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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.4 ESD #9

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug IDDescription
355494 Under some circumstances, ASE may terminate with a stack trace showing the module stack_oflow() while attempting to recover from a stack overflow condition.
360969 Eliminate duplicate wait event descriptions in the monWaitEventInfo MDA table
368810 The migration tool can report the wrong database size when used to calculate estimated space.
378301 Message "Invalid column length", does not identify the database and object in the message.
397291 Global variables may return invalid negative values
398586 ASE server or client will not start when IP is present as master/query in interfaces file. ASE Server fails to start with error "ninit: cannot find host"
402472 Historical Server playback mode returns incorrect information on 64bit platforms
432057 Any occurrence of "[gG][oO]" in the text of a job command will be considered as the batch delimiter "go" and hence, the job command will not be correctly parsed, resulting in the job failure.
432292 For very large tables, with more than 2,200,000,000 rows, sp_spaceused reports lead to arithmetic overflow.
441776 Historical Server version 12.5.4 crashes using the 'direct load to ASE' feature when executing hs_create_recording_session.
452033 Backup Server needs to print Open Server operating system related error message in error log as well as standard error.
456736 The DBCC DBCACHEREMOVE command is allowed to uncache a user defined temporary database from cache.
461074 ASE may return a wrong result set when a query is run at transaction isolation level 0 (dirty reads) on an All Pages Locked table and a covered non-clustered index scan is chosen by the optimizer as reported by the set showplan option with message "Index contains all needed columns. Base table will not be read."
469707 Once statement cache is full, the global page usage counter may not be decremented correctly when statements are removed from statement cache to make room for new statements.
471531 In rare circumstances, a signal 11 may occur while ASE resolves the max message length a MQ Queue object can store. The top of the stack trace is function rtms_open_endpt (before signal handling processing) in that specific case.
474593 When configuration option 'select on syscomments.text' is set to '0', Adaptive Server doesn't permit access to 'text' column of syscomments by non-sa users.
475313 DBCC CHECKSTORAGE reports an erroneous error 100028 on a partitioned table.
476445 Under some circumstances when aborting a query using user defined java objects which internally run nested queries using the internal JDBC driver, some errors like 622 error, "Opentable was passed a varno of < id > . Object ' < object_name > ' in database ' < dbname > ' already has that session descriptor in use." or 6103 error, "Unable to do cleanup for the killed process" may be reported in the errorlog.
477985 When replicating DML on encrypted columns, the Replication Agent thread might terminate abnormally with error 9219 state 28 ("Internal coding error") or with a stack trace showing the module "ra__equal_images" in the error log.
483363 In rare circumstances, a race condition may occur between the ASE thread and its corresponding Q engine native thread, leading the ASE spid to hang. In that case, the IBM MQ API call is not executed and the ASE process is wongly waiting for the completion of that messaging call.
483963 In some cases, outer join on view or derived table with CASE expression may perform slower due to view materialization.
484982 When long running chained transactions are left active in the database, even though they have not done any DMLs, they may prevent housekeeper from doing garbage collection in the database.
486888 The Monitor Server can be slow in detecting ASE has shut down. This can lead to problems on restart.
488217 Under rare circumstances, for a query involving the >= or < predicate on a large table, if the search argument constant value falls exactly on the boundary of a histogram range cell and if this is the last cell of the histogram, then a histogam processing adjustment that converts the predicate to > or <=, might result in an underestimated selectivity for the predicate.
488372 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may give a time slice error with a stack trace which contains the function 'cm__check_page_range' or 'cm_choose_buffer_pool'.
488436 Backup server may display configured shared memory per stripe value incorrectly. The message with wrong value will be as follows (in this example, 0 indicates wrong value. It could be other value): "Backup Server: Configuring the shared memory per stripe to 0 bytes."
489186 In rare circumstances, a 692 error is reported for syslogs when a database is loaded using a database dump that was taken on a platform where the byte order(endian type) is different.
489253 Console logging will be disabled if setting console to nonblocking fails. This is available when commandline traceflag 4084 is set.
489273 Job Scheduler stored procedure sjob_control enable / disable fails on cursor execution
490167 When "exec_procedure" auditing option is enabled, auditing record from procedure sp_extrapwdchecks will display sensitive password information in plaintext.
490949 Error message 207, "Invalid column name 'spareN'." is reported when running UPDATE STATISTICS on proxy tables mapped to ASE 15.0 servers.
491082 Under rare circumstances index statistics may fail to import during create proxy_table commands.
492368 Using bcp to copy IN rows to a table that uses the allpage (APL) lock scheme, and whose rows have both encrypted columns and null columns, can produce rows that are wrongly formatted but are not detected when the rows are inserted. Replication Agent may report error 9289 when attempting to replicate a DML operation done on the badly formatted rows.
492681 Need to print reserved and allocated % values for each disk piece so as to set sp_dumpoptimize parameters.
492796 In rare circumstances, ASE may not start with the error message, "Error: ./dataserver: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory" when $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/lib3p64 is not included in LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64.
492825 Under the following conditions: 1) There is a parallel query plan with at least one correlated subquery, 2) At least one correlation column or the result value must be variable length datatypes (i.e. INTN, not INT2 or INT4, or VARCHAR, not CHAR). 3) The query plan is being reused (it must be a stored procedure), 4) The query plan is runtime adjusted from a parallel to a serial plan when the plan is reused after the first execution. A signal 11 can occur during execution, which includes the function sq_add_to_cache in the stack trace.
492840 Repackage ASE 12.5.4 Linux Itanium 64-bit installer because the JRE embeded in the current installer image core dump on Linux SUSE 10.
493107 1) sp_modifylogin < login > , "authenticate with", "ANY" sets a value of 480 but it should be 0. The value set should be the same as sp_addlogin "ANY" which is correctly value 0. 2) Kerberos logins upgraded from pre 12.5.4 to 12.5.4 having status value of 224 can not login. 3) No upgrade action automatically fixes status values 224 and 480 to be 0. sso should execute new stored procedure sp_update_authmech_value to fix the status.
493143 Set LD_POINTER_GUARD environment variable to workaround the Adaptive Server segmentation fault.
493476 Incorrect SQL generated when querying a proxy table with an IN clause that compares a constant to a list of columns.
493566 Signal 11 may occur for complex queries on multiple views which involves UIV and correlated subquery.
493701 On tables where all of the following occur: 1) lock scheme is APL (All Page Locking), 2) table has at least one encrypted column, 3) table has at least one variable length column, 4) a row has more than 255 bytes of fixed length data, then BCP IN on those tables will fail to insert rows.
493891 CREATE EXISTING TABLE fails to import indexes when an index contains more than 1 million pages. The ASE errorlog contains the message "user api layer: internal common library error: The bind of result set item 12 resulted in an overflow."
494095 On some Linux platforms, installer cannot display Chinese characters correctly.
494180 When a procedure is created by sa (or a user with sa_role) and accesses an object in another database and the access permission on the object is granted to dbo through a group, then a user (who is aliased to dbo in both databases) executing the procedure may get a permission error on the object.
494337 The message "current process infected with 11" together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'cursor_process_error' and 's_handle' maybe be reported in the error log if a client session with a distributed transaction having open cursors had to be aborted.
494709 The dataserver engine fails to restart after running CSMD in sybmon.
494742 Occasionally wrong results or even procedure cache corruption could happen raising messages like "current process infected with 11" with routine names like 'mjutil_sdes_update' and 'memcpy' when a query joining two or more tables is executed in parallel inside a stored procedure, the configuration parameter "enable sort-merge join and JTC" is ON and the query uses one or more of the stored procedure parameters in the WHERE clause.
495055 When sp_monitorconfig "number of user connections" is run, the result may show "Num_active" and "Max_Used" as 0.
495544 When an online database has previously been used to bring an archive database online a timeslice error may be reported in the error log. In this case, the timeslice error will be accompanied by a stack trace which includes the modules 'online_database' and 'th__recover_altered_logsegment'.
495681 A deadlock may occur on SYSCOLUMNS when concurrent sessions execute a CREATE VIEW command in the same database.
495751 Explicit conversion from null numeric/float/decimal/money to univarchar/unichar may get 265 error or sig 11 from com__subexctnumetochar().
496203 A deadlock may occur between SYSCOLUMNS and SYSDEPENDS when concurrent sessions execute a CREATE TABLE command using column defaults and an ALTER TABLE DROP CONSTRAINT command.
497118 A 257 error, "Implicit conversion from datatype '...' to '...' is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query." maybe be raised when "statement cache" is configured and a parameterized statement (containing '?' parameters) is executed without using the "dynamic prepare" option and it sends a NULL value for one or more of the parameters and the datatype specified for the NULL value is incompatible (no implicit conversion available) with the target column affected by the statement. Command line traceflag 7741 is added to allow the execution of those statements with success when "statement cache" is configured but those statements sending NULL values for parameters will not be cached.
497259 INSERT from view with unions may sometimes show poor performance because of unnecessary view materialization.
497387 ASE 12.5.4 ESD#8 Installer would not proceed again when a wrong directory is specified in the first instance.
497557 A 821 error "Attempt to unhash buffer in cache ..." may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'buf_online_database' and 'cm_bufunhash' when an offlined database is in the process of being onlined while a concurrent session is trying to run a DBCC command in the given database.
497663 The message "A listener with protocol < network_protocol > , host < hostname > , port < port_number > , engine < engine_number > already exists." may be encountered while starting a new listener on the abnormally terminated listener port. The status of that listener is listed as active. However, no logins can be made to ASE using that listener port.
498072 When the 'expire login' option of sp_passwordpolicy is set to '0', the password of new logins are expired and needs to be changed upon first login.
498184 Clarification of error message 7628. This error needs to explicitly state that the ASE must be rebooted to start the auditing process.
498192 Error log may show errors like "kpsched: kpid #### bad status 0x440" when server is in heavy load and killing of ASE task(spid) has been happening.
498196 ASE boots using normal mode if shmat fails to attach Intimate Shared Memory (ISM) for SUN. With traceflag 1656, ASE will not boot using normal mode if shmat fails with ISM.
499000 Network performance may degrade due to disabled "tcp no delay" config parameter if ASE has both tli and tcp master entries in interfaces file.
499408 When real time messaging is enabled on ASE to use MQ. The additional engine spawned to handle MQ tasks uses up very high cpu even when there is only 1 messaging operation.
500330 sp_sysmon "app_only" stops reporting application detail after several hours
523759 Adaptive Server doesn't support allocation of shared memory greater than 165 GB.
528604 On the Solaris platform, ASE may encounter a timeslice error during boot if ISM (intimate shared memory) is in use and the amount of memory configured is approximately 100 Gb or more.
528815 Java does not recognize UTF-8 byte order "EF BB BF" in *.txt license files.
528854 Auditing of dropping and adding user messages prints the database user name information in the "objowner" column of the audit record.
530417 Query with ORDER BY clause on a column not present in the SELECT target list may not provide the requested ordering.
530498 Misleading error message from Backup server indicating write failure for archive device during load operation. The actual failure occurrs while writing to data device. Following or similar error messages could be seen in errorlog: D01: SYBMULTBUF ERROR: Internal error: In db_proc, the C_MBUF command is invalid when the context is DEST_RUN. Backup Server: [107] Error for device ' < archive_device > '. Attempted to transfer xxxxxx bytes, but yyyyyy bytes were transferred by operating system call write/read.
530618 Indirectly activated sa_role is not able to execute system stored procedure sp_listener.
532256 Job Scheduler stored procedure sp_jst_svr_update_statistics stops processing if it encounters an offline/single user database
533030 When LDAP User Authentication is configured and there is exactly one mapping of LDAP user to ASE login, then synchronization of LDAP and ASE password fails. Additionally, when LDAP server is down and failover to ASE authentication is permitted by configuration (enable ldap user auth = 1), then providing LDAP user name with correct password fails the login - despite the fact that there is mapping of the LDAP user to ASE user.
533331 Scheduled jobs stop unexpectedly after running a few months on nt386 platform.
533419 ASE does not set the length for text columns in dynamic sql statements
533686 The message "User has been dropped from current database" may be mistakenly reported when SP_DROPUSER is run although the user to drop is not actually dropped.
534044 A complex query with many views and a union results in SIGSEGV.
534139 Backup Server crashes due to Open Server bug 471786
534605 A stored procedure, which creates a table and reads or writes that table, may incorrectly access a table by the same name created outside of the procedure. This happens in the following circumstances: - Database owner creates procedure - Database owner creates a table with same name as table created in procedure - Procedure is executed by a non-database owner - Procedure's access to the table is specified without qualifying the table name with an owner name.
535194 DDLGen generates 'NULL' SQL statement for granting the permission of the DELETE STATISTICS command.
536565 Max row size limit is unchanged when alter table lock scheme is done more than twice.
537188 Error 3151 'Adaptive Server cannot load this database because the database that was dumped was not quiescent when the dump was performed.' could be returned when loading a 64 bit database dump to a platform where the byte order (endian type) is different; the dump must have been taken when there is heavy update activity on the source database.
537367 Under rare circumstances the message "process infected with signal 11" in the module 'ind__ides_getnext' may be reported in the error log with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_compile', 'substitute' and 'ind_rowcopy' when a SQL command is in the process of being compiled. This will result in ASE shutting down itself.
537495 Trigger for update query with UNION may not be able to provide correctly rows from the INSERTED/DELETED tables.
537783 xp_cmdshell call to SSH does not return when SSH is setup to work without passwords.
537931 When the number of free object descriptors is less than the number of objects with entries in sysprotects calling sp_helprotect without parameters can flush the object descriptor cache.
538161 sp_statistics could return arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of NUMERIC value to a INT field when operating on tables with more than 2^31 rows. This could also be seen when creating proxy tables.
538487 When the Job Scheduler component is not selected during installation, using srvbuildres can still configure it.
539103 Monitor Server crashes in comn__sig_accept_thread upon receiving SIGHUP.
539256 SELECT INTO EXISTING table consisting of an IDENTITY column with table joins may fail with error 3621.
539757 sp_displayaudit doesn't report auditing configuration on extended stored procedures
540144 A session executing a query may hang in modules 'des_get' and 'open__lwpbyname' while the statement cache is active.
540282 sp_help may run slower as more tables are created on the database when statistics are updated on sysmessages resulting in sub-optimal plans.
541627 Distinct query with plan using sort merge join may return duplicate rows.
542478 In certain circumstances ASE may incur segmentation violation in function ubffree().
543278 GRANT command raised 2601 error on sysroles on target server after migration
543499 Under certain circumstances, a create index with sorted data on a table may result into a 623 error
544247 Many "Error formatting options file entry..." errors occured during generate silent install record file, and when execute silent install, also has errors.
545058 ASE running on Sun Solaris machines which do not have ISM configured within the kernel will cause additional engines to SEGV during their online operation.
545413 DUMP DATABASE/TRAN with compression may fail with an error, "Length of compressed buffer is greater than the original buffer length".
546434 Re-write of the query tree under traceflag 299 causes exclusive locks on sysprocedures. This happens when there is an UPDATE STATISTICS command in the procedure on the newly created temporary table.
547752 On the Solaris platform, an task may be terminated with a timeslice error while issuing an asynchronous i/o. This is caused by a hang in the operating system, and can lead to recovery errors in Adaptive Server. Adaptive Server has been modified to avoid terminating the task, and will print an informational message instead. Recovery errors will be avoided, but the ASE engine will hang until the operating system responds.
548257 Error 11141 is reported in the errorlog when Adaptive Server fires a threshold procedure that requires sso_role and when a password has been attached to sso_role. The threshold procedure is successfully invoked.
549694 ASE may encounter a signal 11 in ub_postwrite() when there are delayed IO's and when extended cache is enabled.
550273 Stacktrace in ups__minorattributes doing update statistics on a temp table only exist in 12.5.x.
555610 A syntax error is displayed when the instmstr script is executed.


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