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ASE gives us full local support, at low cost of ownership and maximum business agility and uptime. Sybase is a key foundation technology of our wealth management business.

Brad Aurisch
General Manager of Technology

Managing their clients’ wealth through all market conditions, financial services company Perpetual consolidated its wealth management applications and legacy data management systems in one single platform. Seeking faster access to critical data in today’s fast-changing investment landscape, Perpetual turned to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise together with Bravura Solutions’ TalisTrust and TalisPension solutions, part of the Sonata suite of products.

Business Advantage

  • With this powerful combination, Perpetual’s go-to-market timeframes for new investment products have been reduced from three months down to one week, resulting in enhanced customer service and better business agility.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerates go to market for new investment products from three months to one week
  • Reduces cost of ownership
  • Improves workflow and efficiency of processes

Sybase Technology


  • Financial Services 

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Investing into the future
Perpetual is one of Australia’s most experienced investment services groups. Founded in Sydney in 1886 as Perpetual Trustees, Perpetual has helped generations of Australians invest and manage their wealth through all market conditions.

Today, Perpetual is one of the Top 100 companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The company manages investment funds exceeding US $20 billion, administers over US$206 billion of client funds, and advises clients on over US$5 billion of investments. Perpetual has about 1,000 staff, and offices in most Australian states.

When the Sydney-based financial services company, responsible for the savings of more than 200,000 active investors, embarked on an upgrade of its entire wealth management software platform as well as its IT hardware platform, it needed a high-performance data management solution to tame the fast-growing volume of data and support the time-sensitive introduction of new investment products.

Perpetual sought a new solution to replace a number of disparate legacy platforms, each of them with their own core back-end systems, and their own training requirements.

One of them was a mature Bravura Solutions application. Perpetual also had a platform for its other investments products installed, which increased in database size by 40 per cent within 12 months of installation, resulting in increasingly time-consuming maintenance and batch jobs.

Brad Aurisch, general manager of technology at Perpetual, remembers, “Working with a number of legacy systems, we found the duplication of IT infrastructure and administration processes in our customer service systems was unacceptable.”

“We were looking for a single platform that would consolidate our disparate unit registry technology applications, coupled with a high-performance database that would power the new wealth management platform on the back-end.”

Sybase ASE: The Perfect Database System Architecture
To meet their needs, Perpetual selected Bravura Solutions' wealth management platform, TalisTrust and TalisPension, for their new solution. Bravura Solutions is a leading global supplier of financial management applications and services, and a Sybase partner. TalisTrust and TalisPension is a consolidated SOA administration platform that integrates with Perpetual’s internally built workflow system (based on Savvion) and also interfaces to internal and external stakeholders, online systems and MIS systems.

To provide the level of availability and performance required to support the demands Perpetual would be placing on TalisTrust and TalisPension, Perpetual selected Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) as the database management technology of choice. In addition, Perpetual added further functionality with ASE Security and Directory Option, ASE XML Management Package, and Sybase ETL.

ASE, Sybase’s mission-critical data management system, has long been noted for its reliability, low total cost of ownership and superior performance. It lays the long-term foundation for strategic agility and continuing innovation in mission-critical environments. 

According to Aurisch, Bravura Solutions' support for ASE was a key selling point. “We had growing Sybase expertise in our organization at that point of time. As Bravura Solutions’ platform integrated so effectively with ASE, and could be supported by their engineers, we saw the potential synergies.”

“With hindsight, we’ve made the right decision. Bravura Solutions and Sybase have been working extremely well together. We have also continued to build up a strong direct relationship with Sybase’s local team in Sydney, and significantly enhanced our in-house skills that help us manage ASE more effectively.”

Sybase Professional Services a Bring Wealth of Knowledge
Optimizing ASE performance on Bravura Solutions’ wealth management platform to reduce go-to-market time for new investment products was a key driver for getting Sybase Professional Services on board. Professional Services’ in-depth analysis of the system led to the identification of a number of possible improvements, and provided a view into the system’s vulnerabilities. The Sybase team’s suggestions, based on mapping performance goals for ASE against current performance, coupled with an exhaustive knowledge of the system, led to a whole new world of possibilities.

Aurisch says, “The Sybase Professional Services team has been invaluable in the whole process. They helped us further fine-tune ASE’s capabilities and optimise its integration with TalisTrust and TalisPension. Demand-driven queries can now be delivered faster, and new products introduced more easily.” 

He adds that Sybase Professional Services still periodically visit Perpetual onsite to streamline ASE’s performance in line with their business needs.

Better Business Agility and Customer Service Delivery
Today, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise consolidates and manages a large influx of data that was previously hosted in numerous separate databases and feeds it into the wealth management platform when and where needed. As most of the synchronisation work is done overnight between Bravura’s solution and ASE, the platform is quicker and more agile at daytime when Perpetual’s 200 wealth management consultants use it.

“The system has been re-engineered to run processes in parallel and synchronize over night. This means daytime performance has improved, resulting in better business agility for us,” Aurisch says.

ASE’s high performance and reliability guarantees Bravura Solutions’ Sonata suite of products, including TalisTrust and TalisPension, is working at its absolute best. Both products in tandem have enabled Perpetual to introduce new investment products more easily and quickly. This in turn enabled the leading financial services provider to further enhance customer service and better cross- and up-sell new wealth management products.

“We’re now able to introduce a new fund product in just one week. Previously, with our old systems, that took us about three months. The value for our business has been tremendous,” Aurisch says. 

Aurisch says the collaboration with Sybase has also resulted in better efficiencies in workflow management and human processes in their wealth management division. 

Remarkably, faster access to critical data from Sonata suite’s unified call centre screen has enabled Perpetual’s wealth management consultants to answer 70 per cent of phone inquiries from one screen.

The most noteworthy results obtained from the combined Sybase / Bravura Solutions’ offering, were improved processing speed, reduced risk and lower technology costs. Low administrative overhead, and reduced licensing costs generated immediate improvements to Perpetual’s bottom line.
“ASE gives us full local support, at low cost of ownership and maximum business agility and uptime. Sybase is a key foundation technology of our wealth management business.”


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