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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.4 ESD #1

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug ID Description
126546 Stored procedures using temporary tables created outisde of the procedure are renormalized each time a temporary table referenced by the procedure gets dropped and recreated. For heavily loaded systems it may be a reason for sysprocedures contention. Command line trace flag -T299 may be used to improve the performance : stored procedures will no longer be renormalized automatically but only if a runtime layout of the temporaray table does not match the layout of the table used to compile the stored procedure. Trace 299 should be used as a command line option.
210767 In ASE error log $SYBASE environnement variable is not logged at startup.
229960 When an All Pages Locking table that has a non-unique clustered index with the option "ignore duplicate rows" set is converted to a Data Only Locking table, ASE does not incorrectly remove this option from Sysindexes despite having set on the option "allow duplicate rows". This results in incorrect SP_HELP output.
232748 Add a new command SET SWITCH to provide a mechanims for setting local and serverwide switches to control Adaptive Server Enterprise behavior. Prior to this, DBCC TRACEON() was the only command which could be used for this. The new command provides more flexibility and functionality over the DBCC interface. For example it prevents users from accidently enabling the wrong switch.
233080 The utilities charset and langinstall do not function with Adaptive Server Enterprise when LDAP and/or SSL are configured.
277410 A new command SET SWITCH is introduced to provide a mechanism to (un)set local traceflags.
314463 In rare circumstances error 5854 "Configuration Error: Cannot write out file ' < file name > ' due to system error ' < system error message > '" could be unable to report correctly the file name of the configuration file specifying the message "Invalid pointer param number 2, pointer value 0x00000000" instead of the default configuration file name.
319885 The execution of the DBCC CHECKALLOC, DBCC TABLEALLOC, DBCC TEXTALLOC and DBCC INDEXALLOC commands with the FIX option may result in removing OAM entries that show 0 pages allocated and 0 pages used. Similarly the OAM chain may be extended should there be a need for this.
328730 The stored procedures SP_SYSMON and SP_MONITORCONFIG may display incorrect values for the "Active" and "Max Ever Used Since Boot" fields for "Open Object Usage", "Open Index Usage" and other parameter when executed in a multi-engine ASE environment.
357188 Under some circumstances, on a heavily-loaded multi-engine system and multiple clients running java (activated through "enable java" configuration parameter), the message "current process infected with 11" or "current process infected with 10", together with a stack trace in function Opinvokevirtual or Opinvokestatic or Opinvokespecial may be reported in the errorlog.
361705 Once a database has been almost fully filled up using the BCP or the SELECT INTO command, some premature out of data space conditions may be hit by commands like INSERT, CREATE TABLE, SELECT INTO, BCP, ... whereas 'sp_helpdb' shows that free data space is available. Alternatively, for mixed log and data databases, 3475 errors may be raised under the same space usage conditions.
368550 CIS: Support SELECT INTO EXISTING for the tables with the same datatypes but smaller column length from the source column
371715 Improve the performance of object statistics collection when 'per object statistics' and 'object lockwait timing' are enabled.
378615 System application contexts can be overwritten if issued in the same statement.
383064 CIS: ct_command call may stack trace with Signal 11 at ct__api_new_sendcmd or Memory allocation failure message.
385826 New feature that allows DBCC CHECKSTORAGE to be run on archive databases.
391683 libtcl.cfg fails to load if there are embedded comments in the file.
392381 sp_sysmon may show you negative values in "Other Causes" of "Task Context Switches Due To:" section if "disable disk mirroring" configuration parameter is 0.
393380 The syconfig.exe doesn't use user specified system database device path.
393408 An INSERT into a table with a varbinary column using several UNION clauses to select data from columns based on the timestamp datatype can lose the original selected values. New timestamp values are inserted instead in the varbinary column.
395125 ASE running on Linux kernel 2.6 and above on amd64 platform encounters I/O performance degradation. This is because librtkaio support has been withdrawn on these linux kernel versions and by default POSIX AIO is used. Enable trace flag 1649 to use Linux Kernel Asynchronous IO.
395902 When using jconnect sp_mda locks sysconfigure table to get the ASE version , so when sp_sysmon is run it hangs till the lock is released. Fix is to get the ASE version from the global variable @@version_as_integer and save the current isolation level and set it back once the sp_mda is executed. This way we dont interfere with ASE locks and system tables.
400160 CIS: In some circumstance, syntax error 102 will be reported when OR and like clauses coexist for a query involving a view on a proxy table
400393 sortkey('sjisbin') function does not work correctly with SJIS Hankaku-Katakana characters.
401834 Customer reported that after applying EBF 12338 to ASE 12.5.2 release, Sybase Central ASE Plug-in stopped displaying Java Objects folder. The same problem seemed to persist after upgrading to 12.5.3. If such problem is encountered, it has advised to update ASE Plug-in to at least 12.5.4, which does not exhibit the error. (12.5.4 ASE Plug-in verified: Sybase Central ASE Plug-in/12.5.4/GA Build 1/S/1.4/ase1254dev//Thu Mar 2 17:00:13 PST 2006)
402476 The message "An internal memory management error has occured. Error code: Invalid slot id." may be reported in the error log when Adaptive Server encounters some problems while distributing the work among worker processes and ends up without proper clean-up of the worker processes in some rare cases.
403476 The Sysprocesses.time_blocked column unexpectedly shows a NULL value for server tasks being blocked by a detached distributed transaction.
407543 A sub-optimal plan is generated if table alias is unspecified with a column name in SELECT list but specified with the same column name in ORDER BY clause
407867 After you run sp_engine "online" and an ASE engine starts up, sp_sysmon always reports 0% spinlock contention.
408078 ASE should raise a warning when running on 64-bit AIX system configured to run on a 32-bit kernel.
409199 The kill of a session that runs ALTER DATABASE will result in mistakenly not reporting 946 error "A user interrupt has prevented Sysusages changes for database < name > from being copied into memory. Please run sp_dbremap to complete database space changes.". The side effect of this is the inability to subsequently run ALTER DATABASE with success, 2601 error "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysusages' with unique index 'sysusages'." is reported, until such a time ASE is restarted.
414762 Conversion of smallint quantities into varchars could lead to wrong results.
414780 Attempts to load shared memory dump files on Linux may fail due to erroneous reports of memory segment overlap
415027 Msg. 103, 'The transactionname that starts with < name > is too long. Maximum length is 67.' is raised using BEGIN TRANSACTION @variable whereby the @variable contains a transactionname greather then 67 bytes. Maximum allowed for a transactionname is 30.
415162 On a heavily-loaded system, the message "The Java VM associated with process < spid > is abnormally terminated" in the jvm module may be reported in the errorlog even though the client performing the java work terminates normally.
415403 "ddlgen" is not generating the correct sql for certain check constraints
415411 An UPDATE statement updating a text/image column with a FROM clause whereby the source and target tables are in different databases could show < x > rows affected when the UPDATE statement is finished. The affected rows however do not show any value being changed.
415797 Commands using large IO buffers like 'CREATE/ALTER DATABASE', 'LOAD DATABASE/TRANSACTION', 'DBCC CHECKALLOC' or 'DISK MIRROR' may hang instead of reporting an error when ASE rans out of memory.
416075 Query performing outer join between views with union may sometimes fail to execute.
416317 Scheduled jobs that run with the property ‘no_output_log’ will not have an entry created in the js_output table. But even though this property was set, the messages were logged into the js_output table and were viewable from the log file, after executing the job.
417476 Japanese hankaku-katakana conversion from EUCJIS to SJIS corrupts a TDS packet if CS_RES_NOSTRIPBLANKS is turned ON.
417927 Java objects may be unable to open sockets on NT and recieve the exception: Cannot create socket: Too many open files
418463 The message "current process ... infected with 11" in module "bufdlink" may be reported in the error log if the SYBSYSTEMDB system database has been bound to a user named cache. The module "bufpindirty" will also be reported in the stack trace.
418822 When performing a disk init specifying a virtual device number of 127 and a size of 32 GB, an error message 5115 is reported and the disk init operation fails during initialization.
418952 Error 2581 "Data page ... indicates that an overflow page is linked to it; however, the next page ... has not been marked as an overflow page." may be reported by DBCC CHECKTABLE on an All Pages Locks table that has a clustered index whose overflow pages deallocations needed to be redone by the recovery process either at boot time or after the LOAD TRAN command was run.
419526 The stored procedure sp_addumpdevice unconditioanlly sets the device size to 5 MB when initializing an archive database device.
419714 Statement cache remains on inspite of configuring 'set EXPORT_OPTIONS ON' and 'set statement_cache off' in a login script.
419722 A 691 error, "Encountered invalid logical page '0' while accessing object '8' in database ' < dbid > '.", 623 or 806 error is reported by ONLINE DATABASE command after loading a database with a cross-platform dump and the database is in read-only mode.
419801 ASE fails to start with TLI style interfaces entry
420096 Selecting max with merge join and backward scan may result in wrong result.
420186 XPSERVER on Windows: XPserver will be killed by the Service Control Manager if it is sent an 'interrogate' event by utilities like "IBM Director" or sc.exe. Event viewer will show "error 7016: The Sybase XPServer_JEK2K1253_XP service has reported an invalid current state 0."
420205 A 206 error "Operand type clash: < datatype1 > is incompatible with < datatype2 > " maybe be raised when executing a stored procedure containing a SELECT CONVERT( < java datatype1 > , < java datatype2 > ) statement in a database that was loaded from a dump of a database with different dbid. If the source database is dropped errors 913, "Could not find row in sysdatabases with database id < dbid > . Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysdatabases." and 11060 "This statement has exceeded the maximum number of recompilations (10). This indicates an internal error. Please note the error prior to this one and contact Sybase Technical Support" are raised instead.
420814 Error 2513 may occur when dbcc catalogcheck is run on a database where columns are encrypted using more than one key from a different database.
420951 CIS: Setting text or image to NULL on a proxy column from an external client may cause 'remote i/o' hang on the spid.
421061 Multi-engine Adaptive Server on non-NT systems may go into an infinite loop, when client tries to connect to one of the ports added with "sp_listener" after bringing engine(s) online anytime after listener was started. Message "nopen: accept, Socket operation on non-socket" may be reported in the error log.
421083 CIS: The CREATE PROXY_TABLE command on an ASE with Allpages lock scheme will fail with error msg 1767: "Number of variable length columns exceeds limit of 254 for allpage locked tables. CREATE TABLE for ' < proxy table name > ' failed." if the remote table contains more than 254 variable columns.
421147 CIS: SELECT DISTINCT with a subquery might return duplicate rows if the backend server class is not defined correctly.
421547 A client prepare statement including multiple SQL commands may not be completley executed if at least one of SQL commands is using TEXT or IMAGE host variables and the statement cache is active on the server.
421660 On platforms other than Intel/AMD, inserting data to a fixed-length unichar column that is shorter than the actual length of the column, and where the unichar column is not aligned on a 2-byte boundary in the page may cause the process to terminate with a bus error.
421934 In the "Login Password Configuration" tab for the server properties dialog, the "disallow simple passwords" and "expire login" binary options in configuration list can be assigned values. With this change, these 2 binary options are no longer editable.
422259 Query with union in view using DOL worktable for view materialization may sometimes return incorrect results.
422355 When using the monDeadLock MDA table and a process executing a stored procedure or trigger is involved in a deadlock, the monDeadLock table HeldProcDBID and HeldProcedureID columns do not report the DBID and Object ID of the stored procedure or trigger.
422466 An undetected deadlock may occur when the database option 'ddl-in-tran' is active and session 1 executes DDL and/or DML commands while session 2 is interested in printing the execution plan for session 1 through SP_SHOWPLAN.
422779 CIS: TSQL outer join query on proxy tables may return wrong result when part of the query (such as the search clause) is not forwarded by CIS to the remote for execution.
422805 The statistics displayed when SET STATISTICS IO is enabled will incorrectly be null on any table that has a trigger.
422867 The error 3208, "Unexpected end of file while reading beginning of dump" will be raised when an archive database device is unavailable.
423158 The "quiesce database" status for temporary databases, as shown by the sp_helpdb stored procedure, may unexpectedly survive a server re-start.
423428 The message "current process...infected with 11" may be reported in module "collocate" when a session runs a subquery whose execution requires a work table to be sorted in parallel by ASE. The modules "psort_producer", "subst" and "subconst" will be reported also in the error log.
423530 A connection using LDAP authentication retains a lock on syslogins while waiting for the LDAP server to respond, which causes sp_addlogin to hang
423836 CIS: When retrieving IMAGE data, ASE may encounter a SEGV in routines omni_rly_row() and memallocheap().
423852 The stored procedure sp_who "spid" will return 0 rows when the parameter spid belongs to a user with negative suid.
423962 If one element of the xml document contains attribute and text child, then the stack trace would be thrown out randomly.
424173 CIS: If at compile time, a remote server's capabilities are already available, then avoid connecting to the remote server during compilation.
424592 CIS: A stacktrace along with the message "NULL aghead pointer in var_expression()" might be observed in some SELECT INTO statements with join clauses involving local and remote tables.
424672 Queries with materialized view may use more worktables in ASE 12.5 release than in previous releases. In some cases the query which executed fine in ASE 12.0 may no longer execute in ASE 12.5 failing with error 251, "Unable to allocate ancillary table for query optimization. Maximum number of tables in a query (14) exceeded."
424826 When a primary key or a unique declarative clustered constraints for an All Pages Locking table are dropped, ASE does not incorrectly remove the status value "Index supports primary key/unique declarative constraint" from Sysindexes. This results in incorrect SP_HELP output.
424932 An archive database device incorrectly needs read/write permissions to be initialized.
424975 CIS only uses quoted identifiers around column name in select to remote server. CIS should also use quoted identifiers around the table name.
424982 The sqlloc utility does not show charset gb18030 when 'Chinese' language is chosen.
425072 Query with a subquery flattened to the exists join and executed with special or strategy (showplan output showing "Using N Matching Index Scans") may sometimes return the same row multiple times making the total result set bigger than expected.
425319 CIS: Error msg 691 together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'txtimg_upd_table' and 'amc_finish_command' may be reported in the error log if ALTER TABLE ... MODIFY a column to null on a proxy table with any text or image column
425376 If data length expansion possibly occurs due to character set conversion from client to server, bulk copying data to a replicated text column with DB-Lib bulk copy routines may cause error 7105.
425482 The message "current process ... infected with 11" may be reported in the error log in module "ind_dbinfologspacevalid" when the LCT_ADMIN built-in is executed with option "logsegment_freepages" on a temporary database that has not fully recovered yet. The modules "th_lct_admin" and "th__logsegment_freepages" will also be reported in the stack trace.
426342 DBCC CHECKTABLE may report error 15080, reporting an inconsistency in the root key information on BTree root pages of DOL tables. This will occur if an ALTER TABLE operation was performed on a DOL table to increase the length of a variable length column, and that column was used in some index. If this inconsistency is reported on a system catalog, use DBCC REINDEX to rebuild the specific index showing this inconsistency. For user tables exhibiting this condition, drop and recreate the affected index.
426414 Built-in attrib_valid returns failure on action modify & delete, irrespective of attribute-value passed.
426588 CIS: Use of SET ROWCOUNT on query that results in CIS to forward partial command to remote server may return wrong result.
427127 SP_SPACEUSED < table_name > may report an innacurate value for "rowtotal" if the given table resides in a temporary database.
427482 Resource Governor fails to kill process that exceed their allotted time when running in parallel
427668 The value of the monProcessActivity table CPUTime column is occassionally reset to zero. As a result, this column may not report the cumulative CPU time for a process.
427705 Under certain circumstrances, When ASE is configured to use JVM( ‘enable java’ set to 1) error ‘Memory allocation request failed because of insufficient memory in Jvm Shared Class’ appears in errorlog. ASE may get infected with SIGSEGV and throws stack trace in VMClassLoader::Destroy.
427888 Error 2823 "Process x tried to remove a PROC_BUF 0xxxxxx name '*ssxxxxxxxxxxx'.." maybe produced when two sessions execute the same SQL in an ASE where "statement cache" is enabled.
428057 Connection time averages for LDAPUA are printed under traceflag(3637) instead of (3635).
428211 drop login/sp_droplogin does not drop local login mappings in sysattributes table, due to which those mappings in the table have references to non-existent users.
428322 GRANT ALL command inserts rows of Dump Database and Dump Transaction actions into sysprotects table.
428433 In rare circumstances on 64-bit Linux AMD, Linux Itanium and Sun Solaris Opertron, the message "Arithmetic overflow occurred" may be erroneously reported when using 'Approximate Numeric Datatypes'.
428650 When creating a Job Scheduler schedule from the command-line utilities, the user may receive an error stating that the startdate is later than the enddate when the schedule enddate is specified but the startdate is not specified.
428692 ASE internal clock is not updated before the recovery processing is completed for all databases.
429128 In rare situations during ASE shutdown a stack trace may be seen showing a storage access violation in ntdll.dll (this only affects ASE running on Windows systems).
429252 When the statement cache is configured for Adaptive Server, the bcp 'out' command used with the '-C' flag fails with Msg 225 when copying out encrypted data.
429499 Errors 950 and 5903 maybe given when dropping an encryption key if one of the databases is offline. Warning 15427 should be given instead and the key should be dropped.
429679 1) The message "SELECT permission denied on object < keyname > , database < dbname > owner < ownername > " will be reported in the errorlog when a user with sso_role specifies a column for encryption on a SELECT INTO statement. 2) When the "CREATE" audit option is set, encrypted column names and key names are not added to the extrainfo column of the audit log for the SELECT INTO statement.
429965 sp_chgattribute does not allow you to set identity_burn_max to 0 leading to first identity value of 2.
430304 Using the SET option PROC_OUTPUT_PARAMS to switch off the output parameters being returned by the outermost stored procedure, will cause incorrect results when multiple stored procedures are nested and returning output parameters.
430433 Error 940 "Dbtable in wrong state for operation: ... keep = 0 ..." may be reported in the error log in module "dbt_unkeep" during the execution of an UPDATE command whose trigger has a cursor statement that references TEXT/IMAGE columns. The modules "xact_commit" and "xact_end_session" will also be reported in the stack trace.
430551 Adaptive Server Enterprise running on the Windows operating system may encounter 'invalid handle exception' during shutdown.
430573 On 64-bit sytems sometimes the message "current process infected with 10" in the module 'des_getval' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'd_procbuf' and 'exec_dbcc' maybe be reported in the errorlog when DBCC PROCBUF command is executed.
430615 An UPDATE or DELETE query with the outer join updating the inner table should not be executed. Error 7720 "Update/Delete from a table which is the inner table of an outerjoin is not allowed. Command aborted." should be raised.
430886 A sub-optimal plan with unnecessary I/Os may be chosen for some MIN/MAX queries with non-equiSARGs (eg: column < constant) on the aggregate column. Use switch 390 to enable the fix.
430902 CIS: In some scenarios, query with a LIKE clause and builtin functions may prevent some search conditions to be sent to the remote server.
431016 On MAC, ASE may start with incorrect IP address due to race condition at startup.
431107 The error 864 "Command Failed: Cannot bind object ... to cache because you have active level0 scans on the target object. Retry the command after terminating the scans." will be incorrectly reported when trying to unbind an object from a named cache in a read-only database.
431231 Query with a subquery accessing the fake system table sysprocesses may fail with the error message 691 "Encountered invalid logical page '0' while accessing object '32' in database '1'. This is an internal system error. Please contact Sybase Technical Support." if the query is exectued in the parallel mode.
431712 If 'statement cache size' is configured to a non-zero value in Adaptive Server, a Replication Server session may report error 225 'Cannot run query--referenced object (NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization' when the query processes an encrypted column.
431832 Job Scheduler Job Copy menu item is displayed but does nothing.
431904 A database or transaction log dump that was taken using the WITH COMPRESSION = < compression > and the AT < remote backup server > options cannot be loaded using a local backup server (that is, without the AT < remote backup server > option). In addition, the dump that is created is not compressed despite compression having been requested.
431945 When executing a SELECT statement via DYNAMIC SQL Adaptive Server could send incorrect or inaccurate information in the column format descriptions for the user type id field. This only happens the first time that the formats are sent after the DYNAMIC PREPARE command, subsequent DYNAMIC EXECUTE commands return the correct format information.
432003 ASEPlugin did not consider the way length is evaluated for national character datatype.
432024 Enable DIRECT IO for block devices under trace flag 1648 on Linux.
432411 The LOAD DATABASE ... WITH HEADERONLY command, when executed on an archive database, has been enhanced to display the compression level and format, ansi version, block size, internal backup server buffer size, number of stripes and creation date of the first stripe.
432419 When ASE resource governor is configured for transaction elapsed time resource limit, an 11005 error may be unexpectedly raised after a transaction has been explicitly rolled back.
432526 The 12.5.4 Backup Server is unable to load a dump taken using the WITH COMPRESSION option, when the dump was originally taken remotely (using the AT option) but loaded remotely (without the AT option) and vice versa. Likewise, Adaptive Server is unable to load this dump into an archive database.
432548 The error message, "SybSQLException: The definition for column 'int' must include a datatype." may occasionally be reported by the Table Editor when creating a table. This occurs when the column name is edited and the definition is then saved.
433273 A user that is not valid in a database may gain access to objects in that database via a system stored procedure that is executed from a database different from the one where the procedure is created.
433315 There is an incompatibility between Adaptive Server and RepServer 15.0 when replicating an alter table statement that modifies an encrypted column to change the key or the data type. The data type of the encrypted column in the replicate database is changed to varbinary.
433439 The Transactions and Rollbacks columns in the monProcessActivity MDA table are not set to zero when a new connection is established. This may result in reporting incorrect values for these columns.
433692 The error "No virtual mapping for logical page < pageno > " followed by a core dump of the backup server will happen if the command LOAD DATABASE WITH VERIFYONLY is run and the database from where it is executed is smaller than the database being verified.
435065 Updated the installmaster with the latest Driver's MDA SQL.
435513 ASE running on Windows may output the following message to the log at startup: "KERNEL structure not padded correctly - size = < nnnn > ". This is an internal matter with no consequence for the safe running of the server.
436073 The warning, "Invalid compression format found in device 'filename'. The compression will be ignored." is incorrectly reported when loading an uncompressed database dump that was generated using a 12.5.4 IR Backup Server.
436410 Scheduled jobs with the properties 'no_job_header' and 'no_sql_batching' set may issue an incorrect job command. Job execution may fail with unexpected results and in some cases the error message, "Line 1, character 8: Incorrect syntax with 'select'" may be reported and logged in the log. In addition, a job may be further processed even if the errors are reported.
439688 After installing the ESD, user can not rerun the GA installer to install additional products.


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