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Manitoba Family Services and Housing

"In child welfare, any solution absolutely has to work. The Linux version of Sybase ASE is safe and reliable with excellent performance. The cost savings on top of that are the icing on the cake."

Brian Konopski
Director of Information Technology
Manitoba Family Services and Housing

The Family Services and Housing agency of Manitoba—the Canadian province home to over one million residents living across a widely distributed rural area—needed a solution to manage child welfare case information via secure Internet connections. Using Sybase® technology, the agency dramatically improved case worker responsiveness while lowering its hardware costs and increasing performance.

Business Advantage

  • With its Sybase solution in place, Manitoba Family Services and Housing can focus on its mission of keeping children safe and helping Manitobans in need.

Key Benefits

  • Improves performance between 700 and 1,000 percent
  • Enables application availability across the province
  • Provides secure Internet service portal
  • Decreases upfront hardware costs and maintenance 

Sybase Technology


  • Public Sector

Providing Services to Outlying Areas
Manitoba's Child and Family Services Information System (CFSIS) is a mission-critical case management system for coordinating and delivering child welfare services in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Agency directors needed to restructure a data-rich client/server application. However, the mix of concentrated city population and thinly populated isolated areas required a solution that was also accessible in outlying areas with marginal connectivity. The system needed to securely carry confidential information over both high-speed and dial-up connections, and identifying an affordable, high-performance solution to replace its aging and increasingly expensive hardware was a tremendous challenge.

"Rock-solid Reliability"
With growing data, additional modules, aging hardware and increasing query times, CFSIS began looking at lower-cost hardware solutions to manage their data. Leveraging Sybase ASE's robust performance on Linux, CFSIS saw database performance improve by a factor of seven to 10 times during testing.

"Sybase ASE gives us rock-solid reliability," said Brian Konopski, information technology director for CFSIS. "ASE is one of the pieces of the infrastructure we don't have to worry about."

An n-tier architecture with a secure Internet services portal delivers a centralized child welfare application across the entire province. Migrating to Sybase ASE for Linux lowered hardware and maintenance costs and supplies an impressive database performance increase. Sybase Replication Server provides report generation and warm stand-by capabilities. The CFSIS and Intake applications were developed with Sybase PowerBuilder.

Keeping Children Safe and Helping Manitobans in Need
Sybase ASE for Linux cross-references and aggregates this growing mix of people, locations and documents into an easily accessed, unified view database, with 318 active tables and 1,200 stored procedures. Performance on Linux is unmatched, hardware expenses have been reduced and maintenance costs have been slashed.

"By moving to Linux we save enough on hardware and maintenance costs to pay for new back-end Intel hardware every 24 months in perpetuity," Konopski said.

The development team knows that these Sybase ASE records represent the well being of individual children, children of diverse cultural backgrounds and geographical locations. Manitoba Family Services and Housing can now focus on its mission: keeping children safe and helping Manitobans in need.

Konopski puts the accomplishments into perspective, "With a system like CFSIS, it is not about money. The work we do here is really about keeping children safe and helping Manitobans in need."


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