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How do I check/change my license number?

This document describes how to check or change your Pylon license number .
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Use the following procedure to check your license number and change or enter it if necessary.

Note: This procedure assumes that you have a valid license key that you can compare against, and enter if necessary.

  1. In the Lotus Notes Workspace, open the Pylon Configuration on Local database.
  2. Select Configurations on the left.
  3. Double-click the installation on the right (POCKET_PC, PALM, etc.).
  4. If the Pylon License field near the top is empty, or contains a number that does not match your license number, enter your license number here.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Locate your local notes.ini file (default location is C:\Program Files\Notes\).
  7. Open the notes.ini file in a text editor.
  8. Locate the line beginning with "$PylonLicense=".
  9. If the number following is "$PylonLicense=" is missing, or is a number that does not match your license number, enter your license number here.
  10. Save and close the notes.ini file.
Full License Breakdown:

Except for evaluation licenses, a Pylon License ends with a specific number with the following meaning:

01 = conduit v3 for palm
02 = pro v3 for palm

11 = conduit v4.02 for palm OR v4.03 for ppc...just depends on what software they download
12 = pro v4 for palm

and then... (and from here on you don't have to have desktop and server for server license...)

31 = conduit v5 for palm
32= pro v5 for palm
37 = conduit v5 for ppc
38 = pro v5 for ppc


Last Revised: Jun 15, 2004
Product: Pylon
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