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First Citizens Bank

"Financial Fusion's Consumer Banking Solution gives us the potential to expand our system in just about any way we can imagine. More important, though, it's been very well received by our customers."

Jeff Ward
Retail Segment EVP
First Citizens Bank

First Citizens Bank, an $11 billion regional bank serving consumers and small- to mid-sized businesses, needed to revamp its online banking service when their existing platform became obsolete. Using Sybase technology, it built a robust Web-enabled service delivery system with room to grow.

Business Advantage

  • With its new internet banking system supported by Sybase, First Citizens' gained user-friendliness, the ability to customize the user interface, and integration with an existing security infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Increases user capacity by 100 percent
  • Improves system uptime by 30 percent
  • Reduces maintenance by 20 percent

Sybase Technology


  • Financial Services

A New Internet Banking System
Founded in 1898 and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, First Citizens Bank has nearly 350 branches. After its online services based on the Edify platform became obsolete, First Citizens needed to create a new Internet banking system to provide customers with enhanced access, added functionality and more dynamic personalized content, while reducing maintenance costs and providing multi-bank online capabilities.

Using Consumer Banking Solution, First Citizens Bank built a robust Web-enabled service delivery system with room to grow. Consumer e-Finance Suite integrates with existing applications and systems to provide seamless Internet customer access and online banking functionality. Financial Fusion Professional Services contributed greatly to the smooth implementation.

User-friendly, Customization and More
First Citizens wanted user-friendliness, the ability to customize the user interface, integration with the existing security infrastructure and a vendor with financial viability. To achieve this and more, First Citizens selected Sybase.

"We chose Sybase because we felt very confident that their solution would meet all of our criteria and would fit well with our security and networking infrastructure," said Jeff Ward, retail segment EVP at First Citizens Bank. "Sybase's ability to support third party content and to integrate with our back-end IBM systems and other third party applications was also key to our decision. Their use of Java provided the flexibility we wanted to grow, expand and enhance our online banking system over time."

He added, "Sybase brought a very impressive implementation team to the table, and their expertise gave us added confidence that this transition would be a success. The development and implementation processes went very well, and a lot of that had to do with the Sybase Professional Services team."

Investing in New Online Banking Services
The new online banking system delivered the required functionality and integration, as well as reduced First Citizens Bank's maintenance costs. Looking to the future, First Citizens Bank has the potential to expand its system in virtually any way imagined including rolling out additional online banking in other areas. More importantly, customers have received the solutions very well.


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