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Support > Technical Documents > How To > What do I need for installing Pylon ServerSync?

What do I need for installing Pylon ServerSync?

This document tells you what you need for installing Pylon ServerSync.
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You must have a Pylon server license and Pylon Client licenses, either evaluation licenses or full licenses based on the server certifier for server license and on the fully qualified Notes user names for Client licenses (File | Tools | User ID | Name).

Download the latest Pylon ServerSync version (e.g., pss30.exe for Pylon ServerSync 3.0) from the link you received after registering for evaluation Pylon ServerSync license. Accept the software agreement by clicking the "I agree..." button at the bottom, save the program to a temporary directory on the server. Enter the server license number you received earlier by email, when prompted for a serial number during the install process.

The Client licenses should be entered in the respective location documents in the server's configuration database (copy, paste and modify the -default- location document as many times as necessary). You do not need the Pylon Conduit or Pylon Pro programs but you have to register the users for evaluation Pylon Conduit or Pylon Pro Client licenses, or purchase for them full licenses.


Last Revised: May 26, 2004
Product: Pylon
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