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How to Create a Print File on Solaris
The .dwprinter.ini file contains current printer setup information. It is located in the $JAGUAR/bin directory. In order to create a print file without being prompted for a file name, the following changes are necessary to the .dwprint.ini file.
Configuring Netscape Web Servers for use with PowerBuilder Internet Applications
This document contains information on configuring Netscape web servers for use with Powerbuilder Internet Application
Automatic Window Centering Script
The following script should be placed in the open event of any window. This code will automatically center the window being opened to the exact center regardless of the resolution.
Connecting to ASA Server via OLE DB in PowerBuilder 8
This document walks you through the steps to setup a connection to an ASA Server via OLE DB in PowerBuilder 8.
Retrieve-as-Needed DataWindow Option
This document contains information on the Retrieve-as-needed DataWindow option
32 Bit - Win95 and NT Functions - Kernel32.dll, User32.dll, Gdi32.dll
Complete list of the API functions located in the three main Windows 95/NT dll libraries; kernel32.dll, user32.dll and gdi32.dll.
Verifying DLLs Loaded into Memory
When troubleshooting a problem or debugging an application, it's often helpful to verify which DLLs are loaded in your PC memory. This document covers the use of some third-party products that can help do this.
Creating a Composite DataWindow Using an External Data Source
This procedure will only work for the first level datawindow in a composite report. This can be applied to as many reports as are on a composite datawindow as long as they are only one level from the base report.
Using Microsofts Odbctest And Dr. Deebee To Check ODBC Conformance Levels
This document contains information on using Microsof's odbctest and dr. deebee to check obdc conformance levels.
Removing Control Panel Reference to Previously Uninstalled and Deleted Files
This article contains information about editing the registry and manually removing unwanted entries.

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