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PowerDesigner Evaluation Downloads

PowerDesigner offers three different solutions to support three distinct architectural environments.  Choose the correct link to ensure you download the right solution for your needs.

Data Architecture
PowerDesigner DataArchitect/RE, is the industry leading data modeling tool supporting Logical Data Models (LDM), Physical Data Models (PDM) and XML Models (XSM).  This fully-functional 15 day evaluation version of DataArchitect also includes the Repository supporting team collaboration.

Information Architecture
PowerDesigner’s InformationArchitect, the world’s first information architecture tool supports “Better BI through Modeling”.  Using PowerDesigner Business Process Models (PBM) and Conceptual Data Model (CDM) coupled with Logical Data Model (LDM) and Physical Data Model (PDM) establishes cross-discipline business and technical definitions for a single version of accurate, key information assets.   Data Movement Models (DMM) and XML Models (XSM) complete all views of information within and outside traditional database systems. This fully-functional 15 day evaluation version of InformationArchitect also includes the Enterprise Repository supporting team collaboration.

Enterprise Architecture
PowerDesigner’s Enterprise Architect is the most robust of our solutions.  PowerDesigner breaks down information silos by allowing models and metadata to be shared across the organization.  Link & Sync Technology enables rapid response to technological, regulatory and competitive changes..   EnterpriseArchitect supports Enterprise Architecture Models (EAM), Object-Oriented Models (OOM), Conceptual Data Models (CDM), Logical Data Models (LDM) and Physical Data Models (PDM) as well as XML Models.  PowerDesigner also provides support for industry leading and in-house Frameworks.  This fully-functional 15 day evaluation version of EnterpriseArchitect also includes the Enterprise Repository supporting team collaboration.


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