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Market Data Enrichment

Is your market data in the form you need it in so that you can quickly act on it? Do you spend time cleansing, filtering and normalizing market data? Do you wish you could combine real-time data from multiple sources?

Firms struggle with these problems all the time. There are sophisticated market data system products on the market, that provide feed handlers, normalize the data, provide a data sharing/distribution environment, entitlement tools, etc. But many firms find they need something more. Something that can operate at the data level, rather than the network level, to enrich the data.

Sybase CEP technology provides an ideal platform for quickly implementing and maintaining a flexible set of business rules that turn raw market data into actionable market intelligence.

  • Data Cleansing: apply proprietary, complex filters to cleanse and validate data. Check against previous price, weighted moving average, consider historical volatility, etc.
  • Semantic normalization: while feed handlers normalize data from multiple sources into a common message format, they don’t normalize field contents. Simplify downstream applications by normalizing data within the records to a common set of semantics.
  • Combine sources: data from multiple real-time records can be combined in a single record.
  • Source arbitration: dynamically select the source for each data element—at the field level—based on continuous evaluation.
  • Compute value-added fields: extend data records with theoretical values and other information that can assist decision making.
  • Data reduction: reduce the overwhelming flood of information by extracting only the items that are meaningful. This can go beyond simple filtering to include evaluation of each update to determine if it’s significant, management of dynamic watch lists driven by activity monitoring, etc.

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