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HDI Insurance

We have worked with Sybase for 12 years, and given the excellent results, we would never think about looking for solutions from another technology provider. The Sybase ASE database platform permits us to support business operations without interruption, and Sybase Replication Server ensures business continuity. We are confident Sybase will continue to help us to meet our growth goals.

Marcelo Ramirez
CIO of HDI Insurance

HDI Insurance, with headquarters in Mexico, has provided automobile insurance through professional independent agents for nearly 70 years. The company operates at a national level and has 26 offices in major cities across Mexico. HDI Insurance forms part of Talanx, the third-biggest insurance group in Germany and among the top-fifteen insurance companies in the European market in terms of profit—registering income greater than 22 billion Euros at the close of 2010 with a presence in 150 countries.

Business Advantage

  • HDI Insurance can technologically support company growth with improved database transaction capabilities as well as more secure operations and increased management capacity.

Key Benefits

  • Increases data processing speed
  • Improves system availability and stability
  • Replicates data efficiently to enhance business continuity capabilities
  • Encrypts data to strengthen system security
  • Integrates easily with various hardware platform and third-party software tools to enhance IT flexibility

Sybase Technology


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New Technologies Required to Support Company Growth
With the objective of positioning HDI Insurance among the leading insurance companies in Mexico for automobile insurance, the IT team decided to develop aggressive growth plans that included aligning business strategy and IT strategy. This objective prompted the company to search for technologies to help achieve its growth goals as well as strengthen database transaction capacity, data security, operational continuity, and management capacity.

Although the company did not experience performance problems during daily operations, HDI executives realized that with the growth of services and processes, the system would eventually become saturated. Because this would generate problems for users and clients, HDI decided to invest in increased database capacity to handle the anticipated increased demand and to prevent interruptions as well as system delays.

Database and Replication Technologies Create Stable and Secure Environment
To meet this challenge, HDI deployed the latest version of Sybase ASE. Designed for transaction-processing systems that need to support tens of thousands of concurrent users with fast, non-stop performance, ASE offers a mission-critical enterprise database management system known for reliability, superior performance and low total cost of ownership.

“Having relied on Sybase technologies previously, we knew ASE would give us a very stable database platform that would adapt easily to the hardware technology and development tools we use,” says Marcelo Ramirez, CIO of HDI Insurance.

For HDI Insurance, it was also critical that the database upgrade provide a stable, reliable, and secure environment. To assist in these areas, HDI deployed Sybase Replication Server, which efficiently copies data files to a stand-by server at an off-site location that HDI can failover to when necessary. This provides stabilization and ensures user access to all applications 24x7.  

"While we deployed ASE and Replication Server, the Sybase support team provided us with any help and expertise we required,” Ramirez says. “It helps to have a technology partner supporting us all the time so we can confirm we are taking the right approach.”

ASE Platform Executes All Critical Insurance Transaction Operations
HDI Insurance employs more than 430 people, the majority of which interact with Sybase technology on a daily basis. The integrated system also permits the 2,300 agents that work with HDI to carry out their work on the same database through a portal that HDI built. The HDI platform powered by Sybase ASE manages all critical operations—including policy quotes, admissions, customer service and support—which rely on a front-end application integrated with the ASE database.

“ASE has worked so well and delivered many benefits,” Ramirez says. “Our transaction speed has increased by an average of 300 percent.”

The impact of Sybase technology has also been evident in the stability and improvement in day-to-day database performance and the integration of IT services. The value has also been demonstrated by how easy it is to manage the Sybase technologies and how efficiently they integrate with new server hardware as well as third-party software tools that HDI relies on.

Among the benefits obtained from the Sybase solution, HDI highlights the increase in data processing speed and system stability along with the advantage that the database is always available to users.
Another important benefit was achieved with Sybase Replication server, which consistently copies data so HDI can continue operations and maintain critical business information from an alternate location should a disaster occur at the main location. In addition, security has been enhanced through data encryption, which prevents sensitive data from being exposed to manipulation or incorrect use.

Sybase Evolves Into a Strategic Partner
To meet the objective of providing precise reports to the entire organization for improved decision-making capabilities, HDI Insurance turned to Sybase. Sybase IQ addresses this critical need but also facilitates security and data replication for ensuring business continuity. “Sybase offers solutions that are complex in their capabilities but very easy to implement with the technical support, service and training that Sybase also offers,” Ramirez says. “Their technologies are also compatible with different development tools, which allow us to make the most of those technologies without losing functionality.”

For more than 12 years now, the HDI Insurance transaction platform has been powered by Sybase technology. Thanks to this experience, the company has complete knowledge of the ASE database platform’s functionality and advantages. The company considers ASE to be a stable product that also offers a good balance between cost and profit.

“Sybase maintains a clear perspective on our business, where our plans are going, our objectives and our needs,” Ramirez says. “They not only offer us products but also solutions that help us achieve our business goals. Sybase has evolved from a technology supplier to a strategic partner. This added-value is Sybase’s principal strength."



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