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Moderation Guidelines - Using Sybase Community Forums/Newsgroups

TeamSybase provides moderation services for all Community Forums/Newsgroups to ensure that the following guidelines are enforced with regard to the removal of inappropriate, non-topical and/or offensive content.

Posts may be removed in the following cases:

  1. When the content of the post is not relevant to the forum within which it is posted. Advertisements, Help Wanted Ads, etc should be posted in the news.classifieds Community Forums/Newsgroups.
  2. When the post contains profanity, obscenities, racist remarks or is abusive of another forum member in any manner.
  3. When the post is of a personal nature or contains personal information about a forum member.
  4. When the post contains an attachment that contains a virus or is otherwise incomplete.
  5. When the post has been added to multiple Community Forums/Newsgroups and the contents make it irrelevant or inappropriate for those Community Forums/Newsgroups.
  6. When the post is non-technical and deemed irrelevant to the newsgroup in which they are posted.  This may include discussions as to whether a post should be removed.

Posts will NOT be removed in the following cases: 

  1. When the post contains constructive criticism of one of our products. This criticism may generate a conversation that could prove to be useful in shaping our products in the future.
  2. When the message has been cross posted to multiple Community Forums/Newsgroups but the contents make it relevant for those Community Forums/Newsgroups.

Reporting a Post

  1. If you believe a post is inappropriate, has been posted as spam, or you have a suggestion on how our newsgroups could better serve the public, we want to hear from you.
  2. Use this Feedback link to send us your thoughts.
  3. Please state the words "Community Forums" or "Newsgroups" in the comment.  

NOTE:  Sybase may or may not contact you regarding your feedback or suggestion.  Decisions made to remove posts are final.


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