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Cash Flow Manager

In today’s rapidly changing payments market, banks are demanding methods to improve their cash and liquidity management processes across the enterprise. In order to mitigate operational and reputational risk, minimize funding and operational costs, and enhance their customer cash management services, organizations are seeking ways to provide departments such as Treasury, Payments & Clearing, Risk and Corporate Cash Management departments with global, real time cash flows and liquidity positions by currency, account or channel, customer, and business entity.


Sybase’s Cash Flow Manager (CFM) is a global enterprise liquidity management solution that consolidates bank and customer cash positions, payments, and liquidity information. Sybase CFM also provides monitoring and controlling capabilities to all divisions of the bank across time zones, currencies, channels (accounts), and business entities on a shared platform. By leveraging existing information and systems, Cash Flow Manager can be deployed in a matter of months, providing very rapid return on investment, without the need for costly, time consuming and risky reengineering of existing systems.


Built on Sybase’s high performance Complex Event Processing platform, the Sybase Cash Flow Manager delivers unparalleled performance and flexibility to access large volumes of streaming data from multiple data sources, creating a centralized platform for managing intraday liquidity utilization across the enterprise. Test systems processing very large volumes of transactions have demonstrated the system’s ability to scale while delivering all results in real-time with sub-second latency.

Key Technical Attributes

  • Connect to, and consolidate information from, multiple external market and internal bank systems heterogeneous data sources
  • Positions updated within sub second of inputs being received
  • Flexible modeling environment to dynamically update analytics as the business changes
  • Scalable multidimensional analysis capabilities for MIS
  • Open, standards-based architecture integrates with existing processing infrastructure for lower total cost of ownership
  • Easily deployable web-based system for faster time to market than competing solutions


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