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This document lists the Change Requests (CR) for Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.3 ESD #1
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Targeted CR list for ASE 12.5.3 ESD #1

Bug ID Description
229958 CIS: setrowcount not correctly enforced on proxy table with ASE/ASA backends.
326289 New generic stored procedures added to installmaster. sp_autoformat is a generic procedure that can output a result set from a table auto-formatting character data. sp_exec_SQL is a wrapper procedure to execute a SQL statement via 'execute immediate' and handle errors in a single place.
350907 The error 8201 "Keep count of descriptor (objid=<value>, dbid=<value>) was expected to be 1. Instead 0 was found." may be reported in the error log in module 'des_rekeep' when the statement cache option is active. The module 'des_lwpdescreate' will also be reported in the stack trace. Alternatively the error 8203 "Expected to find the descriptor for object <value> in database <value> in DROP state." may be reported in module 'des__markdestroy'. The modules 'ssql__rmplans' and 'des_objdrop' will also be reported in the stack trace.
357841 Sql containing many updates to the same column in a sql update statement can cause many 264 error messages and even result in a segv or access violation.
358541 When a database is created with quoted_identifier enabled, and the name is specified with quotes, the quotes are stored in the catalog as part of the name. As a result, accessing the database requires the quoted_identifier setting and enclosing the database name in quotes. Changes have been made not to store the quotes or trailing blanks with the database name. The database can be accessed with or without quotes now. The new behaviour can be reverted using the Traceflag 113.
361286 A deadlock may be reported involving system catalogs such as 'sysobjects' and 'sysindexes' when a session is in the process of dropping a replicated user table, stored procedure or function.
361835 Improved the upgrade error messages to better describe the source of the failure.
362751 CIS: Querying a proxy table results in client receiving a "Command has been aborted" message when the remote server is not available. With this change, more meaningful error messages 11206 and/or 8013 will be reported in the event of a transaction failure caused by the remote server shutdown.
363041 The error 3626, "The transaction was aborted because it used too much stack space. Either use sp_configure to increase the stack size, or break the query into smaller pieces." may be reported when executing some some basic queries in 64 bits platforms, if the stack size is configured with the minimum value allowed. Likewise, upgrade to 12.5.x 64 bits version from older versions may fail if the stack size is configured to that minimum value.
363474 An internal change within the Job Scheduler as of the 12.5.2 GA release exposes a problem within the installjsdb script whereby, after upgrading from an earlier version of ASE with Job Scheduler installed, the 12.5.2 ASE uses an incorrectly formatted command to launch the Job Scheduler agent. This causes the Job Scheduler task to generate the message "current process infected with 11" together with a stack trace which includes the modules _doprnt, vsprintf, js__execute, js__chores, jobscheduler.
363844 CIS: SQL statements containing embedded convert function call with convert style number may not work correctly.
365796 CIS: Occasionally, the messages "uppushaffinity: kpid <id> affinity stack overflow", and "Attach external xact failed: astc_attach failed ", may be reported during frequent DTM transactions involving remote tables.
365827 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module ind_obj_seg_check() together with a stack trace which includes the module catcheck() will be reported in the errorlog if DBCC CHECKCATALOG finds an entry in sysindexes without a matching row in sysobjects.
368049 Fine-grain access control queries whose validation rule involves application context functions may return no result for parallel queries.
368068 A 3475 error may be seen following an 'ALTER DATABASE' for a database with mixed log and data having long running transactions suspended on the LCT.
368183 An attempt to disk init a raw device that is already in use by another server fails with an error "Device activation error. PHYSNAME '<device path>' may be incorrect" as expected, but zeroes out the page on the device that would have been the last page of the new device as described by the disk init. This results in data corruption.
368538 CIS: Occasionally, sub-optimal performance may result when a query is executed which includes a TSQL outer join with some remote tables
368712 If recovery attempts to recreate a user tempdb when the Model database has not been recovered, then when recovery bypasses that step with message 12544, "Not recovering temporary database ... ", it will print a unpredictable database ID instead of the database ID of the user tempdb whose recreation is to be bypassed.
368999 CIS: select aggregate from a view with CASE will cause signal 11.
369052 In cases where adjacent shared memory segments may not have ascending addresses, the message "process infected with 11" in the module 'buf__unhash_and_keep_grabbed_mass' may be reported on a server that uses a lot of memory (more than 1GB) some time after the creation (and possible destruction) of a buffer pool. In 12.5.1 and above, boot time recovery may automatically create (and later destroy) such a buffer pool. This completes the fix to CR 351965.
369254 Enable message "secleanup: time to live expired" to be configurable for sybmon dump.
369627 The stored procedure sp_logiosize may display strange characters following the database names.
370039 If a call to xp_cmdshell is coded within a sp_thresholdaction procedure, the parameters to xp_cmdshell will be truncated to 255 characters
370055 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ex_doprint' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'lddb_chkrolename' will be reported when loading a database that has a user or group that matches an existing role name.
370120 Simplified dynamic memory tracking and management for Job Scheduler Agent.
370530 Renormalization of stored procedures may consume too much stack space leading to stack overflow errors. Module name qremap__tree is printed in the errorlog. The problem is generic but is likely to happen more frequently on linux platform.
370533 A 12301 error, "Internal error: the index (id = <indid>) and the data for row (<pageid>, <rnum>) in table '<tablename>', database <dbid> are inconsistent; data is marked deleted but index is not. Aborting the transaction." may be reported while running a lot of concurrent DMLs on a DATA_ONLY locked table having one or more indices.
370711 Query with a builtin function which takes as the argument user name may fail to return correct result if the statement cache option is turned on and the parameter passed to to the builtin is host variable.
370760 Select into or Insert select with text/image columns and order by may stacktrace, if the source table is a proxy_table and remote server is a direct_connect.
371136 DBCC CHECKTABLE may fail to report error 2510: "Key mismatch between index page <index pno>, at offset <indoffset> and data page <data pno> (row ID <rnum>) in database '<dbname>'. Drop and re-create index id <indid> of table '<tabname>'" and abort silently.
371162 SQL Advantage 12.5.1 has significant performance degradation versus 11.5
371302 A 2511 error, "Keys of index id <indid> for table '<tabname>' in data page not in correct order. Drop and re-create the index.(index page <pgid>)" may be reported by DBCC CHECKTABLE after doing an UPDATE to an ALLPAGES_LOCKED table having a clustered index with a one or more descending key columns.
371323 CIS: When a proxy table is updated via ct_dynamic in a client application, error 7732 may occur indicating that the cursor is READONLY. With this change, remote tables may need to be created with a unique index for table scans on updatable cursor.
371687 Error 3475 may be raised if sessions currenlty suspended on the LCT of a mixed log and data database are interrupted. DBCC checkalloc may raise multiple 12909 errors : "Table with object id=0 (name = 0) inconsistent after Large Scale Allocation. 8 pages in extent <XXX> were found reserved."
371907 Quickly repeated requests to abort or stop and then restart the Job Scheduler task leads to a variety of problems related to communication between the ASE Job Scheduler task and its agent. Symptoms include a Job Scheduler hang (no response), ct lib connection failures (as noted in the Job Scheduler agent log file), the Job Scheduler task error 'spurious states from jsagent', and log messages indicating a failure to receive a communication buffer from either the Job Scheduler task or agent.
371920 Sybase Central ASE Plug-in generates a DDLBaseException stacktrace with the following error code, when trying to generate the DDL on a Unique Constraint object: "DGP1 The Object type is invalid null.".
372191 Add diagnostics to capture CSMD for sddone "not within virtual disk range" errors
372324 In multiprocessor Windows systems with a high rate of process login and logout, ASE encounters a timeslice error in routine ks_closeall
372422 A 702 error, "Memory request for <number_of_bytes> bytes exceeds the size of single page of 16384 bytes." may be raised together with a stack trace reported in the error log which includes the modules 'pll_exec', 'copy__constant' and 'memalloc' when executing a query statement that uses the CONVERT() function for converting to TEXT (or IMAGE) datatype and the query is executed in parallel.
372465 A stored procedure will not be found and the error 2812 will be raised if the procedure name is stored in a variable enclosed in squared brackets, prefixed with the database name and executed from a different database.
373027 12323 errors: "Internal error occured during rebuild of index id %d of table '<tabname>'..." together with 2628 errors: "In database '<dbname>', page <pageno1> is linked forward to page <pageno2>, but that page is linked backward to page <pageno3> ..." may be encountered while running concurrent REORG REBUILD <tabname> <indexname> on the same index together with DMLs on a data-only locked table.
373649 When the error 1514 is raised in 64 bits platforms, the text "Message too long. Length = 546." will be printed instead of the actual error message.
373722 If the recompilation of an ad-hoc DML command is detected, error 540 "Schema for table '<value>' has changed since compilation of this query. Please re-execute query." may be followed by a segmentation violation in module abortcmd() with a stack trace reported in the error log.
374269 CIS: A 12974 error, "engine <number> has outstanding ct-lib/java connections and cannot be offlined", may occasionally be reported even without any active/pending CIS connections when sp_engine "offline" is used to offline an engine.
374286 A 703, state 2 error, "You cannot run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch because it requires more than 24480 pages of memory" may be reported during CREATE INDEX on a large table with the 12.5.3 server.
374297 On Linux RHAS2.1 and RHEL3.0, the Job Scheduler agent repeatedly crashes, leaving core files due to SEGV and BUS errors.
374352 Large Memory feature will be disabled when used in conjuntion with Posix aio.
374710 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'set_cast' may be reported in the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_renormalize' and 'execrpc' (or 'exectrig') when a stored procedure was executed as an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) (or by a trigger) and had to be renormalized because, for example, one of the underlying objects referenced was dropped and recreated.
374733 A 12328 error, "The calculated row offset <offset> of an index key on page <page> ... is out of bounds" together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'srchpage' and 'srchindex' may be reported in the errorlog of an server with a 8 Kb or 16 Kb page size during a SELECT using an index which includes variable length columns.
374775 When an index creation that is run in parallel mode as opposed to serial gets interrupted by the end-user, a segmentation violation may be hit in module 'sortclean' with a stack trace in the error log. The modules 'cri_physbuild', 'sort' and 'sam_gen_distmap' will also be reported.
374953 The message "infected with 11 in oh_init()" together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'oh_init', 'yyparse' and 'sqlpars' is written to the errorlog when executing an INSERT or UPDATE statement and supplying large amounts of text for a column of type text.
375576 When the configuration file is backed up after any configuration options is changed, the name of the previous file is truncated to the first 3 characters of the actual file name.
375669 ASE installer does not log correct version string of ASE being installed through InstallShield in %SYBASE%\log.txt file.
376291 When incorrect keywords (MESSAGE PROPERTY, OPTION, etc) are passed to messaging builtins (msgsend(), msgrecv(), etc) The following error is reported Incorrect syntax near 'Invalid pointer param number 2, pointer value 0x10'.
376344 ASE panic stacktrace in ksfreesocket after sp_listener operation
376755 RTMS feature is supported on hppa64 platform as of ASE 12.5.3, however installmsgsvss script is not included in ASE 12.5.3 release. Also, instructions for post installation tasks on hppa64 platform for RTMS is missing in ASE 12.5.3 Coverletter.
377058 Install 3rd party source files used by ASE under $SYBASE/ASE-12_5/ThirdPartyLegal on Linux.


Last Revised: Feb 23, 2005
Product: Adaptive Server Enterprise
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