in a database that is not usable.
348134 There are now a new set of bourne shell scripts for the user to use and the cshell scripts have been renamed to have a .csh extension. Also the directory structure for JS-12_5 has been simplified. There is no change in functionality due to this change.
348049 In rare circumstances, a 691 error, "Encountered invalid logical page '0' while accessing object '8' in database ' < dbid > '" may be reported during boottime or LOAD DATABASE recovery.
347540 optdiag failed to load statistics complaining about db name is not found, this only happens when database conflict is flawed.
347115 A leading '//' inside predicate should be treated as an absolute path from root. It is not beginning of a path relative to the sub-path preceding the filter.
347090 On alignment-sensitive platforms only, inserting into a unichar column from a varbinary column may generate alignment fault if the UNICHAR data is not aligned on a 2-byte boundary.
347061 srvbuildres should tell user to specify the "force_buildmaster = yes" clause when trying to overwrite an existing master device rather than "-f"
347030 Back out xpserver changes made under CR 325777 which results in unexpected behavior of xp_cmdshell. With 325777 changes, xp_cmdshell commands executing a shell command which tries to redirect output to a file using the ' > ' file I/O redirection does not work as expected. Instead the output is returned to the ASE client. Fix for 325777 will be reworked under 348878.
347020 'Select Distinct within a subquery may encounter performance degradation if proxy tables are involved.
346929 When Job Scheduler processes job output column data that is longer than the output column width, data may be incorrectly repeated on subsequent lines. This has been corrected.
346654 Queries returning TEXT/IMAGE fields and using worktables may not execute correctly giving spurious 605 errors in the temporary database or may fail with stack traces. Stack trace will reference modules like exec_eop,run.
346592 The ASE localization utility syconfig does not allow built-in UTF-8 non-binary sort orders to be selected.
346407 After installing Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Suite and configured new servers from the CD, users cannot eject the CD from the CDROM drive.
346373 A combination of having a union in the derived table expression and then assigning it to a local variable is what is causing the infected with 11 in yyparse
346369 possible crash on procedure activity view when there is no activity
346285 Spinlock was obtained by calling a function which is very expensive for no contention calls. Also on Intel processors with Hyperthreading support, busy loop in spinlock code was not having pause instruction.
346252 Wash size under Cache is not changeable in Sybase Central; the OK Button is disabled until a value is entered in the Amount Pool field.
346163 When preparing to upgrade an installation, if the preupgrade utility encounters an offline database, it will report that the offline database does not have enough space to run upgrade. This is not true: the database has not actually been checked because it is offline.
346146 When using a 16K server, after a long running transaction has reached the last chance threshold and got aborted due to a log full condition, it may fail to rollback successfully raising a fatal 3475 error.
345983 An unexpected out of log error may be raised while executing the LOAD TRAN command and during the redo phase of an index creation for a Data Only Locked table.
345879 The text of the 1105 error message has been has been modified to "Can't allocate space for object ' < obj > ' in database ' < db > ' because ' < seg > ' segment is full/has no free extents. If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE to increase the size of the segment."
345802 Support for administering and configuring Web Services has been added to the ASE Plugin.
345549 Historical Server monitoring values can become negative when sp_sysmon is also running
345479 An 8211 error: "Mismatch found between the name and id descriptor hash table. Descriptor hashed by name = 0x0 and hashed by id = < value > " may be reported while executing a Dynamic SQL lightweight procedure when the dynamic sql changes the user id on the fly.
345389 On 64-bit IBM systems, a 12545 error, "Database ' < db > ' is now online with a lower server version number..." may be incorrectly reported when upgrading a database to a 12.5.1 release.
345316 Error message 8211 will be enhanced to report object name and object id as well. The new message will read: "Mismatch found between the name and id descriptor hash table for table ' < tablename > ', objid = < objid > . Descriptor hashed by name = < address > and hashed by id = < address > ."
345293 Performance improvement in opening connections
345260 ASE running on Windows platforms may suffer loss of the listener process, without any stack trace or error message.
345193 The ASE server 1601, "There are not enough 'user connect ions' available", followed by the connectivity errors 11216 and 11206 will be raised, if trying to access an MDA table from within a user's login script.
345175 Multi-engine ASE does not always wake a comatosed engine in a timely manner when there is work ready for that engine.
345067 Job Scheduler agent process does not properly shutdown if its Job Scheduler ASE shutdowns while the agent is still processing a startup request. This has been corrected.
345056 The StartTime and EndTime columns in monSysStatement have a resolution of a second. This is not acceptable for measuring statement statistics so the resolution should be at least that of the DATETIME datatype.
345045 On the Mac OS X platform the ServerDiscovery tool has been enhanced to display Replication Server.
345007 Error 102, "Incorrect syntax near '?'." is raised when a prepared statement is executed using JDBC having ANSI-style comments at the end of the command string sent from the client.
344983 Feature extension. Before this fix the XML builtin xmlparse retuned the result xml fragment as image datatype. The fix adds the ability to return the result xml fragment also as varbinary/binary datatype using additional 'returns' clause syntax. Before this fix the XML builtin xmlextract returned the result xml data as either text or varchar. With the fix the user will be able to return the result xml data as java.lang.String also. Before this fix the XML builtin xmlrepresentation accepted xml documents only as image datatype as one of its operands. With this fix user can now pass xml documents of varbinary/binary datatype also to this builtin.
344840 srvbuild, srvbuildres, syconfig.exe, and sybatch.exe adds XP server as "ASEnterprise" server class. XP server should have "RPCServer" server class.
344713 When inserting data using BCP into a table with a DEFAULT value defined on a VARCHAR column and the file to load does not specify value for that column, the DEFAULT value inserted into the table is silently truncated to 30 chars.
344620 CIS: In some circumstances, a multi-engine server may be infected with signal 10 or 11 and core dumps, or causes ASE to hang after running sp_showplan.
344561 The message "Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno or h_errno directly. Needs to be fixed." appears when srvbuild and other ASE utilities are run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0.
344484 1 > HAaseAgent Fails to start, errors saying not found. 2 > when the HAase Agent online scripts start ASE, it starts as user "root" and not as user "sybase" and when Agent offline script trys to stop ASE , it is not stopped . Platform: Linux
344416 The error 18898 will be raised in the stored procedure 'sp_modifylogin' when setting up the login script if the length of the user's default database plus the login name exceed 27 characters.
344349 Sp_addtype should not allow user defined types with upper case versions of system type names.
344343 Minor upgrade does not detect date or time user defined types that are upper case.
344299 When object names are provided to parameterized LANGUAGE statements and the datatype of the parameter is specified as UNICHAR, conversion from UNICHAR to CHAR may not be correct if the server's default character set is configured to something other than UTF-8.
344290 Allocation pages show up as **TempObject** in Historical Server Object Name item
344182 Job Scheduler agent process may hang while processing a shutdown request if its Job Scheduler ASE shutdowns first. This has been corrected.
344164 Dropping a proxy table which was mapped to an external directory with the ;R (recursive) option and recreating it again without it, still leaves the ;R option active.
344016 The error 2812, "Stored procedure '"$monSysSQLText"'", will be raised when selecting from the MDA table monSysSQLText if quoted_identifier is enabled.
344012 Stored procedure text stored in syscomments with strings of spaces may not be correctly retrieved with defncopy tool. Spaces may be missing in the defncopy generated file.
343799 Under some circumstances when executing a client cursor or a SELECT ... FOR BROWSE on a view, the base table column names are returned instead of the view column names.
343710 Job Scheduler job output which contains "(return status = < status > )" may not be appropriately followed by starting a new line. This has been corrected.
343685 sp_sysmon reports negative Cache Misses on a multi-engine server on NT platform when there is considerable load on the server.
343673 ASE will incorrectly report the messages "WARNING: Pss found with open sdes ... range entry < value > ..." or "WARNING: Pss found with open sdes ... system table entry < value > ..." when a session hits a non-fatal internal error and a system or user table has been left open mistakenly.
343593 Job Scheduler sp_sjobsetstatus commands embedded into a job's SQL were incorrectly operable on other job's besides its own. This has been corrected.
343560 Error 103, "The identifier that starts with " < constraint name > " is too long. Maximum length is 28." is raised during ALTER TABLE add < column > command on a table which has a column using a constraint name of 30 characters.
343514 A query SELECT ...UNION ...SELECT may return incorrect result or hang if different UNION sides are executed with different degree of parallelism.
343446 Query using non intialized bit local variable may fail with error 245: "Domain error during implicit conversion of BIT value '0' to a BIT field."
343363 With ASE 12.5.2 ASEPlugin, the plugin parsing of template documents, JS Template schema and instance documents have been modified. The JS Template XML instance documents must be re-installed if users are upgrading from the ASE 12.5.1 ASEPlugin. If users do not upgrade their ASEPlugin, the latest JS Template instance documents should not be upgraded. The changes were required to support localization for the Job Scheduler interface within the ASEPlugin.
343360 CIS: Local server may show stack trace when errors are encountered on sp_remotesql or sp_passthru in a multi-session environment in which some of the sessions may hang in 'remote i/o'.
343260 If an @variable is buried in a nested derived table, it may lead to stack trace.
343252 Querying the monCachedObject table can cause other processes to timeslice. When this occurs the query will take much longer to execute and the ASE errorlog will contain the error "timeslice - < value > , current process infected" followed by a stacktrace.
343120 'number of dumps' counter of CSMD increments even if memdump is failed
343115 Two processes setting up a site_handler may hit a race condition, causing a hang. The hang will be accompanied by the message "A call to srv__waitfor_read() was interrupted by an attention".
343114 As the number of cachelets for a given cache increases, the overhead increases dramatically and at times the growth is more than the actual size of the cache. On Linux and HP-UX on IA64 platform, we incorrectly increment the wait count for a spinlock and report as %100 waited on any spinlock.
343065 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'stat_check_sampling_perct' together with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'statbuild_noindex' and 'startsort' may be reported in the errorlog if parallel UPDATE STATISTICS is executed within a stored procedure.
343010 Some queries including more than one aggregate function may return incorrect results when they are executed in parallel.
342974 CIS: The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'char_get_str' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'match_pattern' and 'pattern' may be reported in the error log if a SELECT statement with square brackets '[]' as wildcard characters runs against a DCO12.0 as the backend.
342945 The Adaptive Server Enterprise version 12.5.1 installer may fail on Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 3.0 with an error containing the message: A suitable JVM could not be found. Please run the program again using the option -is:javahome < JAVA HOME DIR > .
342880 The installdbextend file is missing in 12.5.1 GA release on Linux Itanium platform.
342767 On a Solaris 32bit ASE Server, concurrent login attempts using Kerberos authentication fail.
342764 An into a local table from a proxy table which includes a text column can result in a 605 error.
342734 The commands CREATE LOGIN, ALTER ROLE and UPDATE STATISTICS may fail with a syntax error when some of the command qualifiers are used in uppercase and the default server sort order is case sensitive.
342625 sp_helpconfig "heap memory per user" display wrong help message.
342612 A 691, 692 or 605 error may be reported in the error log with a stack trace in module 'pg__nextnonzeroentry' during the execution of a DML command that needs to perform a new page allocation in module 'pg_allocate', when earlier a REORG REBUILD command on the given Data Only Locked table has failed.
342605 A stacktrace contaning the modules 'result' and 'pre_aggview' may be raised if a stored procedure tries to access a column that has been dropped using ALTER TABLE DROP < column > .
342447 CIS: Sending DATE/TIME values to ASA/ASIQ backend may result in TDS token errors and subsequent commands may hang in 'remote i/o'.
342320 The configurable shared memory dump (CSMD) facility, as well the manual "sybmon" memory dump mechanism, will now include procedure cache in the default memory dump. The administrator can override this by manually specifying their preference for


Last Revised: Feb 13, 2006
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