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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.4

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug IDDescription
123457 1.sso_role is not able to perform all the activities of a sa_role in the 3 stored procedures.(sp_addremotelogin,sp_dropremotelogin,sp_modifylogin) 2.The error message printed due to an absense of appropiate role is also ambiguous.
142181 Changing srvnetname entry in sysservers for the XP Server has no effect. ASE Ignores srvnetname when launching the XP server and always defaults to < servername > _XP (uppercase).
169417 A 696 error "An attempt was made to fetch logical page ... Restart of SQL Server will clear the error ..." may be raised when using char_length() built-in function on TEXT/IMAGE columns from within a TRIGGER.
194175 The message "Index ' < value > ' specified as optimizer hint in the FROM clause of table ' < value > ' does not exist. Optimizer will choose another index instead." may be reported when executing a stored procedure with SELECT force index.
241421 When doing aggregation on a bit column and no rows qualify, the result is a random number instead of a 0.
261081 Sybase counters do not appear in Windows Performance Monitor if running in a terminal server session
269672 Improvement to Historical Server command line processing.
270065 When an index is created in parallel using the CREATE INDEX command together with the option "with statistics using 0 values", new distribution/histogram statistics of default steps will be written/overwritten to the system catalog.
273300 When one session executes stored procedure opening a cursor the second session may perform a drop of an index used by open cursor statement. As a result the execution of the stored procedure by the first session fails with the error 8419: "Could not find index descriptor for objid ..., indid ... in dbid ...." This is incorrect because the stored procedure should detect schema change caused by index drop and perform the recompilation.
277525 ASE will allow modulo arithmetic on floating point and numeric values.
294137 Configuring default network packet size greater than 65535 can cause TDS protocol connections.
300579 There are limited password complexity checks when a new password is specified or a password is changed. The password expiration warning interval is not configurable. A new login created is allowed to operate with the created password.
318756 Under certain unusual load conditions, it is possible for 2 or more CPU bound tasks to block other tasks at the same priority for an unacceptably long time
319671 The error 8204 is raised when an invalid system table id ( < 100) is passed to the built-in function object_name().
320421 The message "CT-LIBRARY error: ct_results(): protocol specific layer: external error: There is a tds protocol error. An invalid datatype was received." is raised when executing a SELECT on a view containing a UNION clause with SELECT's having a NULL, like SELECT col=NULL, on each side of the UNION.
325693 ODBC types are incorrect for unichar, univarchar when SQLColumns is called. This trnaslates to sp_columns, and the types are defined incorrectly in spt_datatype_info.
331477 The message "current process infected with 11 in ns__exec_stmt" is printed in the errorlog together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'call_ns_exec', 'ns_execute' and 'ns__exec_stmt' when using internal JDBC with the CallableStatement.setNull() methode passing in a java.sql.Types.INTEGER datatype as second param.
336265 SQL text capture may be turned off in the ASE when the Monitor Server terminates. This will cause collection of data for the monProcessSQLText and monSysSQLText MDA tables to stop.
346066 The error 2601, 'Attempt to insert duplicate key' or 1205, '...encountered a deadlock situation. ...' can be raised when the stored procedure sp_addlogin is executed concurrently from different sessions.
348971 When the SELECT * is expanded while storing the text of a stored procedure, identifiers consisting of multiple parts will be stored in syscomments using bracketed identifiers. For example a columnname like < colname_part1 part2 > is stored like [colname_part1 part2]. The same will happen for table-names consisting of multiple parts.
349480 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'oj_syboj_markojonclause' may be reported in the error log when executing a SELECT with invalid cyclic outerjoin.
351981 CIS: When UPDATE STATISTICS with sampling is issued against a proxy table, an incorrect message 2727, "Cannot find index ' '" is raised.
353066 The fix for CR 274800 and CR 287252 was incomplete. As a result an isolation level 0 query involving TEXT/IMAGE data, could hang or fail with the message 'illegal TDS token received'.
353309 When a new remote server is added with sp_addserver, it will be created with the status field set to 'no timeouts' as this can help RPC performance in some circumstances. Existing remote servers in the sysservers table will not be changed.
357220 Query using a view with big number of aggregates may be executed slowly if more than one worktable is necessary to resolve aggregates from the view.
357895 ASE running on the Windows Server 2003 platform does not produce correct stacktrace if ASE executable sqlsrvr.exe is not found in the current working directory.
358880 error "Logical page nnn is not in the given database map." might be returned if the load target database uses more than one database device and the dump file is created by backupserver which is started with -m option and/or BLOCKSIZE option of DUMP command.
363392 Performance Improvements in DDLGen for Users, Groups and Roles. Calls to sp_helprotect have been removed which were the bottleneck in performance.
363894 Backupserver API compression module (with the syntax "compress:: < compression-level > ::" allows user to specify the same file name for multiple stripes. The resulting dump is not loadable. The new native compression syntax in 12.5.2 (the "with compression = " clause) and higher does not have this problem.
365499 sp_dbcc_summaryreport displays milliseconds in the end time but not in the start time
365822 Occasionally, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'omni_adjust_eops' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'omni_opt_select' and 'omni_code_gen_estep' may be reported in the error log if there is an invalid subtraction between two DATETIME columns with some subqueries involved
366692 Feature request to have dbcc tune(cpuaffinity) command report failure rather than silently fail on platforms that don't support affinity.
367029 A user who gets locked out of ASE due to failed logins will not get 'maximum failed logins' times to relogin after the account has been unlocked.
367505 CIS: INSERT into a proxy table with SMALLMONEY datatype mapped to a ASIQ backend and quickpass disabled might result in ASIQ conversion error -157.
367546 Change scoping of local variables so that the execute immediate statement could access local variables defined by the caller of the execute immediate.
369088 Referential integrity and encryption may not apply to the same column.
369417 1 > In stored procedure 'modifylogin' , a new value 'kerberos' for option 'authenticate with', is added. A user can specify authentication mechanism as 'kerberos' as follows, sp_modifylogin 'user1', 'authenticate with','KERBEROS' 2 > a user can get authenticated against specified mechanism, even if configuration options 'use security services','unified login required' are set to 1.
369457 CIS: Executing sp_addlogin command may result in Msg 102 error when a user-defined role with password has been activated.
369493 Message 2843, "The dynamic statement '* < name > ' could not be found. This may be due to insufficient metadata descriptors for the number of tables and procedures in use by Adaptive Server. Configure the serverwide 'number of open objects' parameter to accommodate more objects." is raised when a procedure is executed using a name like "* < name > ".
370073 CIS: Query hangs or runs poorly with join against proxy table column. Costing for certain join order might have been underestimated.
370295 CIS: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM an EXTERNAL FILE without any search arguments gives timeslice errors for large files.
370369 A CREATE TABLE statement using a constant MS in the DEFAULT clause for a column succeeds without raising the expected message "Msg. 128, The name 'MS' is illegal in this context. Only constants, constant expressions, or variables allowed here. Column names are illegal.".
372527 The syslogins status bit 0x1 is not set for short passwords.
372719 New feature request to enable the definition of a global login trigger to be executed by every user at login time, before the personal login script is fired. It can be defined using the stored procedure sp_modifylogin with a NULL login name and the option 'login script' or by calling the new procedure sp_logintrigger directly.
374596 Error message reported by sp_audit stored procedure corrected to read ' < loginname > ' is not a valid login name.
374984 An unexpected 208 error, " < object > not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to check whether the object exists (sp_help may produce lots of output)" maybe be raised when executing a stored procedure that creates inside that object and it has been executed and recompiled concurrently by several sessions. Under the same circumstances sometimes a 3703 error is reported following by one or several 216 errors and resulting in the termination of the session executing that stored procedure.
375706 A user account set to use LDAP authentication exclusively using 'sp_modifylogin loginname, "authenticate with", LDAP' fails over to ASE syslogins authentication when "enable ldap user auth" = 1 and either the password is wrong, or the LDAP server is unavailable.
375795 When dropping a role, any external login mappings it might have, are left orphan in sysattributes.
375984 Query assigning local variable may return incorrect result if the same local variable is used in the constant expression being a part of OR clause. An example of such statement would be : select @var = value from tab where (@var is NULL and col = value ) OR (expression)
376303 sp_monitorconfig 'permission cache entries' reports an active value greater than the configured value on the system. This misreporting occurs even on single engine cases without runtime re-configuration of permission cache entries.
376482 The stored procedure sp_tables does not show any user table but those owned by DBO if the executor has SA role but it is not the SA user.
376777 Add MIT Kerberos support on IBMAIX64 platform.
377211 LDAP User Authentication feature is ported to AIX 64bit platform.
377307 Update ASE Plug-in to Sybase Central 4.3 and to co-exist with other Sybase Central Plug-ins under Sybase Central 4.3.
377386 MIT Kerberos support is added for PA-RISC HPUX64.
377473 There are 3 issues with the conments list below: 1. The comment at the beginning of sp_helptext is wrong. It states that 18406 is a problem with "allow select on syscomments.text". However, 18406 is raise when sp_hidetext was run for the object NOT when "allow select on syscomments.text" is set to 0. Note that the quoted text is also incorrect; there is no "allow" in the configuration argument. 2. There is a next comment: /* ** If the configuration parameter 'allow select on syscomments.text' is set to ** 0, then the user can use sp_helptext ONLY in the following cases ** ** 1. if the user has sa_role ** 2. if the object is a system stored procedure ** 3. if the object is owned by the user ** */ It should include dbo as well because dbo or dbo alias could also run sp_helptext. 3. The text for error 18180 says: "Configuration Parameter 'allow select on syscomments.text' is set to 0. Only the object owner or user with sa_role can run sp_helptext on this object." Again there should be no "allow" in the parameter name and the message should includde dbo as well.
377625 Message 141, 'A SELECT statement that assigns a value to a variable must not be combined with data-retrieval operations.' is raised when the result of derived table expression is assigned to a local variable. With fix the behavior is changed and it's now allowed to do so.
377803 In rare circumstances, a 9539 error, "Insufficient amount of memory per worker process to execute this parallel query. Increase the value of the configuration parameter 'memory per worker process'." may be reported in a server with a low number of worker processes and a high number of user connections.
378029 The status bit 0x0001 in syslogins was set when users had short or null passwords, but the bit is no longer used. The internal upgrade process will reset it..
378099 The sp_helprotect stored procedure does not display DELETE STATISTICS when this command is granted.
378481 When UPDATE STATISTICS is run on a proxy table that has more than 1 index and the remote statistics is not available, error message 11290 “Distribution statistics for column ' < column name > ' in index ' < index name > ' is unavailable or incomplete in the remote server.” shows incorrect < index name > against the < column name > .
378518 CIS: When a table is marked for replication with sp_setreptable, updating the table with proxy text data results in Msg 605 error.
378915 Add IPv6 support for ASE on Windows 2003 and HP-UX 11i.
379200 The error (warning) message 11290 "Distribution statistics for column ' < column name > ' in index ' < index name > ' is unavailable or incomplete in the remote server. UPDATE STATISTICS will not run in import mode." is displayed if UPDATE STATISTICS on proxy table detects no entries in the remote systems statistics catalogs. This warning message will no longer be displayed.
379715 Built-in audit_event_name() returns a non-NULL string for supported audit events only and returns NULL for unsupported events.
380122 A query assigning and using the same variable in the qualification may fail with errors or produce incorrect result.
381526 ASE may not be able to boot against a configuration file on HP and RS6000 platforms due to number of file descriptor issues, even if the configuration file contains low values for the number of user connections and the number of devices. ASE boot failure reports in errorlog "Verification failed for parameter 'number of user connections'".
381815 Remove the limit of 1024 elements in the IN() clause.
381820 The message "current process (0x1c001c) infected with 11" together with a stacktrace involving module "compare_value" may be seen when a range query involves NULL date, time or bit values.
382284 New feature: support added in migration tool to allow encrypted column migration.
382355 Improve housekeeper garbage collection rate for index pages under aggressive GC option.
382522 When UPDATE STATISTICS is run on proxy table that maps to a remote view, the command fails with some diagnostic errors in the ASE error log file.
382645 An error "Incorrect syntax near ')'." is reported with sp_helpdb if wildcards are used and a single match is returned.
382892 A new column RowsAffected has been added to monSysStatement and monProcessStatement indicating the number of rows affected by the completed statement and by the currently running statement, respectively. For monSysStatement, this columns corresponds to the value of @@rowcount after the statement's execution.
383083 A transaction will be incorrectly rolled back when rolling back to a save point that follows a save point to which a rollback has already been performed.
383660 A Schedule's Between time option is not being saved when selected.
383744 Space allocation is not optimal when inserting rows into an APL table having a clustered index and if the conditions are such that this table can hold 256 rows per page.
383950 Maintain high-water mark for monSysStatement.MemUsageKB to reflect the max. amount of procedure cache memory allocated by each individual statement.
384216 UPDATE STATISTICS on proxy table may fail with error 10353 "You must have the following role(s) to execute this command/procedure: 'sa_role'".
384731 Command text auditing was erroneously capturing the SQL text of stored procedures during upgrade.
384752 A 694 error, "An attempt was made to read logical page ... The page was not read successfully. You may have a device problem or an operating system problem", may be erroneously reported in cases where prefetch of pages is done on a server that has many concurrent I/Os that are active.
385017 In rare circumstances, ASE running on HP-UX, the message current process infected with 11 may be reported when dbcc printolog() is executed.
386447 srvbuild fails to build ASE if the master device size configuration is set to more than 2GB
386769 A new column ErrorStatus has been added to monSysStatement, indicating the error status upon completion of statement execution.
387753 If the debug version of ASE is booted with the trace flag 722, the server performs additional checks on the heap memory to detect possible memory corruption.
388074 Under stress conditions, ASE running on HP-UX, the message 'current process infected with 11' together with a stack trace which include the module 'addCharArrays' may be reported in the error log when the client is using SSL.
388281 On Mac OS X platform, error, "Volume validation error: illegal volume change, device < device name > : volume mounted out of order, expected volume 0001, got volume 16777216.", is reported by Backup Server when running load database with a dump file that was generated on little-endian platform.
388560 Move binaries under shared/lib folder to ASEP/lib folder. Remove About ASE Plugin Dialog as the same information is displayed in ASE Plugin properties.
388766 PERMISSIONS Exec (@sql_text) inside store procedure not working
389287 Encryption key names are limited to 29 characters, whereas other identifiers in ASE (stored procedure names, table names, etc) can be upto 30 characters in length.
389336 The command LOAD with the option WITH HEADERONLY does not display disk fragments information
389537 UPDATE STATISTICS on proxy table that contains numeric or decimal datatytpes may fail with Error Message 11291, Level 11, State 3: “Histogram(step) statistics for colidarray < hex colidarray > is unavailable or incomplete in the remote server.” together with diagnostic error in ASE errorlog stating “Query in fetch_histogram() has error in fetched col = (varbinary column). Expect datum length ...”.
389791 In rare circumstances, error 100024 (as reported by dbcc checkstorage) may remain unfixed by either dbcc checalloc or dbcc tablealloc with fix option.
389952 ASE may experience a hang under heavy disk i/o conditions due to lost delayed I/O requests.
390179 Unregister of ASEP will remove its icon from Sybase Central frame.
390212 User will see English Help if Help contents is missing from Localized help but included in English help.
390371 select into encrypt is NOT failing with error 11776 when identity columns are encrypted.
390522 Auditinit support on Linix on EMT64/AMD64 platform.
390632 Message "getMsg: failure during argument substitution for message code %1" is printed to stderr when srvbuild[res] or sqlupgrade[res] failed to install installmaster.
391080 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'pre_alttab' may be reported in the error log when executing the 'ALTER TABLE' command for a table having an 'auto identity' column and if the command needs a data copy. This may happen if the session level 'quoted_identifier' option is on or if the table name length is greater than 28 characters.
391255 The datepart function gives incorrect results for TIME NULL values.
391298 TIBCO JMS libraries are now dynmically loaded rather than statically linked into the ASE executable. The user must include the correct DLL path(s) in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or equivalent.
391364 LDAP allows users to get authenticated and there are check_login inconsistencies when set_access_acct is invalid and anonymous binds are turned off in the LDAP server.
392008 Enhance DBCC CHECKTABLE to give a better estimate of table fragmentation for DATA_ONLY_LOCKED tables.
392110 On the Windows platform, when ASE is blocked while sending results to an SSL client, the process can now be terminated using the kill command.
392181 'Invalid pointer param number' message is appended to Error Msg 10331, when 'create proc' is run by a login with insufficient permissions, on an IBM AIX 64 bit ASE FBO dataserver.
392419 The previous restriction on IDENTITY columns created by the select/into statement, which limited the datatype to NUMERIC, has been lifted. With this change, identity columns may be of type numeric, int, smallint or tinyint. All other aspects of managing the identity value remain the same as in previous releases. New syntax allowed: select columnname=IDENTITY(int|smallint|tinyint|integer) ... into tablename... Previous behavior, which created a new NUMERIC column with specified precision, remains unchanged.
392463 syconfig.exe or sybatch.exe creates "%SYBASE%\data\sybsysdb.dat" device during the ASE upgrade.
392544 sp_helprotect does not show privileges related to encryption keys.
392691 Revoke Decrypt does not get called for group and user objects when revoke (a cross sign) is selected on permission tab. Correct that in this CR.
393089 Under command line trace flag 1138, implement mechanism to reduce fragmentation of DATA_ONLY_LOCKED tables.
393125 The error 17230,"Server '%s', Procedure 'sp_optimal_text_space', Line 103: You must be the System Administrator (SA) or the Database Owner (dbo) to execute this procedure." will be incorrectly raised if the user is an alias to the DBO.
393211 Some of the memory data items in monitor client library (e.g. SMC_NAME_MEM_CODE_SIZE, SMC_NAME_MEM_KERNEL_STRUCT_SIZE) always return a zero value.
393502 Highlight text foreground color forced to be white color.
393740 The stored procedure sp_help when used on an encryption key displays a blank name, owner and object type information.
394341 Typo in an informational message when running Sybmigrate. "Migrate database data is not allow because migrate server data wasn't selected during the setup session." Should be 'allowed' instead of 'allow'
395523 The command 'sp_encryption system_encr_passwd, null' fails with a message 'Message number 19339, passed to RAISERROR, does not exist in the sysmessages catalog.'
395745 sp_encryption 'remove_catalog' fails to give an error when it finds a column encrypted by a given key in the same database. It removes the sysencryptkeys system table in preparation for downgrade without adequate checking.
395749 Using bcp OUT of a view using the -C option on bcp will fail if the view uses an encrypted column in the where clause.
396509 An INSERT-SELECT statement can corrupt the inserted rows in the target table when the target table is a Data Only Locked table and the SELECT contains a UNION ALL first, followed by one or more UNION statements grouped together using ().
397260 The config numbers for 'max online Q engines' and 'number of Q engines at startup' are not correct. They should be 447 and 448 instead of 443 and 444.
397342 Flush all data to the Sybmon log file whenver the 'log off' command is executed.
397535 When exec_procedure auditing is enabled for system stored procedures sp_encryption and sp_ssladmin, the password parameters are visible in the audit trail.
397665 ASE incorrectly allows identifiers that start with a pound sign (#) to be used as column names. All column-names defined in a CREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEW statement and in the column-list of a derived table expression are now checked against the rules for valid identifiers as stated in the standard documentation.
397873 Enable Java support on Solaris x64 (opteron) platform.
398212 If Adaptive Server is unable to find an encryption key when it is processing an encrypted column, an unhelpful error message (15424) is raised. This scenario can occur if, for example, the database containing the key has been taken offline.
399057 Feature request to support a secondary server in the case of DN lookup URL
399125 DBCC USEDEXTENTS has been enhanced to also report extent allocations on device fragments which do not reference any segments.
400253 After the preupgrade test in sqlupgrade, if you click the "Go Back" button, it takes you to the "sqlupgrade - Specify sybsystemprocs device" screen, instead of the options screen.
400361 sqlupgrade and sqlupgraderes report "Adaptive Server failed to restart" if one or more databases fail to recover.
400447 A query with ORDER BY clause which assigns local variable from the view which has UNION ALL statement may fail to execute correctly. Stack trace may be logged in the errorlog file. Following modules may be reported in the stack trace: execute(), exec_eop(), run().
400664 New built-in function pssinfo( < spid > , ' < pss field > ') that returns several fields of the process structure.
400751 When exec_procedure auditing is enabled for system stored procedures sp_companion and sp_config_rep_agent, the password parameters are visible in the audit trail.
401238 The Job Scheduler task may die unexpectedly if it is unable to handle an exception raised by Adaptive Server Enterprise. A message like "- > JS: js__execute; run [CHECK WAKEUP]" together with module name such as "terminate_process(), close_network() ... jobscheduler()" may be seen in the errorlog.
401382 sp_helprotect was not showing the 'Decrypt' permissions that were granted.
401385 Error when executing trigger after an alter table .. decrypt a column. Misleading error when altering a column that belonged to a clustered/placement index
401843 Assertion failure in Monitor Client library (SYDateTimeValue::init ())when client application uses cs_ctx_global() without CS_VERSION_110.
401954 New feature request to set a maximum wait time limit to SHUTDOWN. The new syntax is SHUTDOWN [WITH WAIT [ = "xx:xx:xx" ] | WITH NOWAIT ]
402353 If a SQL update statement uses an assignment of an encrypted column into a T/SQL local variable or parameter (@variable), Adaptive Server may return Msg 15445: "The datatype of the ciphertext data (NUMERIC) is incorrect for column ''."
402733 ALTER TABLE DROP command with more than 9 text columns fails with signal 11 in oh_insert.
402855 A SELECT INTO using the the identity() function generates zeros for some rows when using a derived table based on a UNION ALL or a view containing a UNION ALL.
403129 The message 4408, "The query and the views in it exceed the limit of 50 tables." is raised with severity 19. This severity is too high and should be 16.
403384 The sqlupgrade utility may initiate the upgrade process for the server before all databases in the server have completed recovery.
403600 On HP-UX Itanium platform, the stacktrace in case of a crash doesn't include all the frames and may also report wrong function names even though we have the correct instruction pointer.
403638 The warning message 9827 reading "Control page < PageNumber > upgrade for partition number < PartitionNumber > for object ID < ObjectId > in database < DatabaseName > may not have been done correctly ..." may wrongly be reported under the previous object section for DBCC checkalloc.
403831 Msg 12802, "Invalid partition number < number > . Valid partition number is a positive integer." is raised when the UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS command is executed. The partition number is omitted but instead the WITH SAMPLING < number > clause is used.
404738 Unexpected truncated data maybe inserted into a table when the INSERT or UPDATE statement is executed inside a stored procedure and a change in the underlying tables used by the stored procedure caused more than one internal renormalizations.
405510 Permissions for operations (decrypt, create/alter/drop encryption key) did not display properly in ASE Plugin.
405514 A cursor declared on a select statement with a where clause that searches an encrypted column using a literal value may fail to find qualifying rows. The failure occurs if the column being searched is encrypted by a key created with init_vector NULL.
406005 Downgrade from 1253a and then running sp_bindrule, sp_bindefault, etc causes stack trace because of the extra columns added in syscolumns for encrypted columns.
406068 Encrypted columns of type CHAR, VARCHAR, BINARY and VARBINARY that are specified as nullable fail to decrypt using ALTER TABLE .. MODIFY .. DECRYPT.
406143 Using External File Support (XFS) to read from a file larger than 2GB that has been mapped to a proxy table can result in errors (for example, "Failed to seek to offset -NNNNNNNNNN").
406276 System stored procedures like sp_tables and sp_stored_procedures do not allocate sufficient space for the input paramater @table_name.
406929 The error or warning messages do not display when enable/disable an existing invalid trigger name on a table.
407460 SSL5 feature is supported on hpia64 platform for ASE 12.5.4
407920 When multiple sessions, at least one of which is a cursor scan, are doing DMLs within transactions, inconsistent results may sometimes be obtained, with serializable inserts not blocking even though a serializable cursor scan may be active in that range of keys.
408446 SSL5 feature is supported on RedHat Linux Opteron 64bit platform for ASE 12.5.3
409285 1) There are limited password complexity checks when a new password is specified or a password is changed.
410036 EFTS: txtsvr crashes/creates_core when memory usage reaches 264-220 meg on AIX only.
414943 An 16130, SVRLIB error, "Procedure < procedure name > expects parameter < @parameter_name > , which was not supplied" maybe be reported by an Open Server application when Adaptive Server is executing the procedure as a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) requested by a client application and the value for the parameter was sent by the application as a NULL value.
415238 An INSERT based on a SELECT using a derived table expression in the FROM clause and an ORDER BY clause can generate wrong results. Only the rows from the first UNION ALL side in the derived table expression will be inserted.
415304 pre-15 XML schema with a "length" attribute instead of a "maxLength" attribute
415386 While an ASE reserved connection is in use, ASE cpu usage may be seen to rise to 100%
415924 Stack trace containing function encr_getinfo() may occur while updating tables with encrypted columns and referential integrity.
416044 When there are many transactions to be redone or undone, a timeslice error may be reported during the recovery of a database.
416618 Improve HPIA64 stack printing capability by including argument list.
416622 Modified schedule is not saved when the repeating interval value is not explicitly selected by user in Schedule Properties window.
416629 Change to scheduled job owner from properties window is not saved.
417317 INSERT query with UNION ALL may incorrectly insert too many rows if the target table is also used as the source table in one of the union sides.
417442 If ASE is set to start automatically as a service under Windows, and the ASE license is expired, Windows startup may be seriously delayed
417717 The message "infected with 11 in ssql_reparse together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_reinstall_lwp_tree', 's_getTreeOrPlan' and 'exec_proc' is written to the errorlog when executing a stored procedure with a name which starts with '*' using the execute immediate feature.
418011 Error 852 "Command Failed: Invalid request to move ' < num > ' buffers from the ' < poolsize > 'K pool of the ' < cachename > ' cache to the ' < poolsize > 'K pool. Source pool only contains '%ld' buffers. Retry the command specifying fewer buffers.", when raised,shows incorrect/garbled parameters.
418096 Update the Meta Data stored procedures used by ODBC, OLE DB and jConnect drivers with upto date fixes. Following issues addressed: jConnect: System stored procedures like sp_tables and sp_stored_procedures do not allocate sufficient space for the input paramater @table_name. [CR 406276] jConnect: DatabaseMetaData.geProcedures() does not return procedures owned by non-sa_role users if the current login holds sa_role prileges. [CR 394097] jConnect: Request to support Savepoint feature as described in the JDBC 3.0 specifications. [CR 350092] ODBC Driver by Sybase: Installing the Driver Meta Data SQL scripts will leave the Adaptive Server with 'allow updates' enabled. [CR 406722] ODBC Driver by Sybase: System stored procedures like sp_tables and sp_stored_procedures do not allocate sufficient space for the input paramater @table_name. [CR 406276] OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Installing the Driver Meta Data SQL scripts will leave the Adaptive Server with 'allow updates' enabled. [CR 406722] OLE DB Provider by Sybase: System stored procedures like sp_tables and sp_stored_procedures do not allocate sufficient space for the input paramater @table_name. [CR 406276]
418409 Syconfig encounters an error when it attempts to increase the size of the sybsystemdb database on servers with a 16k page size. It alters the database with a value that is smaller than the minimum.
418459 While executing the jobs having job command text > 1800 characters, the jobs may not get executed and even jsagent process and Job Scheduler task in ASE may terminate. As a result of Job Scheduler task terminating, messages such as "Job Scheduler Task set to stop", "Job Scheduler Task was not stopped by a Task shutdown request" etc. appear in the errorlog file.
418815 WSDL files generated by the Perl SOAP-Lite toolkit fails to be processed correctly by ASE Web Services Consumer. The consumer.log file would contain two log messages similar to: INFO [Thread-1] - Begin parsing WSDL File: [ < URL for WSDL file > ] ERROR [Thread-1] -
418930 to solve the issue which the buffer manager cannot provide any more buffers when documents with large no. of namespace prefixes.
419279 Disable collection of data for the monOpenObjectActivity MDA table if a process encounters a stack overflow condition.
419509 RepAgent gives error 9209: RepAgent(8): Missing datarow in TEXT/IMAGE insert log record. Transaction log may be corrupt. when TEXT/IMAGE is inserted from XFS proxy table.
419753 A connection that uses encrypted passwords retains a lock on syslogins while waiting for the client application to send the password causing concurrency problems.
419846 After an INSERT_SELECT into a table with encrypted columns from a UNION of SELECT statements, a subsequent SELECT on the target table will generate the error, "Msg 15413, Level 18, State 5, An internal error occurred during an encryption operation (errorcode -1). Please contact Sybase Technical Support".
420011 On servers supporting encrypted columns, report mode (only) in sybmigrate gives error "Internal Error: 'Encryption Key' is not a valid migration task type" when executed in non-gui mode and 'encryption_key_migrate_list= < ALL_OBJECTS > ' is specified in the resource file
420146 If during a cursor FETCH a severe error such as runtime conversion error (overflow, divide by zero, format error, etc.) OR subquery error like 512 OR a deadlock is hit, then a subsequent cursor FETCH may fail with error 803 resulting in the session being killed with a stack trace reported in the error log showing modules 'curs_fetch' and 'bufkeep'. With this fix, the default behaviour is to end the cursor scan. However, if Adaptive Server is started with the 589 trace flag, then the cursor is implicitly closed instead.
420453 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'bufdlink' together with a stack trace that includes 'bufpindirty' may be reported in the error log when running DBCC CHECKALLOC on a database that has tables and/or indexes that are bound to a cache other than the 'default data cache' and the configuration parameter 'number of large I/O buffers' is too small.
420853 318 or 2601 error might be returned during ONLINE DATABASE after LOAD DATABASE across platform where endian type is different, if UPDATE [INDEX|ALL] STATISTICS command was executed on sysstatistics, sysusers or other system table before the DUMP DATABASE.
421076 After a SELECT-INTO, where encryption is specified on the target table and where the data is generated from a UNION of SELECT statements, a subsequent SELLECT of the data in the target table will generate the error, "Msg 154133, Level 18, State 5, An internal error occurred during an encryption operation (errorcode -1). Please contact Sybase Technical Support".
421374 Adaptive Server Enterprise erroneously reports that license usage is in overdraft when an uncounted license is served from a License Server.
421573 Update the installmaster script to address the following issues: jConnect: The column names used to describe ResultSet MetaData do not conform to the JDBC specifications. [CR 419579] sqlupgrade: Errors encountered when installing system stored procedures in Japanese environment. [CR 418053] jConnect: Request to support getDatabaseMajorVersion(), getDatabaseMinorVersion(), getJDBCMajorVersion() and getJDBCMinorVersion() functions on the DatabaseMetaData class. [CR 416759]
422003 A SELECT statement using a LIKE clause with NULL variables returns Msg 712.
422089 BCP IN fails when the table has an encrypted column and a Java abstract data type (ADT) defined in it.
422434 When trying to parse large XML documents, ~3MB+, ASE will hit the 712 'insufficient heap memory' error.
422673 In rare circumstances, an 822 error, "Could not start I/O for request BLKIO flags..." or other recovery-related error may be reported during the failover of a primary server to a secondary server in an HA environment.
423209 Backup Server error[23] "The 'read' call failed for device 'device_name' with error number 14 (Bad address). Refer to your operating system documentation for further details." or error [105] "The 'uncompress' call failed for device 'device_name' with error number 0 (Error 0)." is returned, when a database dump file that was generated with 'with compression= < compression_level > ' clause is loaded across platform.
423441 On IBM Power Linux platform, stacktrace does not report all the functions on the stack.
423575 A 625 error may be reported by sp_post_xpload if a user table is updated before index is rebuilt manually or by sp_post_xpload, and after a database dump has been loaded across platform and brought online.
423930 In rare circumstances, column data may not be translated if more than 127 contiguous columns data are non-null values and all the columns require translation and all translation type is same length, when database dump file is loaded across platform.
423962 If one element of the xml document contains attribute and text child, then the stack trace would be thrown out randomly.
424132 Increased size of sybsystemprocs database from 120MB to 132 MB.
425446 Failure attaching to shared memory when Monitor Server & ASE are started from different Terminal Server sessions.
425539 Launch Sybase Infomaker installer directly, rather than distribute the Infomaker installer as a zip file that requires the user to unzip and install it separately.
425664 When a shared memory dump is performed on the Linux platform using the CSMD facility a message saying that "at least one engine failed to halt" may be written to the errorlog. This problem has been corrected.
426341 On some platforms (like Windows), the "upgrade" utility program might terminate abnormally with a segmentation violation or access violation if the program failed to execute an upgrade step correctly.
426403 In the Syconfig.exe configure new Backupserver options screen, the character set drop down list doesn't contain all valid character sets in non-English language.
426405 ClassCastException is encountered when Table Editor is opened.
426411 MSGCONSUME does not abort the transaction correctly for some RTMS errors, which will cause the consequent stacktrace.
426908 102 error given for "with override" option for load database on linux 32bit.
427028 The message "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id 0" followed by the message "current process ... infected with 11" in module "lock__print_deadlockchain" may be reported in the error log when ASE encounters a deadlock situation and the configuration parameter "print deadlock information" is set or the "deadlock pipe active" MDA option is in use. The modules "pss_getunkept_pss" and "ubo_object_from_slot" will also be reported in the stack trace.
427446 Signal handling for Mac OS X server process was not resetting signal mask, resulting in a 'frozen server' after first signal (SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, etc.) was encountered. No recovery of this situation was possible, other than killing the process and restarting the server.
429483 When printing messages, the preupgrade utility refers to the new version's names for configuration variables. If a config has been renamed, this causes it to print the name of a config that does not exist in the old installation.
430259 Update sqldbgr script to reflect the latest updates to shared directory sctructure.
430808 The following platforms are unable to set the minimum value for sp_ldapadmin set_max_ldapua_native_threads attribute to less than fifteen: Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HPUX, Windows, Tru64.
431082 DBCC checkalloc may report transient 2529, 7989 and 2540 errors after DBCC checkcatalog( < DBNAME > , fixall) has been used to correct Sysindexes descrepancies.


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