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SQL Anywhere for Linux

Why look at SQL Anywhere for Linux?

Free To Develop

SQL Anywhere was built on the premise that developers should be given the option to choose the tools, technologies and platforms that best meet their needs and preserve existing investments in operating systems, databases, development skills and tools. Developers accustom to Linux environments will appreciate the SQL Anywhere for Linux Developer Edition which is freely downloadable from Sybase. The Developer Edition enables developers to build and test their application for free. SQL Anywhere offers developer-friendly features such as stored procedure debugging, rich API and SQL support to expedite time-to-market in addition to the database tools. See our Rich Developer Tool Set page for more details. Award-winning newsgroups from Sybase also provide support for developers should the need arise. Click here, if you are interested in other developer resources for Linux.

Bottom Line: Using the SQL Anywhere Developer Edition enables you to increase your margins and provide your customer savings at the same time.

Looking for a database to complete your killer app?

Developers are implementing black-box solutions on top of the Linux operating system because Linux offers a cost-effective and stable solution. By embedding Linux, companies lower the cost of their products, which in turn lowers the overall cost to their customers. SQL Anywhere is similar in these respects with low administration requirements and rock solid performance. Developers can implement more intelligent data-centric solutions by embedding both SQL Anywhere databases and the Linux OS. Lower maintenance will further reduce end-users’ costs. Sybase also provides companies with several options for embedding SQL Anywhere within their application. For more information on embedded databases, click here.

SQL Anywhere for Linux enables you to lower your cost and costs for your customer.

  • SQL Anywhere’s developer friendly features reduce time and effort for deployment
  • SQL Anywhere has low administration requirements
  • Development with the SQL Anywhere Developer Edition is free
  • Active Newsgroups are available for support if needed
  • Check out a Total Cost of Ownership study

A Great Recipe for a Small-Medium Sized Business Solution

With IT budgets tight and Linux awareness growing, small and medium-sized business are employing Linux based solutions. Linux server-based solutions certainly are a logical choice for these environments as end-users are minimally affected. The combination of SQL Anywhere with a Linux solution also makes sense for SMB technology shops. SQL Anywhere coupled with Linux enables IT to re-use existing hardware and provide stable, low-maintenance and cost-effective solutions. Lower administration efforts will free some time for IT personnel to tackle other tasks that they never had time to do. For more information on SQL Anywhere for small and medium-sized businesses, click here.

Interoperability and Flexibility

Too often you find data management solutions that are not expansive enough for your enterprise needs. Companies today need integration facilities within products that support other platforms and grow with business requirements. To do this you need support for heterogeneous synchronizing data sources. Using SQL Anywhere for Linux, you can synchronize Linux solution data with non-Linux native databases if the need arises. This synchronization technology offers enterprises the ability to completely integrate Linux applications into heterogeneous enterprises systems. Using SQL Anywhere for Linux, you can provide data-centric solutions that provide online and offline access with the ability to integrate with other legacy systems.

SQL Anywhere’s Adaptive Server Anywhere provides Web service support native to the database server. Introduced in version 9.0.0, the Adaptive Server Anywhere HTTP server allows you to expose Web services, increasing accessibility and reducing development efforts. The client/server architecture of Adaptive Server Anywhere includes automatic server discovery that increases usability and decreases connection issues.

For the developer who needs the support of multiple operating systems, rest easy. The SQL logic built with SQL Anywhere, such as functions, stored procedures, triggers, and events developed on Linux can be distributed to other operating systems (UNIX, Windows, and so on) with a simple file copy. This is very different from other systems where you have to rebuild the database upon installation/deployment. Enterprise solutions have never been so easily deployable.

Rich Developer Tool Set

SQL Anywhere includes developer productivity tools to decrease the time to market for the end-user solution.

Sybase Central
Sybase Central is a database management tool that provides a comprehensive view and control of Adaptive Server Anywhere database settings, properties, and utilities in a graphical user interface, as well as providing administration of MobiLink synchronization.

Interactive SQL
You can use Interactive SQL for the following purposes:

  • Testing SQL statements that you plan to include in an application
  • Obtaining performance information about SQL statements (Query Execution Plans)
  • Loading data into a database and carrying out administrative tasks
  • Browsing the information in a database including table, column and stored procedure look-ups
  • Additionally there are wizards Index Consultant, Query Editor, and Importing and Exporting Data
  • Running command files or script files

The Console utility provides administration and monitoring facilities for database server connections.

MobiLink Monitor
The MobiLink Monitor is a MobiLink administration tool that provides you with detailed information about the performance of your synchronizations.

See Linux Developer Resources for further information.


Last Revised: Mar 31, 2006
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