Information Lifecycle Management

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is imperative to any successful business. ILM comprises the policies, processes, practices, and tools used to align the business value of information with the most appropriate and cost effective IT infrastructure from the time information is conceived through its final disposition. Information is aligned with business processes through management policies and service levels associated with applications, metadata, information, and data.

Sybase IQ Information Lifecycle Management Partners:

  • BMMsoft is an analytics solution partner focused on real-time archiving, indexing, retention, search and cross-analysis of structured data (db records) and unstructured data (emails, documents, media) using Sybase IQ. The BMMsoft EDMT Appliance couples perfectly with Sybase IQ's superior compression capabilities. Together with Sun, Sybase IQ and BMMSoft set a Guinness Book of World Record for the World's Largest Data Warehouse.
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  • Solix: Solix EDMS platform helps organizations implement database archiving, test data management, data masking and application retirement across enterprise data. Data migrated from legacy applications have to be managed in long term archive, so that the data can be managed according to regulatory requirements and meet any compliance requirements. Data in the long term archive can be subjected to legal holds where the data under hold needs to be preserved so that it cannot be tampered and need be exported to legal discovery tools. Solix and Sybase IQ ideally meet these needs.
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