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End of Life Notice for EP Enterprise Edition Product

External End of Life Notice for EP Enterprise Edition Product
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May 30, 2007

Dear Valued Sybase Customer:

This letter provides notification of the end of engineering support for the following Sybase product line.

Product Platform End of Engineering Support Migration Path
Enterprise Portal - Enterprise Edition Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris
Unwired Accelerator 8.0 Windows

Sybase encourages you to begin migration plans as soon as possible to migrate before the end of engineering support to the supported product(s) identified in the "Migration Path" column as shown in the table above.

For customers that are using Enterprise Portal on Linux or Sun Solaris, your migration path will be Unwired Accelerator running on Windows.

For customers using Enterprise Portal Advanced Security option, you will need to move your existing portal users to an LDAP server, e.g. Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Netscape Directory Server 4, or Sun One Directory Server 5.  A command line utility is provided to help you with the migration.

For customers using Autonomy Search, you will need to purchase a new search solution.  You have the option of purchasing Sybase?s OmniQ search engine, or using an open source product like Apache Lucene, or purchasing a new license directly from Autonomy.

If you have any questions, please call your local Sybase Technical Support Center.  One of our Customer Service representatives will respond to your questions or direct your call to someone who can.  For the number of your closest Technical Support Center, please go to:

Thank you for your cooperation in this product transition.  We are very excited about the new product releases and look forward to helping you to deploy and get the most out of them.


Sean McCleary
Senior Product Manager, Unwired Accelerator
Sybase, Inc.


Last Revised: May 30, 2007
Product: Enterprise Portal
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