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Palm OS Devices FAQ

  1. Why does XTNDConnect PC fail when syncing e-mail on a newer Palm OS device?
    • Palm changed the mail interface in Palm OS 5.0 and higher, preventing XTNDConnect PC from functioning properly. XTNDConnect PC can not support synchronization of e-mail to Palm VersaMail. However, we offer a free mail client, called MailPlus, which can be installed on the Palm device and can be synced to mail programs using XTNDConnect PC. You can download MailPlus and instructions for installing from the link below.

      Note: Synchronizing e-mail attachments with Palm devices is not currently supported.
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  3. How do you start a synchronization with a Palm OS device?
    • When you open your PC application, the Synchronize menu will automatically appear. Select Synchronize in the PIM menu. You will receive the appropriate prompts to synchronize the data. The first time you synchronize, you will be prompted to disable the HotSync Manager. Select Yes. You will then be prompted to press the HotSync button on the device.
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  5. Can you AutoSync with a Palm OS device?
    • Yes. Auto Synchronization is enabled by default for Palm OS mobile devices only. If you would like to disable this feature, click the Options button in the Synchronization Settings screen to change this setting. For non-Palm OS mobile devices, Auto Synchronization is already disabled.
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  7. Can the Palm Desktop data be moved?
    • Yes. We don't directly support the Palm Desktop, but the data can be moved to the Palm using the default HotSync program. From there it can be synchronized to your PC application.
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  9. Do you need a specific version of HotSync?
    • Yes. You must have version 3 or newer to synchronize using XTNDConnect PC.
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  11. You receive the error “Requested database, record, resource, etc. not found. Run all the applications (Address Book, Date Book, To-Do and e-mail) at least once on the device and try again. If the database uses Versa Mail or another non-compliant e-mail application, please uncheck the e-mail application.”
    • This has been reported with certain Palm Smartphones that have the wireless sync option from their carrier.
      1. On your smartphone, launch Wireless Sync
      2. Press Menu
      3. From the Setup menu, select Connection Settings
      4. Check the box for enable other sync apps
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Last Revised: Jul 26, 2007
Product: XTNDConnect PC
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Content Id: 1054312
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