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End of Life Notice for Sybase SQL Anywhere Version 5.5.04 for QNX
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Dear Sybase SQL Anywhere for QNX Customer,

This letter provides notification of the end of engineering support for Sybase SQL Anywhere Anywhere for QNX.

Our challenge is to meet your needs in ways that will prove most beneficial both to you and to the SQL Anywhere community as a whole. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to better allocate our own QNX development and support resources. As the market for embedded real-time systems continues to grow, vendors are looking to deliver faster, smaller footprint, real-time solutions. As a result, resources previously dedicated to SQL Anywhere for QNX have been reinvested into Sybase's UltraLite deployment technology for Adaptive Server Anywhere.

This technology will extend the reach of corporate data to next-generation devices and expands Sybase's leadership position in the mobile computing and embedded database solutions markets by addressing the fast-growing trend toward enabling database applications on a new class of light weight business devices, supporting Palm OS, Pocket PC, EPOC 32, VxWorks, DOS and Java platforms.

Sybase offers our customers maintenance and support for SQL Anywhere for QNX 5.5 through the year 2001. We were providing this extended period of support to our customers to ensure that they are successful in making the transition of their organization through the year 2000. Please note that Sybase SQL Anywhere for QNX, version 5.5.04 is Year 2000 compliant as described in Sybase's Year 2000 matrix posted at

If you have any questions regarding our SQL Anywhere for QNX plans, please feel free to e-mail me at, or call me directly at 519-883-6343.


Christine Weber

Product Marketing, Mobile and Embedded Computing Division


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Last Revised: Jul 08, 1999
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