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SAP Sybase ASE: Compression for Storage Optimization and Faster Retrieval

Data explosion is occurring at a breakneck pace and enterprises are scrambling to find ways to efficiently and intelligently handle this phenomenon. Traditional relational data combined with LOBS (Large Objects) — unstructured and semi-structured data — are the root cause of this sudden data growth. Moreover, compliance requirements, such as Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA, warrant the need for retaining historical data which adds additional challenges for managing large and growing data sets.

SAP Sybase ASE compression technology offers enterprises a distinct advantage for handling this increasing volume of data. SAP Sybase ASE compression helps enterprises reduce the overall cost of operations while increasing database capacity. Enterprises can now store data on a smaller footprint reducing storage costs as well as enjoy savings in I/O while accessing this data.

This paper discusses the benefits of using SAP Sybase ASE compression on traditional relational data as well as LOBS. All forms of SAP Sybase ASE compression techniques are discussed.

It is important to note that in all of SAP Business Suite deployments on SAP Sybase ASE the use of compression is mandatory.

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