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Application Deployment

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Migrating PowerBuilder Applications
You can migrate a PowerBuilder application from any version of PowerBuilder directly to any later version. Before you migrate to a later version, read this document to learn about changes in PowerBuilder that might affect your application. (2012-12-07)
Release Bulletin Open Server 15.7 for HP-UX
Documents known problems and changes to installation, functionality and programming issues for Open Server 15.7 on HP-UX. (2012-05-30)

SUP 2.1 Training
This session provides a overview of SUP 2.1 platform. (2012-02-14)  authorized
Sybase Unwired Platform 2.0 Technical Training
This session provides a technical review of SUP 2.0 and specifically the hybrid container that enables enterprise developers to create web-based, lightweight apps. You will need your KZO username and password to access the session. (2012-02-14)  authorized
This presentation provides a general technical overview of the Sybase Unwired Platform
This presentation should be used in the Evaluation stage of the buying process. Customers should gain a better understanding of how SUPcan help them connect, create, consume and control to various real time data. (2012-02-14)  authorized
SQL Anywhere Client Interfaces
Version numbers for the client interfaces supported by SQL Anywhere . (2012-01-10)
Release Bulletin Open Server 15.5 for HP-UX
Documents known problems and changes to installation, functionality and programming issues for Open Server 15.5 on HP-UX. (2011-07-29)

Release Bulletin Open Server 15.5 for Microsoft Windows
Documents known problems and changes to installation and functionality for Open Server v15.5 on Microsoft Windows x86-64 64-bit and Microsoft Windows x86 32-bit. (2011-07-26)

Turn Your Web Developers into Mobile Experts with Sybase Unwired Platform 2.0
The Webcast provides an overview of the SUP 2.0 with use case examples, sample applications and general product information. Partners can use this video to demonstrate the value mobile enterprise application platform technology to customers. (2011-06-07)  authorized
Sybase White Paper: Basic ODBC Connectivity for Sybase IQ 15.2 and SQL Anywhere 11.0.1
This paper describes ODBC connectivity for Sybase IQ version 15.2 and SQL Anywhere 11.0.1. It includes information about using the driver manager capabilities added for UNIX with release 15.2 and the driver manager provided with SQL Anywhere 11.0.1. (2010-11-09)  authorized

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