Fuzzy Logix enables companies to embed in-database analytics directly into their business processes, data warehouses, enterprise applications, devices and web services. By directly integrating analytics into these existing areas where data already resides, it enables enormous processing efficiencies, and dramatically reduces the cycle time for analytics.

SAP Sybase IQ In-database Analytics technology in combination with Fuzzy Logix DBLytix statistical and data mining library optimized for SAP Sybase IQ give you:

  • Data scalability, have all the history you need at hand and analyze it without memory constraints or data movement
  • Analytical capability, run hundreds of algorithms 10x to 100x faster when run in-database
  • User scalability, accommodate user growth and query needs – 100s to 1000s of users with no additional seat license fees
  • Query performance, deliver results faster – Up to 1000x the performance of traditional DW
  • Reporting performance, extend analytics into existing tools such as SAP BusinessObjects BI
  • ROI, dramatically reduces storage, maintenance and infrastructure cost. It takes 1/3 of DBA time and up to ½ the hardware.

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