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What's New

iAnywhere's Boise site was recently added to the Sybase networking phone system. This change allows us to utilize people and resources from other offices more efficiently. Please double-check your speed dial listings and make sure you have the correct numbers in your address books for Advantage Sales and Support.

New Advantage Sales Phone Numbers
The Advantage sales team can be reached by dialing 800-437-2460 and pressing 1, or press zero and ask for your Sales Representative by name. Currently, if you'd like to dial your Sales Representative directly, you'll need to call 208-287-1111 (where 1111 is the extension of your Sales Representative. Direct extensions for the North American sales team are as follows:

Chuck Vertrees 6111
Phil Ruebel 6032
Jay Wendt 6053
Mike Lewis 6051
Alex Ebright 6055

New Advantage Support Phone Numbers
The Advantage support team can be reached by dialing 800-437-2460, option 2. The support team is still using a voice-mail "call back" approach in order to help route, prioritize and research support calls, and validate support contracts prior to the point of service. This has been very effective in increasing the efficiency of the team and enabling them to provide better service.

To view more about the call back method, prioritizing and pricing, go to:

For more information, contact your Advantage sales representative at, visit or call 1-800-437-2460.

Product Updates

Advantage Service Update - 8.10 update including Delphi 2007 support and a variety of bug fixes.

Advantage Data Access Components (Delphi 8 and Greater / Turbo Pro Products) Release 8.1 for Windows (Advantage Data Access Components)
Added support for Delphi 2007

Advantage Data Access Components (Delphi 8 and Greater / Turbo Pro Products) Release 7.1 for Windows - BD0711a: ( Advantage Data Access Components )
Added support for Delphi 2007 & Delphi 2006

asd asd Events

Sybase TechWave 2007
Back by popular demand! TechWave 2007 will feature special 2-day technical summits focused on Sybase iAnywhere Technology including Advantage Database Server. Join us for Going Beyond the Basics with Advantage Database Server. Sessions in this track will take an in-depth look into Advantage Database Server, offering tips and techniques to help manage and deploy Advantage applications using best-practice methods and advanced functionality. Take your database development to a whole new level with special focus on database performance, security, stability, replication, on-line backup, triggers and full-text search. Learn how your peers are using Advantage in complex, real world situations.

Watch for registration information in May. Visit for more information.

Advantage Webcast Archives
If you have questions about any of the Advantage products then you've come to the right place! Click on the link below to access our informative recorded webcasts. These slides come complete with audio files (Real Audio) allowing you to listen and learn at your own pace.

Click the link below to access webcast archives:

KnowledgeBase Items

Installing the Server Service on Windows NT/2000
Reference Number:060919-1792

Installing the Workstation Service on Windows NT/2000
Reference Number:

Obtaining a Very Large List of Tables From a Linked Dictionary May Cause the Server to Crash
Reference Number: 061019-1814

Crystal Returns the Error "Table Not Found"
Reference Number: 070305-1864

7035 When Setting an Advantage Optimized Filter (AOF)
Reference Number: 070305-1865

Advantage Service Doesn't Start
Reference Number: 070323-1872

Using Locate on a Memo Field Returns an Error
Reference Number: 060814-1777

Advantage 5004 error when using Check Rights
Reference Number: 061010-1808

Why is the "Export Items" - "View on Screen" option grayed out?
Reference Number: 070306-1866

How to turn off Direct Communication in ADS 8.0 and newer
Reference Number: 070306-1867

ADSCOM.TXT Location Change For Windows Vista
Reference Number: 061207-1831

Using ODBC on 64-bit flavors of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
Reference Number: 061024-1819

Error 7057 when executing ALTER TABLE
Reference Number: 061115-1828

May 2007


New Whitepaper

Creating a Reusable Data Layer for ASP.NET Applications and Advantage Database Server
This new whitepaper written by Cary Jensen, Ph.D. describes an object-based alternative to the design-time use of data access components. This technique involves building reusable data objects that can be used by many different pages of your ASP.NET application, as well as across different ASP.NET applications. The examples in this paper use the Advantage Data Provider for .NET.

Click the link below to get your copy:
Creating a Reusable Data Layer for ASP.NET Applications and Advantage Database Server

Tech Tip

Advantage Delphi Enhancements
With the release of Advantage 8.1, several enhancements were added to the Delphi TDataSet Descendant for Delphi. These enhancements include the ability to use the Advantage Table Designer from within the IDE.

Full Tech Tip

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Sybase Techwave 2007
August 6 - 10
Las Vegas, NV

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