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Technical Documents

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Migrating PowerBuilder Applications
You can migrate a PowerBuilder application from any version of PowerBuilder directly to any later version. Before you migrate to a later version, read this document to learn about changes in PowerBuilder that might affect your application.
Presentations Developer Days 2010
Leafpage contains product presentations for Developer Days 2010 for download  authorized
EMEA TechDays Tour Technical Presentations for Download
Technical Presentations for Download
End of Life Notice for Pocket PowerBuilder and PocketBuilder
End of life announcement date 04/01/11, and end of engineering support effective 04/01/12.
End of Life Notice for InfoMaker Version 11.x
The end of life date is 08/31/10, and the end of engineering support is effective on 11/30/10.
PowerBuilder .net Newsgroup
End of Life Notice for PowerBuilder Versions 11.0, 11.1, & 11.2
The end of life date is 04/16/10, and the end of engineering support is effective on 07/16/10.
Troubleshooting text cut offs in nested DataWindows
Sometimes the situation occurs that text in nested datawindows running over a page is cut off. This article gives information for workarounds.
PowerBuilder Scripted Technical Customer Presentation
This presentation provides an overview of PowerBuilder 11.5 as well as a in-depth view of the key features and benefits of the 11.5 release.  authorized

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