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Starting a solution that requires data management and synchronization and don't know where to start?

Get Started with the market-leading SQL Anywhere Studio, a comprehensive package that provides data management and enterprise data synchronization to enable the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications for mobile, embedded and small to medium sized business (SMB) solutions.

More than 8 million users at 10,000 customers sites worldwide rely on SQL Anywhere Studio to power solutions that improve productivity, streamline operations and create new revenue streams.

To Get Started with SQL Anywhere Studio, see below for solution specific resources to get you started on your solution today.

What type of solution are you looking for?

Each of the following links takes you to a page dedicated to the type of solution listed. For each category we provide a concise list of resources that will help you to rapidly develop and deploy a successful application.

Mobile Database - These resources can help you build mobile or wireless solutions that enable always available access to enterprise information. Workers can access information and queue up transactions offline, reducing communications costs while increasing application and battery performance. Synchronization technologies enable the exchange of new information in timely manner, and minimize the amount of data that needs to be sent over the network. Powering applications as small as 150K, SQL Anywhere Studio helps users securely deliver information to a wide range of laptops and handheld devices.

Embedded Database - These resources can help you to embed seamless, self-administrating, easy to use database into your application - reducing the total cost of ownership and enabling you to offer an integrated, value added solution for your customers.

Small & Medium Sized Business Solutions - These resources can help you build database-powered applications that meet the needs of small and medium sized business environments - enterprise performance and functionality, with an unmatched minimum maitenance and cost. Whether it is a desktop, client-server or remote office application, SQL Anywhere delivers enterprise-caliber, high performance data management, but in a small-foot print database requiring near-zero administration.
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