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Code Samples & Tutorials

The following samples and tutorials illustrate the new features of SQL Anywhere.

SQL Anywhere

  • Materialized Views - This sample demonstrates how materialized views can be used to significantly improve performance when calculating expensive queries.

  • Snapshot Isolation - This sample demonstrates how snapshot isolation eliminates blocking and facilitates concurrency by comparing it with other isolation levels.

  • Database Mirroring - This sample demonstrates how to set up and use database mirroring. You use the demo database to demonstrate how to set up and run the primary, mirror, and arbiter servers, and see how failover occurs.

  • Verify Password Function - This sample illustrates how SQL Anywhere 10 further enhances security by accommodating password rules using the new database option verify_password_function.

  • Column Compression - This sample illustrates SQL Anywhere 10's column compression feature. The compression ratio depends on the nature of the data. This example shows a ratio of approximately 47% of the base size composed of binary files inserted as BLOBs in the database.


  • UltraLite Database Management Tutorial - You can now work with UltraLite databases just like you can work with SQL Anywhere databases, making the design and development of UltraLite applications easier than ever. This tutorial points you to the places in Sybase Central where you can carry out common UltraLite tasks.


  • The MobiLink Plug-in Tutorial - This tutorial guides you through the basic steps for using the new MobiLink plug-in. This new plug-in allow an administrator to setup and configure virtually every aspect of a synchronization system from start to finish.

  • MobiLink File Transfer - This sample illustrates synchronization of binary data from the MobiLink synchronization server down to a remote database.


  • The QAnywhere Plug-in Tutorial - This tutorial walks you through some common QAnywhere-specific tasks using the plug-in and shows how you can monitor the status of messages in an application.


SQL Anywhere

The industry-leading mobile and embedded database that provides data management and synchronization technologies for applications outside the data center.


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