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MobiLink File Transfer

This sample illustrates synchronization of binary data from the MobiLink synchronization server down to a remote database. Binary file transfer can be useful in the event that a user needs to download a new remote database, an image, or even a new or updated version of an application. It can also be useful in the event a remote computer suffers hardware failure requiring a newly-templated database to be downloaded.

For more information about the MobiLink file transfer utility, refer to the online documentation: MobiLink Clients | MobiLink Client Utilities | MobiLink file transfer utility [mlfiletransfer].


  • SQL Anywhere 10.0

You can run this sample under Windows only.

The sample uses the system environment variable %SystemRoot% to determine the location of your Windows directory. If you do not have that variable defined, change %SystemRoot% to the correct location of your Windows directory.


  1. Start the MobiLink synchronization server by running the following command:
    mlsrv10.exe -c "dsn=SQL Anywhere 10 CustDB" -zu+ -ftr %SystemRoot%\system32
    This connects the MobiLink synchronization server to the CustDB sample database. The MobiLink synchronization server uses the parameter -ftr %SystemRoot%\system32. This tells the MobiLink synchronization server to start monitoring the Windows\system32 directory for requested files. In this sample, the MobiLink synchronization server looks for the file in the C:\Windows\system32\[MOBILINK USERNAME] directory first. If the file does not exist there, then it looks in the C:\Windows\system32 directory. In general, you would not want to have the MobiLink synchronization server monitor your Windows\system32 folder for files. The reason this directory is used in this sample is that the file being transferred (notepad.exe) is located there.
  2. Launch the MobiLink file transfer utility by running this command:
    MLFileTransfer.exe -u 1 -v "custdb 10.0" -x tcpip notepad.exe
    Notice that the notepad.exe file was downloaded from the C:\Windows\system32 directory to your local directory by the MobiLink synchronization server.

  3. This concludes the sample. Shut down the MobiLink synchronization server.


 Remove the file notepad.exe (the one that was downloaded) from your local directory.


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