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Sybase DirectConnect for AS/400

DirectConnect for AS/400 is the fundamental data access building block for connecting the LAN with the AS/400.
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A Sybase Data Access Product

What information system managers need today are simple tools for integrating new and existing technologies into a reliable, simple-to-manage system that is flexible enough to meet today's--and tomorrow's--technological requirements. Whether a business seeks to connect just two different systems or to combine all its systems into an integrated enterprise-wide computing resource, it needs reliable middleware products to do the job.




DirectConnect for AS/400 is the fundamental data access building block for connecting the LAN with the AS/400.

DirectConnect™ for AS/400 is the fundamental data access building block for linking LAN-based clients with AS/400 data. DirectConnect for AS/400 works as a standalone data access product and can combine with other products in the Sybase® middleware family to provide data access, data movement, data transparency, replication, and warehousing solutions.

DirectConnect for AS/400 offers:

  • Compatibility with virtually all standard front-end tools and a standardized platform for custom application development
  • A consistent, modular, extensible interface layer between clients and AS/400 data
  • Remote, consolidated, GUI-based DirectConnect management
  • Standalone data access between the LAN and AS/400 data
  • Compatibility with other Sybase middleware products for building enterprise-wide solutions

Front-end compatibility: leverage existing technology

Sybase DirectConnect for AS/400 is based on the Sybase Open Client/Server Interfaces™, the industry-leading Sybase infrastructure for distributed computing. This support of industry-standard APIs, network operating systems, and client and server hardware platforms enables you to leverage existing technology and to incorporate future technologies. DirectConnect for AS/400 is certified with more than 120 front-end tools and is compatible with any application that can use the Client-Library™, DB-Library™, or ODBC APIs.

Standalone data access: connect the LAN and the AS/400

As a standalone product, DirectConnect for AS/400 provides:
  • Data access services
  • DirectConnect Manager
  • Support for cursors and other dynamic events
  • Support for executing AS/400 programs (external stored procedures)

The interface layer: "paradigm proof" your middleware

Because DirectConnect provides an application layer independent of the client and the data source, your front end is shielded from back-end changes and your back end is shielded from front-end changes. The Sybase DirectConnect architecture is modular. The application layer furnishes common middleware management services without involving the client or server. You can flexibly configure and manage multiple DirectConnect products on a single server as though they were a single entity. On a single DirectConnect, you can define and manage multiple access services for access to multiple data sources or for multiple user profiles.

DirectConnect Manager: manage your middleware remotely

The DirectConnect Manager is an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) middleware management tool that can reside on any open client on the LAN. It greatly simplifies gateway administration by permitting central control over the configuration and management of DirectConnect and all its access services. It supplies:

  • One consolidated view of all DirectConnect products across the enterprise
  • Remote start and stop
  • On-the-fly reconfiguration, with no interruption of service
  • Monitoring
  • Drag-and-drop creation of services
  • Remote help-desk problem diagnosis and resolution tools

The data access family: build enterprise solutions

When used in conjunction with Sybase OmniConnect™, PowerDynamo™, Web.SQL™, object-oriented products, and your custom open server applications, you can be certain that your data access needs are met in today's--and tomorrow's--environments.

For integration with distributed data sources and complete location transparency, including heterogeneous joins, integrate DirectConnect with Sybase's OmniConnect.

For data replication solutions, use DirectConnect with Sybase's Replication Server® products.

For connecting heterogeneous data sources with a fast interactive data warehouse, integrate DirectConnect with Sybase IQ™.

For connecting Web-based users with AS/400 data, integrate DirectConnect with Sybase's Web.SQL or PowerDynamo and OmniConnect.

What are some important DirectConnect for AS/400 features?

Dynamic event support -Allows users to approach static SQL performance for INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs without requiring custom AS/400 programming.

Cursor support - Allows use of DB2 cursors to more flexibly manage result sets and to more efficiently process updates. This feature also enables OmniConnect to interoperate more efficiently with DirectConnects, and allows integration with PeopleSoft applications.

Bi-directional TRANSFER - allows fast, efficient bi-directional movement of data between the mainframe and Sybase SQL Server (or any Sybase-supported data source); a TRANSFER statement can be invoked by any DirectConnect client including SQL/Server or a mainframe Open ClientConnect application.

Long-running transaction support -Allows OmniConnect users to more efficiently control COMMIT/ROLLBACK logic, when used with DirectConnect.

OS/400 Program Support -Support for executing OS/400 programs (external stored procedures) allows AS/400 administrators to build much more powerful native solutions.

Expanded datatype support -Enhanced support for text, image and decimal datatypes. Flexible and powerful support for datatype conversions on incoming requests.

Globalization -Better support in international environments. The DirectConnects use a built-in Unicode engine for character set conversion; message files are externalized to support localization; DirectConnects also permit use of commas as decimal delimiters in international environments

ODBC driver -The DirectConnect ODBC driver provides seamless SQL access from ODBC-based front-end applications to any data source supported by a DirectConnect Access Service Library. The driver converses dynamically with the DirectConnect to determine the proper behavior for the given database target, and supports both 16-bit and 32-bit applications on Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT.

sp_sqlgetinfo -This new stored procedure returns a wealth of information describing DirectConnect behavior in its interactions with the backend target. Customers and vendors can develop highly-portable applications based on interacting with this procedure; customers and vendors can also modify this table to add key pieces of information for their own applications to use.





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