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Online Customer Data Management

Every customer interaction represents an opportunity to derive greater value from your relationship as well as the capability to maximize sales revenue and improve customer service. The key to maximizing customer interactions is to understand the current attitudes, behavior and status of a customer, and translate that into actions which accommodate the needs and desires of a customer – now!

In today’s world of internet commerce and electronic transactions, companies have blind spots that make it difficult to see and act upon specific customer needs and behavior. In a direct, face-to-face sales, or service environments, representatives can interact directly with customers, hear their needs and/or problems first hand, and respond with appropriate offers. More often than not, online intentions of customers are buried within large volumes of fast changing live data, such as click streams or purchase transactions.

Using Continuous Intelligence™ based on Sybase, organizations can understand and act upon customer needs buried in live data at a granular level to create an accurate, live customer behavior profile and execute in-the-moment actions. The benefits of a Sybase-based customer management solution include:

  • Increase revenue through interactive, personalized offers representative of the immediate behavior and needs of customers across all channels.
  • Raise customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn through proactive problem identification and resolution.

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