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Telekom Austria Group

Telekom Austria Group is the market-leading mobile operator in Austria. The company uses Sybase´s mPayment platform to provide third-party content and mobile commerce services to its subscribers. The combination of Telekom Austria Group and Sybase 365 gives subscribers unprecedented mobile payment capabilities to purchase products or services via the Internet from various businesses across Austria as well as at 2,000 vending machines, lottery agents and public transportation providers by using only their mobile phones. The service was also rated as the “most secure Internet payment system” by the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunication for providing a reliable and simple yet secure platform for consumer transactions.

Business Advantage

  • The combined Telekom Austria Group and Sybase 365 solution allows mobile phone users to spend an entire day without carrying cash or credit cards since they can use their cell phones or other mobile devices for transactions.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a single platform through which the payment transaction application can interface with all mobile phone network operators
  • Allows consumers to leave wallets and credit cards at home as they conduct transactions via mobile phones
  • Assures reliable transmissions while also ensuring customer information remains secure

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Mobile Commerce Solution Requires Reliable and Secure Platform
Telekom Austria Group is the market leading mobile service provider in Austria. Telekom Austria Group has shares in numerous successful enterprises in South and Northeastern Europe connecting nearly 19 million mobile customers. They include Mobitel in Bulgaria, Velcom in Belarus, Vipnet in Croatia, Si.mobil in Slovenia, in Serbia, Vip.operator in Macedonia and mobilkom Liechtenstein.

Leveraging the cross-operator mPayment capabilities of the Mobiliser Platform, Telekom Austria Group, Orange, T-Mobile and tele.ring – Austria´s four leading mobile operators, are embracing Telekom Austria Group´s mobile payment standard as strategic partners and extended Austria´s  prime position as a leading market for mCommerce services worldwide.

Boasting a broad mobile commerce portfolio, Telekom Austria Group developed an innovative mobile-payment application that can be used throughout Austria. All post-paid subscribers are automatically enabled for the service, and business customers can use the application for mobile corporate services.

To build the mCommerce applications on a reliable platform, Telekom Austria Group turned to Sybase 365 for its mPayment and mTopUp solutions. The Mobiliser product suite includes mBanking, mPayment and mRemittance features as well as marketing communication capabilities. The solution allows anyone with a mobile phone to securely pay, buy, bank and remit money through standard communication and transaction channels that support mobile commerce at any time from any location.

“Our mobile payment application streamlines the transaction process and provides a seamless and efficient purchase avenue for consumers”, says Telekom Austria Group, "But behind the scenes, we needed to ensure consistency and security for mobile users, regardless of their service provider. We also needed a technology partner to provide single-source access to multiple mobile operators.”

Sybase 365 Relationships Enable Access To Multiple Mobile Network Operators
Sybase 365 offers worldwide relationships and access to 800 mobile operators. This capability is key to the availability of the Telekom Austria Group’s payment service across all network operators within Austria. The mPayment solution has allowed for efficient system administration.

Driven by the ubiquity of mobile phones and the efficiency of mobile payments, wallet-less shopping is a now reality with Telekom Austria Group and Sybase 365. Consumers can now shop, eat, park and go to a concert using only their mobile phones—in a secure and seamless way.

The combined Telekom Austria Group and Sybase 365 solution allows mobile phone users to spend an entire day without carrying cash or credit cards since they can use their cell phones or other mobile devices for transactions. Powered by Sybase 365 mCommerce, the Telekom Austria Group service also allows post-paid subscribers to use their mobile phones to purchase train tickets, flowers, lunch, and parking as well as many other products and services. To access the system, consumers simply select the item to purchase via their mobile phone, and enter a PIN code to authorize payment for the transaction. The transaction is either paid by credit card, directly debited from their bank account or it appears on their next mobile-phone invoice.

"Mobile payments have provided a seamless and efficient purchase avenue for Austrian consumers, but the back-end system technology is anything but simple," Telekom Austria Group states.  "Behind the scenes, we wanted to ensure consistency for mobile users, regardless of their service provider. A partner like Sybase 365 was required, that could provide single source access to the plethora of European mobile operators in order to offer sufficient interoperability. Our success can be attributed to Sybase 365, which was the right partner with the right technology for the job." 

Parking Made Easy For Customers and Providers
The Telekom Austria Group system has come to be used especially when paying for parking services: Almost 50% of Vienna´s car drivers are paying their parking-tickets via Telekom Austria Group's mParking solution, which offers an easy way to pay for parking and has become the most highly-used mobile service in the country. For both consumers and parking-property companies, success is due to the system's user-friendliness and clarity. 

Users simply send an SMS message with the desired parking time, and the service responds with a free confirmation and reminder message. And if they are running late, they can increase their parking time at anytime from anywhere via their mobile phones. The convenience of the system and avoiding parking violations are huge benefits to consumers. 

In addition to simplifying the process for the consumer, the Telekom Austria Group mParking solution also lessens the burden for parking-property companies, which benefit from being able to check whether somebody has paid for parking. Parking attendants have a GPRS-based terminal connected to the database and can enter a vehicle's registration number to check its parking-payment status online. If parking is not paid for, a ticket is automatically printed and registered in the database. 100 percent of parking is now checked electronically with the solution—without requiring any manual processes.

A Global Leader in Mobile Commerce
The end result of Telekom Austria Group's mobile payment system is that customers are more agile as they travel on day-to-day errands as well as during vacations. Users literally do not need to carry cash or credit cards. Instead, they can use their mobile phones for monetary transactions that are provided at a swifter pace than cash or credit card transactions with a secure and user-friendly experience.

The benefit for Telekom Austria Group is, by partnering with Sybase 365, the team has turned Austria into one of the leading mobile-commerce markets in the world. Telekom Austria Group has created broad mobile-commerce offering that further simplifies their customers’ modern lifestyles.


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