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Sybase EAServer Plug-in for JBuilder X

The Sybase EAServer plug-in for Borland JBuilder X supports EAServer 4.2.2 and EAServer 5.0. The plug-in provides the ability to:

  • Deploy JAR, EAR and WAR archives from JBuilder to EAServer
  • Develop, deploy, and debug EJBs, Servlets, and JSPs
  • Use a GUI editor to set EAServer-specific deployment properties

This document provides information about available documentation, code samples, and where to go if you have a question.

Documentation and Code Samples
Where to Find the Plug-in
Where to Go For Help

Documentation & Code Samples

The following documentation and code samples are available for the Sybase Plug-in for JBuilder:

1. Release Bulletin
2. Configuration and Troubleshooting
3. Introductory Code Samples Sample set includes:
  • Deploy session bean and invoke hello method from test client
  • Use JBuilder to debug an EJB running in EAServer
  • Deploy simple servlet that displays a text response
  • JSP that calls a method on the session bean
  • 4. JSP ResultSet Sample

    Where to Find The Plug-in

    You can either download the plug-in from within the JBuilderX installation, or download it separately.

    Where to Go For Help

    Your help options vary based on the specific type of question, and whether or not you have purchased a support contract.

    If You Need Help With How to Get Help
    JBuilder Sybase does not support the JBuilder product itself. If you have a question relating to JBuilder, please contact Borland for assistance.
    EAServer Plug-in for JBuilder

    Sybase provides support for the Sybase EAServer plug-in for JBuilder.



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