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Support > Technical Documents > Document Types > Technote > How do I disable and enable Pylon Pro?

How do I disable and enable Pylon Pro?

This document explains how to disable and enable Pylon Pro.
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  1. Open the Pylon Configuration Database.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Configurations.
  3. Select the user configuration you wish to edit, then click Edit Configuration.
  4. In your configuration document, check the box beside the Pylon Pro icon.

    A check in the box indicates the application is enabled. No check and a gray icon indicates the application is disabled.

    When you disable the application, the sync action for all Pylon Pro application filters changes to Do Nothing.

  5. Click Save and Close to save your changes and exit your configuration document.


Last Revised: May 25, 2004
Product: Pylon
Technical Topics: Install/Upgrade
Business or Technical: Technical
Content Id: 1030096
Infotype: Technote

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