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Your Guide to Partnering with Sybase

Welcome to the Sybase Business Solutions Alliance Program. We have made a deep commitment to building a thriving partner channel. To ensure that you and your team take full advantage of the many kinds of resources available to you, we’ve created this comprehensive reference guide.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We look forward to working with you, and wish you the best of success as you grow your business.

Click to learn more about the BSA Partner Program:

Contacting Sybase

-Know your Sybase Account Manager
-Contact the Partner Response Center

Online Access to Resources
-Setting up Partner website access
-Subscribe to the Monthly Partner Newsletter
-Partner Resource Center

Promoting your Solution
-Partner Solution Directory
-Press Releases & Success Stories
-Partner of the Month Program
-Sybase Edge

Software Fulfillment
-Software for Resale
-Evaluation Software

Training and Education
-Sybase Authorized Learning Centers
-Online Training
-Onsite Training

Marketing Support

-Marketing Campaigns-in-a-Box
-Collateral Orders & Company Store
-Brand Handbook / Logo Usage
-TechWave Users Conference
-Partner Summits
-Sybase Executive and Solution Centers
-Sybase Co-Marketing Fund (MDF)

Technical Support
-Service & Support
-User Groups
-Sybase Developer Network (SDN)
-Sybase Newsgroups
-Enhancement Requests
-Bug Reporting

Contacting the Sybase Partner Program

The Sybase Business Solution Alliance Team wants to help you grow your relationship with Sybase and be successful.

Your Sybase Account Manager works with you to manage your territories, develop account plans, and secure the resources you need to be successful. If you don’t know who your account manager is please call the Partner Response Center. Alternatively you can check on-line by clicking here or by visiting the Partner Resource Center and clicking “Account Tools” then “Find My Account Manager.”

Partner Response Center (general partner program inquiries, for specific inquiries please continue reading below)
Phone: 1-800-879-2273
Website: /partner

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Promoting Your Solution

Partner Solution Directory

  • Visit the Partner Directory at
  • Update your information by clicking here or by visiting the Partner Resource Center, clicking on 'Account Tools', then 'Update my Profile'.
  • We promote your products and services through our online Partner Solution Directory. To promote your solution to Sybase customers, field teams, and other Sybase partners, you will want to ensure that your profile and contact information is current.

Press Releases & Success Stories

Sybase corporate communications wants to help publicize our joint success. Corporate communications works closely with our partners in a variety of opportunities including, but not limited to: joint partner announcements, joint success, and new joint initiatives. If you have a press opportunity that you’d like to work on with Sybase please contact your account manager or contact the Partner Response Center.

Partner of the Month Program

Each month BSA highlights the success of one partner who has demonstrated:

  • A recent success on Sybase
  • A long term commitment to Sybase products and the Sybase partner program
  • A newfound commitment to Sybase through a new product or service release, a new relationship, event or contract

Benefits: The partner of the month program gives partners increased visibility to Sybase employees, customers and fellow partners. Benefits include:

  • Sybase Magazine feature (depending on production schedules)
  • Logo display and link to success story on
  • Internal announcement on the Sybase Intranet — Syberspace
  • Announcement in the Sybase Partner Newsletter
  • Inclusion in the Partner Solution Directory

For more information about the program please contact your account manager or the Partner Response Center.

Sybase Edge

The printed version of Sybase Magazine has been replaced by 'The Sybase Edge', Sybase magazine in a web-only format. We are moving to the web so we can publish more frequently and dynamically. In an attractive, consistent format, Sybase Edge will continue to present Sybase’s growth, its vision, products, and successes just as you’ve always enjoyed them, but more frequently. We publish Sybase Edge every six weeks, or eight times a year.

Sybase Edge provides an excellent opportunity to promote your solution to over 60,000 Sybase customers and top prospects. This includes 95 of the Fortune 100 companies, 70 of the top 100 banks worldwide, the top 150 telecommunication and media companies worldwide, the top 5 U.S. managed care organizations, the leading security and intelligence age ncies, and 450+ worldwide health care organizations.

Partners selected as a 'Partner of the Month' have the opportunity to receive free publicity in Sybase Edge. What’s more, as a Sybase partner, you can take advantage of steep advertising discounts—up to 30% off the standard rate! You can reach today’s global and industry leaders who rely on Sybase Edge as their primary source of information on Sybase strategic initiatives, product announcements, success stories, and commentary by Sybase executives and major Sybase customers. Join the growing list of Sybase partners who use Sybase Edge to reach leading companies such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Ericsson, Palm, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, AT&T, AOL, American Express, Pepsico, Prudential, 3COM, Nokia, Motorola, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, China Railway, and Citigroup to name just a few!

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Marketing Support

We provide our partners with a variety of resources to help you build new revenue streams in Sybase target markets and initiatives.

Marketing Campaigns-in-a-Box

Within the Partner Resource Center, under 'Marketing Tools', you’ll find a number of campaigns that can be quickly and cost-effectively tailored to meet your marketing needs. We provide you with all the elements of current and archived lead generation campaigns. These campaigns contain list selection criteria, email or direct mail copy and graphics, fulfillment materials, inbound call scripts, and metrics.

Once logged onto the Partner Resource Center, you will find a variety of resources to make you more effective in selling Sybase products. Product Information Libraries: We’ve developed convenient collections of product-specific information—from data sheets to sales training to competitive tools to qualification guidelines—for our most popular product families. We’re frequently adding to these collections, so check often Sales Playbooks: We’ve also provided sales tools and information designed to help you sell in specific market opportunities, including the Unwired Enterprise, data warehousing, and data replication.

Collateral Orders & Company Store

The Sybase Collateral Fulfillment Program and The Company Store provide Sybase partners with the ability to view and place orders for any marketing collateral and company logo merchandise. Users can browse or shop for company collateral, by selecting the "50 Newest Collateral Items", "Most Popular Collateral Items" or the "Search" option.

Whether you're a new partner placing your first order or a seasoned veteran ordering with us, we want to make sure that your ordering experience at the Collateral Fulfillment site is as smooth as possible. Everything you need to know about the process is available on the Assistance page. This section will give you detailed information on how to place an order, check the status of your order, and provide answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you are a first time user to the Company Store or to the Collateral Fulfillment Program, you must be registered in order to purchase from this site. To register, simply complete the registration form.

Partner Summits

Sybase is pleased to hold exclusive events for our partners. Partners attend summits to learn valuable information about Sybase's vision, products and partner programs and network with Sybase executives, sales managers and partner program representatives. The 2006 summit was held in conjunction with the Sybase Classic at the Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle, New York.

Information on future Partner Summits will be sent to all Partner Newsletter Subscribers.

Brand Handbook

Our online brand handbook provide you and your marketing communications team with convenient access to Sybase branding standards and guidelines for incorporating Sybase trademarks, graphics, and logos into joint marketing materials.

  • Logos — Corporate logo in various formats for print and online use; selected program and subsidiary logos
  • Editorial Standards and Trademarks — Sybase glossary, mechanics, trademarks, external links
  • Ready to Use Collateral/Videos — Tools and resources for public relations, industry analyst relations, and product launches

Sybase Techwave

Join IT professionals from around the world for Sybase TechWave and get the latest tools, resources, and make valuable professional contacts. Below is a preview of what Sybase TechWave has to offer:

  • Sybase Education Courses provide partners with in-depth training. Topics include tools, the database, mobile, and more from novice to advanced.
  • The Technical Breakout Sessions cover the latest product enhancements, in-depth looks at new offerings, and presentations from other customers and partners.
  • The Keynote Series gives you the inside track on Sybase's e-Business strategy, technology, and product direction.
  • Numerous Networking Opportunities with your peers from around the globe, a comprehensive Exhibit Hall to interact with Sybase partners, Internet connectivity to keep you in touch with your office while taking advantage of TechWave, and more!

Partners are entitled to a significant registration discount. Visit /techwave or subscribe to the Monthly Partner Newsletter for more information.

Sybase Co-Marketing Fund (MDF)

The Sybase Market Development Fund is an additional resource available to Sybase partners to support external marketing campaigns and/or sales initiatives that generate demand, benefit both parties, and offer a greater return on marketing investment than what each company could achieve independently.

Sybase Market Development Fund functions as a reimbursement program. The partner commits to hold in reserve a mutually agreed-upon amount to fund campaigns and/or sales initiatives that will drive demand for the combined Sybase/Partner solution. The MDF is not a “fee” the Partner is obligated to pay Sybase, nor does Sybase require that the Partner establish an escrow account for the MDF. Learn more...

Sybase Executive and Solution Centers

Partners are encouraged to utilize the Sybase executive briefing and solution centers. Partners can join their account manager and leverage each center's product expertise and professional support to develop and market our joint solutions. To set up a meeting at one of the centers, please contact your account manager.

Executive Briefing Center (Sybase HQ, CA)

The Sybase Executive Briefing team plans and delivers customized executive briefings for Sybase account managers and partners handling high-potential accounts worldwide. Working with your partner account manager the EBC team will build an agenda that will show executive strength and commitment to the joint prospect, increase joint customer's confidence in the financial stability and long-term viability of Sybase, present leading-edge joint solutions, and build our customer's confidence in the joint vision.

Asian Solution Center (Hong Kong)

The Asian Solutions Center is the first solutions center ever established in Asia Pacific. Jointly developed by Sybase and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the center aims to facilitate the sharing of ideas and cultivate innovative content for the digital economy in the Asia Pacific region.

Banking Solution Center (Germany)

Sybase and Sun present “Winning Strategies” in the heart of the Frankfurt bank quarter. The BSC stresses successful, practice-oriented, business scenarios. In partnership with Sun, the BSC showcases solutions for investment banking, e-commerce, retail banking, and IT infrastructure for the financial services market.

Telco/Media Solution Center (Germany)

“Best practice in communications” These words are put into action in the new Telecommunications & Media Center (TMC). Here, along with other partners, Sybase and Sun present forward-looking, practical IT solutions for converging markets. Whether you are interested in full solutions, horizontal applications, industry software, consulting, support, integration services or network infrastructures, the TMC brings together a broad spectrum of IT focal points, to create synergies in concept and realization. In short: the TMC brings condensed information to decision-makers who are faced with complex assignments, and who need strategic vision to find solutions.

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Online Access to Resources

Setting up Partner website access

To access all the partner-specific benefits available to you throughout, including the Partner Resource Center, you must first set up a MySybase account. A MySybase account validates who you are, authorizes your access to certain information based on your role, and personalizes the content that you will see. Click here to learn how to setup your MySybase account.

NOTE: Downloading development and full-version software requires a separate login to the SPDC. To set this up you must call Sybase at (800) 879-2273 and select options 3,3. Learn more...

Partner Resource Center

About: This partner-only Web site is your primary source for tools and resources designed for members of the Sybase Business Solutions Alliance program. This site provides a wealth of product, marketing, sales and competitive information you need to support your day-to-day activities with Sybase.

Access: The Partner Resource Center is located at /partner, just click the 'Login' button under the 'Current Partners' header in the center of the page.

Monthly Partner Newsletter

Informative and important Sybase information is sent directly to our partners via the BSA Partner Newsletter. This information includes marketing and sales materials, event information, promotions and announcements.


  • Method 1: To be added to the email distribution list, simply ensure that your on-line profile information is up-to-date by updating your profile.
  • Method 2: Alternatively, you can email the Partner Response Center providing your company name and contact information in the body of the email.

Click here to learn more and see a copy of this month's newsletter.

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Software Fulfillment

Depending on your relationship with Sybase there are several options for ordering Software:

Development Software - As members of the Business Solutions Alliance Program, Sybase partners are entitled to a reasonable number of development copies for Sybase software where they are (or will) be used to create downstream demand for that product. Sybase development tools such as PowerBuilder and PowerDesigner are not covered by this policy and must be procured separately. Additionally, iAnywhere, Financial Fusion, and third-party products that Sybase resells are not covered by this policy. The development software provided is the full version of the software with the only limitation being that the software may be used for development purposes only. Partners may not rent, lease, transfer, sell, assign, distribute or sublicense the development software, to any third party, or otherwise allow direct or indirect use of the software by any third party. Partner may not use the development software for Partner’s own internal general production use. Please see your signed partner agreement for complete details.

ISV's - Please contact Cheryl Townsend at (978) 287-1690 or email to order your software.

Note: If you already have the license for this software (or if it is listed on your signed partner agreement) you can simply download it from the Sybase Product Download Center. If you need an account for the SPDC please call (800) 879-2273 (option 3, 3). The SPDC accounts are separate from MySybase.

OEM's and iAnywhere Partners - Please contact your account manger. If you do not know your account manager contact the Partner Response Center.

System Integrators - Please contact

Developer Tools - Partner shall be entitled to a discount off of Sybase’s standard list price for Sybase development tools software products. (for example: PowerBuilder) Development tools must be separately ordered and contracted for, please contact your local account manager for assistance and more details.

Software for Resale

Corporate Resellers / Distributors - Please contact (978) 287-1947 for Sybase software and (519) 883-6426 for iAnywhere software. You can also get help with part numbers and resale authorization questions at these numbers.

VAR's & System Integrators - Sybase eShop is a one-stop resource for Sybase Systems Integrator and Value-Added Resellers. eShop automatically applies your partner discounts as you order products online. Visit If you see “Welcome eShop Partner” at the top center of the page, you are set up and ready to go. Be sure to establish your “Partner Setting” before ordering, according to the instructions on the eShop site. If you have any questions about ordering on eShop, or need


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