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Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group

With the new system to enhance the availability of back-end data, Hyundai-Kia Motors has improved customer service for its frontline staff and lowered system management costs by more than 20 percent.

Hyundai-Kia Motors, a major auto manufacturing group whose products are sold in 193 countries in about 5,000 dealerships, needed to differentiate its services and improve customer service in an increasingly competitive domestic market.

Business Advantage

  • Improved customer service and lower administrative costs are both significant improvements to business productivity that Hyundai's new Sybase system offers.  Car foreman can now carry laptops to work in field operations and relay all sales activity information including customer data, cost estimates, and quotations.

Key Benefits

  • Provides sales agents with full access to business-critical information
  • Improves customer service for frontline staff
  • Enables sales agents to provide sales quotes anytime, anywhere
  • Reduces system management costs by more than 20 percent

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Searching for the Competitive Edge
Customers want high-quality, customized services. They also look for different types of information when making a decision to purchase a new automobile. To stay competitive in the Korean domestic market, Hyundai-Kia Motors needed to differentiate its services and improve customer service, a strategic move essential to battle foreign brands.

Through the sales support system, the company decided to increase the interconnectivity between its sales branches, reinforce customer management practices and establish closer relationship with customers.

Hyundai Motors identified data synchronization as the most important criteria in choosing its new sales force automation (SFA) solution to be deployed to more than 9,000 Kia Motor employees. That's why it chose SQL Anywhere and MobiLink from Sybase's iAnywhere subsidiary.

Maximum Data Conformity and Minimum Synchronization Error
Hyundai Motors' existing SFA solution, based on an Oracle system, was unable to manage a large number of users simultaneously. Although 12,000 employees used this system, the network could not handle more than 1,000 employees accessing the system at the same time, especially during peak daytime hours. Also, users found the system hard to use because it used access-based coding to synchronize data and was a standalone product.

"The replication function of our former system was a major problem because it lacked the capability to handle a large number of concurrent users," said Gu Bon Suk, an assistant manager in the information and strategy planning team at Hyundai Motors. "This function is fundamental for our data-rich operation, giving sales agents the information that they need and getting the information back into the database."

Improved Customer Service and Lower Administrative Costs
Hyundai Motor Company's new system offers significant improvements in business productivity. For example, a car foreman can now carry a laptop computer to work in field operations. It also establishes a Web-based integrated SFA system for each sales channel, which communicates with the platform system after synchronizing all sales activity information, including customer data, cost estimates, quotations, etc.

Sales agents have full access to business-critical information, ranging from customer history to the latest delivery status reports. Also, images and videos of cars are saved in a sales agent's laptop. These new capabilities improve the efficiency of all sales-related activities. For example, sales agents are able to provide a quotation anytime, anywhere.

MobiLink's synchronization is designed to be easy to use for both database administrators and end users, enabling easy deployment and management of a large number of users.

Administration duties are significantly simplified with all administration functions being carried out at the consolidated database. Reliability is ensured through guaranteed message delivery. With the new system to enhance the availability of back-end data, Hyundai-Kia Motors has improved customer service for its frontline staff and lowered system management costs by more than 20 percent.

In the future, Hyundai-Kia Motors plans to operate a direct purchase system with their SFA solution, so that customers do not need to go through a dealer.


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