Business analytics solutions from SAP can empower individuals, teams, and business networks to meet their goals. You can know your business, decide with confidence, and act boldly - anywhere and anytime – to help your business run better.

SAP and Sybase have integrated the SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and SAP Sybase IQ analytics DBMS to provide a complete Business Intelligence solution for high performance business analytics to implement quickly, invest less in IT costs, and innovate more.

SAP Sybase IQ is low-TCO data warehouse database for SAP® BusinessObjects&™ Business Intelligence Suite. The certified combination of BusinessObjects and SAP Sybase IQ allows quicker returns on investment and time to value. Sybase IQ and Business Objects let customers: implement quickly, innovate more and spend less on their analytics environments.

The combination of these two products provide:

  • A unique offering of best-of-breed tools for business intelligence
  • A highly optimized analytics engine that supercharges BusinessObjects BI Suite reporting
  • Advanced analytics infrastructure environments

This joint solution helps to:

  • Run queries 10-100x faster
  • Store and analyze 10x or more data
  • Allow users to run ad hoc queries against detailed data records
  • Cut database administration time by 1/3 and hardware requirements by 1/2 of traditional database solutions.
  • Simplifies purchase decisions and provides excellent economic value for the key technologies needed to build a comprehensive BI and analytics solution.

For more information or to speak to a sales representative please contact:
Sybase at 1-800-8-SYBASE or Email us

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