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Online Commerce and Customer Data Management
Successful online businesses translate superior customer service into new customer purchases, high retention rates, greater revenue and better margins.

The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform goes beyond traditional web analytics solutions by analyzing your customer web interactions in real time to drive in-the-moment, personalized actions. With Sybase, you don’t just see what is happening, but are able to identify critical, sensitive patterns of events within and across sessions to execute immediate actions:

  • Identify interest in certain products or services and immediately issue personalized offers in the same session to influence customer behavior and accelerate purchases
  • Respond to customer's web experience problems as they are happening by sending contextual information to call center agents for resolution
  • Isolate fraudulent activity, terminate the session or notify investigative personnel, and capture all required forensic data

Continuous Intelligence™: Real Time Decision Making and Business Execution
The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform, a market leading Complex Event Processing (CEP) platform, provides the ideal foundation for live analytics that drive proactive online operations. Leverage the attributes of Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform to process and analyze high volume online interaction data and achieve revenue goals:

  • Real-time
    • Sybase analyzes what is happening right now to drive in-the-moment actions, maximizing revenue and mitigating risk represented by that visitor.
  • 360 degree
    • Sybase integrates and analyzes live event data with multiple sets of historical and customer data (including internal private data) for a complete view of current activity.
  • Granular
    • Sybase analyzes detailed interaction data in real-time to drive one–on–one actions.
  • Cross-channel
    • Sybase’s event–driven analysis reaches across all customer interaction points from the web, call center, to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and more.

The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform and its respective dynamic deployment capabilities enable rapid, easy addition and modification of query modules and pattern algorithms to accommodate changing business conditions such as new customer segments, fraud schemes, and security threats.

Strengthen Your Business’s Online Customer Management
The event streaming capabilities of the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform proactively manages your online customer experience. Its event–driven architecture enables enterprise-scale customer management to:

  • Isolate and solve customer roadblocks in real-time for streamlining transaction paths and lowering abandonment rates.
  • Coordinate customer activity between online sessions, IVRs and call centers for a better overall customer experience.
  • Generate personalized cross-sell or up-sell offers based on how customers are behaving at this moment.
  • Tailor product merchandising to the immediate behavior of visitors.

Gain a 360 degree/live view of activity across all customer channels and take a proactive marketing and merchandising techniques to newer channels, such as IVR systems with Sybase.

Reduce Fraud
The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform provides a scalable infrastructure solution for fraud detection and prevention. It enables real-time detection of complex event patterns that represent fraud within large-volume, high-speed transactional and interaction data, including:

  • Detection of abnormal application, session, request and user behavior.
  • Monitoring for invalid access to applications, the exploitation of application interfaces, or the misappropriation of application resources.
  • Monitoring the injection or manipulation of application content for malicious control
  • Detecting invalid protocols and encoding use for unauthorized access or security circumvention.

The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform detects fraud signals and drives instantaneous actions to prevent damage. Sybase also captures and stores detailed forensic information required for prosecution.

Enhanced Security
Growing security threats and increasingly complex application, system and network configurations have made monitoring IT networks a nightmare. The Sybase Aleri Streaming platform provides flexible, real-time processing and analysis services for monitoring and managing security threats. Sybase offers the power, flexibility and performance to analyze complex IT network, system and software configurations in real-time for security problems.



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