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Case Studies

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Morpheon Corporation
Morpheon’s signature product, ChartBase, is an electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management application based on Sybase SQL Anywhere and PowerBuilder, tailored to meet the specific needs of occupational and industrial healthcare providers. (2012-03-09)
Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions
Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) can now more efficiently process large volumes of data submitted by insurers and generate reports faster with Sybase technology to optimize processes and streamline database performance. (2011-10-26)
SureWest Communications
By delivering the high-performance, reliable, scalable power and the security SureWest needs, ASE and the Security and Directory Services Option for ASE help SureWest maintain its industry leadership in the markets it serves. (2011-07-15)
State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services
The Maine Child Welfare Information System presents real time data to allow supervisors and caseworkers to provide timely interventions and permanency plans, allowing more children to be successfully placed in permanent family settings. (2011-05-17)
Rafael Belloso Chacin University (URBE)
URBE uses Sybase to improve teaching and learning processes by offering the latest technological tools, such as computer labs, fast Internet connections via campus-wide Wi-Fi, video projection resources and home computer classrooms. (2011-04-05)
Ecotech IT Solutions
Ecotech IT Solutions needed to deliver an application tailored to the apparel industry. To help take on this challenge, Ecotech turned to Sybase technology. The resulting software solution is a perfect fit for the apparel manufacturing industry. (2010-12-17)
Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
The CPCMS is a statewide system for criminal case management developed by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. (2010-10-21)
Summit Entertainment
Managing complex rights and distribution details, Summit Entertainment—s iRights application based on Sybase technology allows the studio to focus on revenue-generating activities, expand its network and capitalize on opportunity without hindrance. (2010-08-23)
C-Square is the one of leading solution providers of enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) software for the pharmaceutical industry in India. Sybase SQL Anywhere and PowerBuilder allow C-Square to lower costs for its customers. (2010-06-03)
IndianOil now has the means to better understand its relationships with its distribution partners and customers – with these tools it can improve customer service, inventory control and reconciliation of transactions. (2010-04-28)

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