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Advantage News for February 2008

Product News

Advantage Database Server 9 Update
The Advantage 9 beta is underway and the release is just around the corner! We'd like to thank everyone who tested the beta and posted comments on the newsgroup. We received a lot of valuable feedback. Stay tuned for information on the release in March.

Support Status for Older Licenses and Transitioning Existing Advantage Licenses to Advantage 9
Advantage 9 will mark the End of Life for older versions of Advantage Database Server. However, for 6 months following the release of Advantage 9, customers who purchase new Advantage 9 licenses may also receive duplicate Advantage 8 licenses. This transition period is designed to allow current users the ability to fully test and integrate Advantage 9 without interrupting previously planned release cycles.

Click here for more details.

What's New

New Advantage Blog - J.D. Was Here
Please take a moment to check out the new blog created by Advantage R&D Manager, JD Mullin. JD Was Here is a forum discussing Advantage and software development in general.

Get the RSS feed at:
The site is at:

Check out the latest posts:
Delphi: Did You Know #1
ARC: Did You Know #2
My FoxShow Interview Has a New Home
A new and improved Advantage Database Server website has recently launched on The URL hasn't changed. You can still access Advantage at


Advantage Technical Summit | April 2-3, 2008 | Boise, Idaho
We're at it again! The next Advantage Technical Summit is just around the corner. These 2-day summits on all things related to Advantage continue to be the most popular way for users like you to get more information on the product. Besides getting best practices, tips and tricks, the Technical Summit is a great way for you to tell us what you want to see in upcoming releases.

The Advantage Technical Summit is offered free to partners. We'll take care of your transportation and meals during the Summit.

For more information, go the Technical Summit page or view the agenda.


Advantage Webcast Archives
If you have questions about any of the Advantage products then you've come to the right place! Click on the link below to access our informative recorded webcasts. These slides come complete with audio files (Real Audio) allowing you to listen and learn at your own pace.

Click here to access our webcast archives.

Tech Tip

Advantage Features for High Availability
Advantage Database Server has many features that provide high availability to end-users while preserving our core ideals of low administration and ease of use. These features include Server-Side Aliases, Online Backup and Replication. Each feature can be used to preserve data and allow for access to this data in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Read the full tech tip here.

KnowledgeBase Items

7042 or 9053 Errors
Reference Number: 980817-0209

7016 Error When Opening a Table Created In Versions Prior To ADS 8.1 - Numeric
Reference Number: 080128-1970

A Query with DISTINCT Keyword Causes Error 2194
Reference Number: 001124-1143

7016 Error When Opening a Table Created In Versions Prior To ADS 8.x - RowVersion and ModTime
Reference Number: 070725-1919

Advantage PHP function ADS_NUM_ROWS() Returns -1 for SQL SELECT Statements
Reference Number: 070618-1888

6610 Error Returned when Connecting to Advantage Database Server From One Application and not Others
Reference Number: 070719-1913

Is There an Example of how to use Transaction Processing using Delphi?
Reference Number: 990111-0000

How to Handle Record Locking in a Delphi Application
Reference Number: 991102-0000

Access Application Cannot Update Data With Advantage ODBC
Reference Number: 980506-0001

Error 5020: "The Path Cannot Be on a Different Server."
Reference Number: 080125-1967

Advantage Integration with Microsoft Cluster Server
Reference Number: 990108-0642

OleDbCommandBuilder Now Supported
Reference Number: 020717-1477

Error 7063. Maximum Query Elements in Use
Reference Number: 080128-1968

Unable to Open the Advantage Help File on Windows Vista
Reference Number: 080102-1960

How Can I Total a Column if it Contains NULLs?
Reference Number: 080104-1961

Replication to an Empty Table Stops When Update Occurs in Publication Table to Record that Doesn't Exist in Destination Table
Reference Number: 080104-1963

Supported Platforms
Reference Number: 070727-1921

February 2008


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