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Linux Developer Resources

SQL Anywhere’s Adaptive Server Anywhere provides Web-service support native to the database server. Introduced in Version 9.0, Adaptive Server Anywhere provides an HTTP server for exposing Web services increasing accessibility and reducing development efforts. Sybase's iAnywhere Solutions CodeXchange includes samples of using the HTTP server on Linux. The client/server support includes automatic server discovery.

MobiLink offers a great deal of flexibility in synchronization, making it very attractive. Using MobiLink, which is included with SQL Anywhere, developers can quickly set up synchronization. The Developer Edition includes samples of using the MobiLink on Linux under samples/MobiLink folder.

Resource Usage/Start-up
While a developer can create a Linux Startup Item, for server style applications, you have the flexibility to utilize the auto-starting feature of Adaptive Server Anywhere. This feature enables applications to launch a personal server upon the initial database connection, saving resources on your Mac as the database server only runs when needed. See how to create a Linux service for Adaptive Server Anywhere for details.

SQL Anywhere provides support for a variety of interfaces such as JDBC, ODBC, Perl, and PHP, which enable developers to create rich solutions with a variety of development tools. The resources are also on the SQL Anywhere for Linux disk.

For the developer who needs the support of multiple operating systems, rest easy. The SQL logic built with SQL Anywhere, such as functions, stored procedures, triggers, and events developed on Linux can be distributed to other operating systems (UNIX, Windows, and so on) with a simple file copy. This is very different from other systems where you have to rebuild the database upon installation/deployment. Enterprise solutions have never been so easily deployable. Click here, to find out how to deploy the Administration tools on Linux.


Last Revised: Mar 31, 2006
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